Return To Amish.

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Return To Amish is back again this summer and since we last left the cast last YR here’s what they’ve all been up to:

Kate is still persuing fashion in NYC and has taken on an internship with a designer but it’s demanding work at a breakneck speed and her co-workers are extremely nosy prying into her personal life,snooping around trying to see if she’s dating anyone. Jeremiah had returned to the Amish when we last saw him in an effort to avoid bad influences and to stay out of trouble but he has since left and now has an Amish donut business where he makes these gigantic-sized Amish-style glazed donuts. He has also been keeping in touch regularly with Sabrina, as she has been struggling thru a heroin addiction. She and her baby had been homeless and were living in her car for awhile until the baby was taken away from her and then she went into rehab and is currently in counselling trying to get her life back and trying to get her baby back.

Mary,Abe’s mother, had previously been shunned by the Amish due to her going to NYC and being “wild” has now been banished which is even more severe, and found she could no longer live in the community so Jeremiah and Sabrina found her a house in another town to rent but her husband Chester loves being Amish and didn’t want to leave the community so he stayed behind and just Mary moved there with Abe, Rebecca,and their 2 daughters. Rebecca is home with the kids but finding it hard with Abe away so much for work. Abe drives a truck for a living is on the road alot which puts a strain on their marriage and makes Rebecca feel like she is a single mother. This causes alot of tension and discord between the two.

Abe’s brother Andy will be released from jail soon but Mary told him not to go back to his wife Chapel as she lies and is a bad influence and for him to stay away from drugs and out of trouble she will only drag him down and if he goes back with her then Mary(his mother) will be out; he has to choose between them, so he chose his wife, whom he says he loves and wants to be with.(I have since heard thru another source that in the meantime she has been arrested with drug trafficking) Sabrina is feeling lonely and lost, like Jeremiah is the only friend that supported her and feels hurt by Rebecca and Abe who she feels thinks are “better” than her and  don’t support her, but they say they have but she just keeps messing things up over and over and they’ve had enough…..

It’ll be interesting to see what happens for this season…..

Return To Amish.

ReturnToAmish The cast from “Breaking Amish”  returned to a new summer series called “Return To Amish” which has just concluded after 7 episodes. Kate is still modelling in NYC and is also trying to launch her own fashion line and came to visit Mary and to see Rebecca as she has her new baby and also Sabrina who was also expecting a baby. Jeremiah also showed up (they were all there for Christmas) and continued to stay on as he had nowhere else to go and considered Mary to be family. Rebecca and Abe had their second baby girl she named Malika and Kate returned to NYC but returned later for more visits. Mary and Katie Ann also soon went up to NYC to give Kate a surprise visit which resulted in both Mary and her husband Chester being shunned from the Amish church which devastated Chester as the church and the Amish identity is his entire life. From that moment on they’ve been trying to be re-instated back into the church.(Katie Ann wasn’t shunned as she hadn’t taken her kneeling vow and become a member of the church yet)They were told in order to do so they must shun their children who have left the faith but Mary refuses to do so and won’t give up her kids no matter what.

Sabrina was pregnant all on her own, not with the baby’s father and with no support from her own family so Mary took her in and she and her friends became her new family and support system and were there for her as she gave birth to a baby girl she named Oakley. She later reconciled with the baby’s father Harvey and moved out of Mary’s house and her parents came to accept her child. Jeremiah continued to get into trouble, incl. being arrested for getting into a fight and decided that things had to change. He and Mary set up a store where they sold her Amish goods such as knitted afghans, quilts, dolls, and baked goods as with Chester being shunned he was no longer able to conduct business within the Amish community and they had to make money somehow. Jeremiah later decided that he wanted to go back to being Amish again as he wasn’t doing well in the “Englisch” world; there were too many temptations for him and he was lost; he needed the structure and sense of community and family that the Amish had to offer,that would keep him grounded and out of trouble.

Katie Ann was finding her parents’ shunning within the community hard as people also judged her and she found it hard to find guys that would approach her but she went to a hut party with Jeremiah hoping to meet guys but was quickly turned off by the wild antics there such as drinking, drugs and making out but did meet a guy and they started dating. She’s still undecided if she’ll stay Amish or go “Englisch” but Mary said she’ll support her either way, and Abe and his brother Andrew are working on mending their broken relationship as Andy was in jail yet again and when he got out his girlfriend Chapel urged him to straighten his life out and he promised that he would for her. Chapel’s cancer then came back and Andrew promised he’d stay with her every step of the way like he did before and asked her to marry him and at first she refused not wanting to put him thru that but later accepted when she realized how much he loved and cared for her. Abe, Rebecca, Mary,and Chester said they weren’t going to go to the wedding which broke Andrew’s heart but they later changed their mind and did the right thing and went.

