Pondering For Today.

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Wake And Bake.

Screen Shot 12-16-17 at 08.08 AM Yesterday I started off the day with a Wake and bake. I had this special brownie (that is, a  pot brownie) for breakfast. I had to put this sign on it so the kids wouldn’t eat it and the 23 YR old said he almost did eat it,too, and I would have been really mad, esp. since I paid 10$ for it! I never noticed any effect on me though and I shared some with him as well. Going to the dispensary the other day I felt like a kid in a candy shop and felt like Merry Christmas to me! Christmas came early this year for me! Also driving on the way home my hubby was on his phone again(which is illegal, distracted driving, and I’m always telling him not to do) and there was even a police car right in front of us, and here I was, with my purse full of weed and there he was, just asking to get pulled over, but at least I had my medical marijuana license with me, so I wouldn’t be the one going down…..  😀

Screen Shot 12-16-17 at 02.25 PM 001 This is also the Ugly Christmas sweater I got for my anniversary gift. It’s so perfect and so me. I picked it out myself. He also made me this insensitive and mean card where he drew this exploding penis that he tries to pass off as a “tree” and wrote how do I put up with him but then again he has to put up with me,too…..yeah….”nice”…..how “romantic.” When I asked where are we going out to eat for our anniversary dinner he said the disaster the other day at Popeye’s counts as our anniversary dinner, too. Is he kidding? What the f*ck? Well, that really sucks. It would have been symbolic if yesterday ended up being the day that I died,too as that was the day I did die, actually the day I first met him was the beginning of the end of my life and it would have been fitting to have died on our anniversary. My life’s been over for a long time anyway.

Screen Shot 12-16-17 at 02.25 PM 002 This is also the Doxie plaque I bought the other day and my mother opened up the medicine chest to get her pills and said to me, Did you buy more weed? It stinks like weed in the medicine chest!  Ha ha.

Screen Shot 12-16-17 at 05.17 PM 001 and here is the purple sequin backpack I bought. I’ve always loved sequins ever since I was a little kid. I think they’re so glamourous, like the fancy evening gowns the Hollywood stars used to wear to the Academy Awards. I’ve always dreamed of having a blush pink full-length sequin dress but (1) I don’t have the body for it (2) I have nowhere to wear it and (3) I can’t afford it, so getting the backpack is the second-best thing. I also have a pink and silver sequin pillow I keep on my bed. I also asked the 23 YR old’s GF (who’s American) how can USA explain Trump, esp. after Obama, and she shrugged, There is no explanation. That pretty much says it all and sums it up. I’m worried about my FB friend who recently had a baby as well; I haven’t heard from her in awhile, no baby updates anymore and she’s taken down all references and photos of her baby from her FB page and now I also notice I’ve been de-friended too even though I’ve been nothing but supportive to her as she went thru the pregnancy and birth all on her own….I’m worried something’s wrong…

My Adventure.

Screen Shot 12-16-17 at 07.33 AM 001 I had quite the adventure yesterday! First of all, my hubby and I spent the day in Kingston before I had my CT scan so we spent the day of it. First of all I went to a marijuana dispensary on the Mohawk reserve as they sold the stuff for cheaper than my usual medical supplier plus they also sell edibles that I can’t order online  and receive thru the mail, and this way also saves shipping costs and there’s no tax. There’s also no worry about the cops raiding the place as being on the Native reservation and territory it’s like Sovereign land, sort of like an embassy so they can’t bust it. Here’s a photo I took of this incredibly massive joint they had a draw for; I mean, this sucker is huge and easily worth hundreds of $$$$$. I just had to take a picture of it I was just so impressed. I mean, I really need this in my life. Can you just imagine the Magical Mystery Tour you’d take after smoking on this? In any case, I ended up buying my usual cannabis oil, plus 2 grams of weed , a special brownie and a couple of chocolates.

The next stop was the mall, where for our anniversary(which is today) gift my hubby got me an Ugly Christmas sweater that said Merry Go F*ck Yourself! and I also bought a cool purple sequin backpack and a wall plaque that said Love me, love my and had a silohette of a Dachshund, so perfect for me and 50% off,too! Then we ate at Popeye’s where I’ve never been to before but I wanted to try as I’d seen their commercial on TV for their popcorn chicken and it looked good…..but ended up to be an utter and total disappointment; it wasn’t even spicy at all and, in fact, didn’t even have any flavour whatsoever; even KFC has more “spice”; the napkin would have been just as “tasty”; it was so bland it was like British food and it just totally turned me off I couldn’t even eat it so I had no dinner and was royally pissed-off and now puts Popeye’s in the same designation of shitty places along with the likes of Denny’s and A&W that I’d rather starve than eat there ever again. I also kept feeling hot, sweaty and like I was going to faint several times during the day too as well as really thirsty and dehydrated and had to sit down and rest.

Then it was time to see the new Star Wars movie my hubby pre-ordered tickets online for expecting a sell-out crowd even though hardly anyone was even there, but this cinema was amazing, not like the one here in town; the screen was enormous and the seats were black leather fluffy recliners, and it was a good movie except it started 20 minutes late… so many stupid commercials, ads, and movie previews….so it ran late, which made us run late for my CT scan, and the movie still wasn’t over yet and it was just 15 minutes until my app’t which was still 20 minutes away and we were having this fierce blizzard…..so just our luck, we had to leave early, before the end of the movie, and we hit every single red light along the way too and I just barely made it on time for my scan and then driving home we got caught on the highway in these terrifying snow squalls where it just went pure white and you just couldn’t see anything and were basically driving blind and just hoping and praying for the best and couldn’t even see the cars in front of you, my God it was so scary and I remember praying, convinced we were going to be killed in a car crash, Dear God, if I get killed here on this road tonight please at least let it be quick …. They said I should get the results in a about a week.

F*ckin’ COLD!!

Screen Shot 12-14-17 at 07.47 AM It’s f*ckin’ COLD out! It’s so frigid cold you can’t feel your face or anything else! When Buddy went out for his morning walk he didn’t even want to go pee; he just stood there stubbornly in refusal, trembling and shaking, and he was limping along and then collapsed as his feet were just so frozen cold. He eventually did go pee and then I scooped him up under my arm and carried him back inside so he wouldn’t have to walk on the cold snow any longer. When he got inside he quickly burrowed deep under his warm “nest” of blankets and hibernated and I tossed my heated blanket on top of him as well to quickly defrost him and warm him up, my poor boy. I said it must easily have been the coldest day of the year so far and my hubby said no, January or February of this year must have been colder, but no, I even heard on the news it is the coldest day of the entire year so far, even colder than any day this past January or February, so I win. I wish I could hibernate until spring, on a beach in the Caribbean! I’m done with this cold winter shit already.

As well, when I was in the kitchen preparing a meal I all of a sudden felt faint, like I was going to pass out, only this time at least I had a “warning” like I usually get; I had that creepy weird restless feeling plus I started to see the flashing lights warning me I have mere seconds to quickly sit down before I pass out and go down hard, so I sat down for a few minutes until it passed and then resumed my activities but it just all of a sudden came out of nowhere suddenly without any warning leading up to it; I didn’t feel sick or dizzy or anything, and then it was fine although now the abdomenal pain is back again and my stomach feels uneasy. That’s one of my biggest concerns lately if I’m out someone alone, like, say, at church, or even worse; on the way walking to church or back by myself; what if I faint again and no one’s there to help me, or even worse; they rob me or something while I’m passed-out laying there on the ground, or even on the road and I get run over by a car? I was fortunate last time it happened in the kitchen and people were home but next time I might not be so lucky…