Being a parent changes everything.

Oct, 2008:

Dear friends and family:

  I just saw a movie last night and the ending disturbed me greatly; a father shot and killed his young son, thinking he was “saving” him form a more gruesome death,but i can’t think of anything worse than a parent taking the life of their own child,and this imagery really shook me up.I even had nightmares about it; it bothers me so much.

  It got me thinking: becoming a parent changes everthing; your perspective on everything is forever altered and it changes  how you think, how you see things, how you perceive the world(and all it’s dangers) around you. Once you have kids, your entire life and perspective changes; you ‘ll never be the same person again and you’ll never see things the same way again.Even the ending of a fictional movie will be seen thru different eyes!

  Examples: each time you hear about a missing or abducted child, a child murdered(either by their parents or strangers) a child abused or molested, an unwanted or abandoned child,an aborted child, a sick,handicapped or dying child, you always feel a deep hurt and sadness deep within your being; your heart is shattered and you mourn it almost personally, and sympathize with the parents.You imagine “What if that was MY child?” you have a new fear of the world and obsess over your child’s safety.

  You worry every time your child ges sick; you fear every fever may be cancer, every cold may become Pneumonia, you fear vomiting and diarrhrea may be intestinal blockages, every flu may lead to dehydration, every cough to Bronchitis, every time your kid plays outside  you worry about broken bones, car accidents,pedophiles snatching them,head injuries,and the like. Suddenly everything is a threat and the thought of losing your child is very real and unbearable.You never thought you could love someone so much and that part of your heart is living outside your body; a panic-love so fierce and so intense you would die or kill to protect it; there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep your child safe and to not lose him.. You become like the mother lioness! 🙂

  Every parents’ worst night mare can in an instant become your reality. Every time you hear a tragic story on the news you weep, you are heartbroken and you hug your own child even tighter. You pray the panic, worry and fear will go away, but it never does.If anything, it only intensifies even more. You’ll never know a love more powerful and encompassing.You’ll never love anyone as much.Every horror story shakes you to the core.You try to rationalize it likely won;t happen to YOUR child…but it can,and it does; it has with us many times!!

  You cringe with terror hearing stories of child protection workers storming into homes and snatching children away from their innocent parents on mere suspicion and accusation. Families are destroyed and scarred forever.You hear of fires where children die, and of kids riding their bikes or crossing the street and getting run over and killed.You hear of kids drowning.You hear of school shootings and kids being killed walking home.You hear of kids killing kids. YOu hear of murder-suicides where an entire family is wiped-out.YOu hear of child soldiers,and where they kill their own parents.You hear of vicious dogs killing kids.You hear of natural disasters and war destroying families.YOu hear of kids getting out in the night and freezing to death outside.You hear of stillbirths and SIDS.You hear of incest and abuse and divoroces and broken homes and shattered families.There is so much out there lurking in the shadows waiting to harm your kids and shatter your family.Nothing seems safe anymore,and you can never seem to reassure yourself it won’t happen to yor kids, to your family; you can never do enough to protect the ones you love and to keep them lay awake at night trembling with fear.You can’t sleep. yOu have nightmares.Everything is a threat.The panic wraps itself around you and refuses to let have so much to lose.The more intensely you love, the more you fear losing it.You will never experience a love, or a fear, so encompassing or so  intense.

  This is where God comes in.Surrender your family, your children, your lives,your safety,and your futures, to Him. He is always there and will look after you. Know in your heart that He loves you and takes care of you. Put your family in His Hands.He loves His people and will keep them safe.Imagine if you love your children so much how much *HE* loves you…and them,too!!!! He sent His only Son to DIE for us, so what greater love is there than this? As a parent we can get a glimpse of love of that magnitude. He loves us like we love our children. Our welfare greatly concerns Him just as our children’s rules and dictates our lives.. everything revolves, and is centered on, keeping our kids safe and loved. That’s the way God is with us.

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