Breaking Amish Brave New World Reunion Part 2.

BraveNewWorld#10 In the final part of the reunion/interview from NYC, the cast was reunited and the host asked Jeremiah’s ex Kym how she knew he and Sabrina had sex and she said they rode together in a car and it came up in a conversation and she later discussed it with him. Sabrina said she likes Kym because she’s a “bad-ass bitch” and that she “amuses” her.The host asked why 2 women were fighting over Jeremiah and Sabrina said they weren’t anymore, Jeremiah said it’s all stupid, with the host asking why were they mad at him and he said he wasn’t going to talk about that with Kym saying they weren’t together but “trying to work things out” and that he shouldn’t have “been screwing around” and she apologized for her fight with Sabrina before and admitted she has anger towards Jeremiah. Rebecca called him a “man whore” and when he said he’s slept with 13 women Kym said it’s alot more than that and said she hates him and can’t stand him with Sabrina agreeing, and he said she’d spent 10 days in jail for making false accusations against him and she rebutted that he “talks shit” about her online!

Katie Ann has since returned to the Amish as she wanted to try it again and see if she liked it and  missed it and the host asked why Abe and Rebecca were so mad when Kate took her shopping for her makeover, Kate said she was embarrassed that she cursed so much and was just so mad she and Katie Ann had such a good day and Katie Ann was so happy and Abe and Rebecca ruined it with their selfishness and attitude when she was just trying to help, Abe said Kate thought he was being selfish when he just wanted to be with Katie Ann as she’s family and Mary said it was just a big mix-up and misunderstanding and that it was fair to let Kate go but she also understood where Abe and Rebecca were coming from and Jeremiah said what was important was Katie Ann was happy. The host then asked Rebecca and Abe how their family was doing and Rebecca said they have nothing to do with Abe’s brothers, not knowing his brother Andy was listening backstage, and Abe said his brothers are good people but that they “have issues” and he doesn’t want to have them around his family and ten they brought Andy out on stage,( who had a non-Amish haircut) and Mary said she hadn’t spoken to him for weeks but it’s always nice to see her kids but she wished they’d get along better and Andy commented Abe “threw his life away” with Rebecca, to which she replied she didn’t care and she always has a reason for everything she does.

The host asked why Abe wouldn’t even look at Andy and when Andy spoke Abe childishly pretended he didn’t hear and asked if anyone said anything,(and Andy had a hurt look on his face in return) and replied he’s “got nothing to say” to him,and Andy said he “misses his brother” and wants to talk to him, said he wants Katie Ann to go back Amish and she did because of how Abe and Rebecca treated her,said the cops were caled on Abe and Rebecca and Rebecca said he looks trashy and Abe told him to “straighten his ass up” and respect Rebecca and he and Rebecca walked off the set, with Andy saying he always runs away from his problems.The problem was explained as Katie Ann needed her birth certificate to get a driver’s licence and Abe and Rebecca refused to surrender it and Andy kept trying and they’d never answer, withholding it, thinking she was being “ignorant” so he called the police, and said Rebecca is controlling and” treats his family like shit” and that he’s mad at her, not Abe, to which Mary replied, “No comment.”

Sabrina said being adopted she always struggled with her identity and Jeremiah went to Puerto Rico with her and was quick to support her as he was adopted and found his bio family too and understands what it’s like and was happy to be there for her but was upset when she abruptly left as he was raised a guy takes care of a woman and was worried when she left and was happy to see when she’d returned. Abe and Rebecca later returned on stage and Abe said he had one issue to discuss with his brother but his mother had to go in another room as Amish don’t argue in front of their mothers and Rebecca said it would be disrespectful so she left but Katie Ann stayed. Andy said he wants his brother back and to see his niece who he’s only seen a couple of times and Rebecca cried saying she asks for her uncle but he’s been in jail and what do you tell a 2 YR old,  and Abe told Andy in order to work things out to not to always believe what others say but to come and ask first and Rebecca said they have to communicate better. The host then asked about the rumour that Andy and Rebecca slept together and she said her ex-husband spread it around and Andy confirmed that they did, a long time ago, before Abe, when they were both drunk, but he regrets it and never would have if he knew she would have gotten with his brother.Abe said he wasn’t mad and that Andy always forgets and they have to forgive and move on, Rebecca apologized and Abe said they’re both stubborn and Andy announced he’ll be on the new version of the show in L.A, they all shook hands, hugged and made up, with Mary returning to the set as they reconciled.

Rebecca said returning home was the best feeling to go back to her family and they bought a house out in the country, Sabrina said she hadn’t seen her parents since NYC as they were doing mission work and when she finally did visit she wasn’t allowed inside the house and she’d worked as a waitress at an Italian restaurant and visited Abe and Rebecca, and Kate’s still modelling in NYC and did a photo shoot in Maxim magazine and is taking night classes for college, Jeremiah has a T-shirt business that takes him across USA and he hopes to expand into Canada, Mary is still shunned( for the second time) and it’s awkward and people won’t associate with her and it feels bad.

When asked their 5 YR plans, Rebecca hopes to sell cook books and Abe hopes to do educational things to help ex-Amish kids transitioning  to help them get their GED and jobs, Sabrina said she wants to be a rock star(half-jokingly) Mary wants to travel in an RV listening to redneck country music and drinking vodka, Kate hopes for a college career and to continue modelling and Jeremiah hopes to run a business but just takes one day at a time.

Breaking Amish Brave New World Reunion Part 1

BraveNewWorld#9 This week the cast reunited in NYC with a host for an interview which concludes next week. It’s been several months since they’ve last seen one another with Jeremiah being referred to as the “Odd man out” and he said he just puts up with them because he has to, and the host asked Rebecca what she has against  Katie Ann moving in with them and becoming English and she said she’s vulnerable and Jeremiah said he’s proud when Abe stood up to Rebecca when she’s being controlling but he denied it but Rebecca said she has attitude and said their baby came to Florida but was off camera as they don’t want her exposed to all the drama. Jeremiah’s “ex” Kym was secretly back stage listening to all that was being said as well and Sabrina said that once Kym asked her how big his “willy” is and she told her so that’s how she found out that they were intimate and then all hell broke loose, they recalled how they didn’t really know who Martin Luther King was due to Amish not being too well educated although Kate knew he had something to do with equal rights and black people and Jeremiah thought he freed the slaves, confusing him with Lincoln and Kate said Amish only go to school until grade 8 until age 15 and then work on the farm.

The host discussed when Sabrina commented that English lovers were better in bed than Amish  and asked who was better but Rebecca and Abe said both were the same with Jeremiah adding that he’s been with English girls that were frigid,too,and later mentioned he’s 33 YRS old and been with 13 women and referred to himself as a “man whore” and Sabrina said she’d like to do better in that area of her life and not be such a slut, Mary and Katie Ann were there as well with Katie Ann dressing Amish once again as she’s returned to the Amish deciding against becoming English which pleased Mary, and Mary’s still being shunned for going to Florida and when asked how her husband reacted she wouldn’t comment,and when she asked what Jeremiah thinks about her he said it was awesome that she supports her son Abe but that she also has to let go of her adult children and not always follow them when they travel and boss the group around and that he doesn’t need another mother and she agreed.

The host asked Abe and Rebecca if their first YR of marriage was what they expected and Rebecca said she thought they’d have their own place but they’re working things out better and when asked if they’re going to expand their family she said they’re pregnant now and Mary and the group already knew in Florida and are happy for them and Kate said she knew that they’d wanted another baby, Mary said you should also try everything and talk to everyone and as for her drinking that it’s more common in the Amish than you’d think and that every state differs and they are allowed to drink just not party, and recalling at the dinner when Rebecca was out of line and Mary was offended Rebecca said she never had issues like that in her family and Kate felt awkward walking in on it and it was stressful. The host asked what about Kate’s clothing is so wrong with Rebecca and she said it makes her uncomfortable,she’s snobby, always defensive,and Kate said they’re always bashing her and so she stands up for herself and Abe said she always gets away with everything and has her own rules but they agree to disagree and then Rebecca broke down crying and they had to take a break and once they resumed the host said Rebecca’s upset about Kate’s successful modelling career that Rebecca failed to get (I think she’s just jealous,too) and she said she didn’t want it as it’s too demanding and they’re always telling her what to do just like the Amish and she doesn’t want people telling her what to do all the time.

Kate kissing women was brought up and she said she was just kissing a friend and having fun and denied being a lesbian saying she was just experimenting, finding herself and that it was a phase, but Jeremiah brought up that her Valentine’s Day date was a woman but he and Sabrina said there’s nothing wrong with being gay(even though the Bible says otherwise) and Abe was shocked( and the Amish would be mortified)and didn’t know what to think  but wouldn’t judge her, Rebecca said she kissed a girl but married a guy and isn’t gay,and Mary was shocked and the host said they’re so open-minded and Kate said she respects them for not judging her,and Mary said she’s not backwards,with the host asking if she ever thought of leaving the Amish to which she replied “Thousands of times” but(like myself in my situation I’m trapped in) she has nowhere to go, no one to support her and no $$$ and the host asked Abe if he’d take care of her and he replied he’d help her and do his best.

The host commented about Jeremiah that trouble follows him everywhere he goes and he cusses, fights, womanizes, etc. and he’s changes and is always angry and he said it gets him thru life, and when she said no one likes him he said that’s their problem and he doesn’t care what they think about him she said it’s a tough act. Sabrina said she doesn’t believe it and he’s been hurt alot in life and he deals with it by being tough.The host asked aout Mike and his fiancee who Jeremiah slept with and he said they’d already broken up first and she didn’t love him,and Abe said that wasn’t true; that she kept texting him and when Jeremiah got emotional he said it was because he was drunk and the truth came out,and that only 2 people know his life story and he doesn’t trust enough people to tell them, and Kate added it’s a crazy story but she only knows part of it.The host then asked what’s going on between him and Sabrina and she said nothing and he replied stuff did happen in Florida, they did sleep together but he refuses to get screwed over ever again and that he “played” her which she denied. Abe said she used him as a “boy toy”,and she said she doesn’t see herself with him as there’s so many ups and downs and the host said there’s a love triangle between them and Kym,and when asked what he thinks of Kym Jeremiah said she’s not the person he’d ever get back with….and then Kym walked on stage…..

to be continued next week……

On a personal observation, I noticed that Kate is the only one out of the group that has it the most together: the only one with a full-time job and her own place, that has her life together, that is independent, knows where her life is going,and has fully left the Amish and knows where she’s at. The others don’t have jobs and have no idea where they are in life; where they want to live, work, or what they want to do.

Breaking Amish Brave New World Finale.

BraveNewWorld#8 In the season finale Kate, Abe and Rebecca had a fight over Kate taking Katie Ann for her first make over and shopping and Kate told Rebecca she had a bitch attitude, Rebecca called her a bitch with Kate replying that her and Abe are just jealous and they let their own jealousy and insecurities get in the way and later on Kate and Rebecca spoke in private and Rebecca admitted she’s selfish with Kate asking her what her problem with her was and she replied she was jealous of her modelling and Kate said that it’s hard work, and Rebecca said she thinks Kate comes across as better than the rest of them and that she cried and said she makes her feel insecure, dumb,and that she’s just a mom and there’s nothing she can do and she doesn’t want to be a bitch then Kate told her being a mother is important and hugged her to console her.(Kate has always been a kind person). Sabrina and Jeremiah are also in Puerto Rico with her telling him she’s glad he came along to support her as both being adopted they can relate to eachother and she apologized how she treated him in NYC before and he told her she was being too hard on herself and that life will get better. Katie Ann also went shopping at a cowboy store with Mary, Abe,and Rebecca, enjoying the various colours with Mary commenting she envies her,wishing it’s something she could do,too.

Jeremiah waited outside the hotel for Sabrina on the day they were to leave to go back but she didn’t show up and then came and told him she wasn’t leaving but staying in Puerto Rico instead with her aunt and didn’t want to go back to Florida and needs to do something for herself and on her own and to meet more family as she found where she belongs and loves Puerto Rico but he was upset and told her to go and didn’t want to leave her there alone but she refused and jumped into a taxi and drove away leaving him standing there! Rebecca said  the past few weeks have been hard and she misses her grandparents, family,and friends and she wants to move back to Pennsylvania  and when she told Abe he was shocked and stunned with disbelief saying she’s not even letting him give Florida a chance  to make it work to start a new life and she told him that he’s always thinking about other people instead of them to which he replied his mother is going to be shunned when she goes back home and they should be there to support her and she said it should be about them; them and their child and not his family and he said he felt torn and didn’t know what to do.

Jeremiah was at the airport by himself and felt like shit,abandoned by Sabrina after he went there to support her and was worried and doesn’t know what happened to her and felt responsible and is worried with her there on her own and when he arrived home he was greeted and hugged by the group who asked where she was and when told she stayed behind they were surprised and Rebecca thought he was joking at first and then he explained and Kate asked if she’d be safe there, Abe asked how everything went,and Kate asked if she was going to live there and was worried if she’d be safe on her own. Abe’s brother Andy visited and doesn’t like Rebecca saying she interferes in their family, he checked in on their mother Mary as he got out of prison(for writing bad cheques) and seeing Katie Ann’s new “English” look he was shocked and said he didn’t recognize her, asked if Abe and Rebecca had anything to do with it, and belittled her saying she looked like a real mess, he was disappointed as she used to be a good sister and the good one, and Mary told him to go and that he was out of line and should show respect.

Andy next went over to visit Abe and Rebecca and Rebecca asked him what he was doing there and slammed the door in the face and said he had no right to be there. He asked them what did they do to Katie Ann and Abe said it was “B.S” and he just came there to stir up trouble, Rebecca said he’s a hypocrite as he dresses Amish but doesn’t act it as Amish don’t go to jail or lie and he should be helping Mary, and he asked what went wrong with his family and he just wants to be close to Abe again and get along like they were before Rebecca split them apart, and Abe said they’re helping Katie Ann leave the Amish and told Andy he’s a scumbag and he doesn’t care what he thinks,with Andy replying he’s always been there for Abe and he loves him. Andy said 3 YRS ago they got drunk and he slept with Rebecca and Kate said she knows the story and that Rebecca’s paranoid Andy will tell everyone and that she doesn’t want Abe and Andy to talk.(Personally I feel sorry for Abe and Andy; a woman should never come between brothers.)

Abe went to Mary fr advice about Rebecca wanting to move back home and not stay in Florida and being at odds over it and she she said if she moves back she’ll be shunned and told him why does he always have to listen to Rebecca , do what she wants,and what makes her happy all the time, and to just tell her that they’re staying in Florida and that’s that,to which he replied he’s grown up and  married now and it’s time she let him go,and she said she feels like he’s “throwing her to the lions” and that she wants him to stay but that it’s his choice yet if he does move back that it will hurt her deeply to see him go and he said it’s not the right thing to leave them(his mother and sister) behind.Jeremiah said he didn’t know if he’d ever see Sabrina again and he missed her but he’d never trust her again as she “burned” him,Kate’s friend Violetta visited her and she asked her to move in with her in NYC where she’s returning to to do a photo shoot and said she’s let go of being Amish and has embraced being “English” now. Mary said she’s staying in Florida for awhile to support Katie Ann leaving the Amish, Andy told said he can’t tell her what to do  and it’s her decision and everyone in his community’s turned their back on him because of Rebecca as she’s “poisoned” them against him and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do now.

The group had a BBQ and Sabrina showed up and they all hugged her back welcoming her, glad to see her, and Kate said it didn’t feel complete without her, Sabrina said she missed everyone and knew she couldn’t stay in Puerto Rico , Abe said Jeremiah felt bad coming home without her, Sabrina said she’s proud to be Puerto Rican to which Kate replied it was awesome, and Abe quipped he guessed the Puerto Ricans weren’t like the Mennonites and Rebecca said she was glad to have her back. Sabrina later talked privately with Jeremiah and said she realized she pushed him away, afraid to get close, but both being adopted they have a connection and apologized for leaving and he replied she did what she had to do but he was upset the way she left but she “found” herself, now loves herself, and is no longer the old Sabrina and it doesn’t sound like herself anymore but is a new person now but Puerto Rico isn’t where she belongs, but wants to be with him! The group also had fireworks on the beach, and Rebecca said they’d always keep in contact and stick together, Abe said she’s not sure what will happen or where they’ll end up but they’ll always be friends, and Kate said they’ll always be there for eachother.

***** Kate returned to NYC and modelled for Maxim magazine, is studying for her GED and hopes to travel to Spain with her girlfriend.

***** Sabrina has an open invitation to visit her biological family in Puerto Rico and is seeing Jeremiah off and on.

***** Jeremiah is pursuing various business ventures and doesn’t know what the future holds but hopes to settle down one day.

***** Abe and Rebecca bought a house in Pennsylvania with a guest room for Katie Ann to visit.

***** Katie Ann hasn’t decided if she wants to be Amish or “English” but goes to the beach as much as possible.

***** Mary moved back to Pennsylvania to her husband and has been shunned by her community.

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 7.

BraveNewWorld#7 In this week’s episode, the group were shocked to see Kate in a video kissing another girl as being gay is a sin for the Amish (actually, the Bible is very clear on it and homosexuality is a sin in all religions, not just for the Amish) but Sabrina couldn’t believe it was her and at first thought she was being set up but said people should be tolerant. Jeremiah showed Kate herself and she called him a “jackass” and dismissed it as her and a friend just “having  a good time “and denied being gay but said she’s glad that her friends are accepting. Jeremiah and Sabrina are heading off to Puerto Rico to meet Sabrina’s family and Jeremiah said that he hates flying but they were impressed with the Caribbean island and found that they liked it, Mary visited her son Abe and said his sister Katie Ann wants to leave the Amish and he said it’s hard to leave and that you need a highschool diploma,with Mary adding that she left herself at 17 but had no support or money and was poor, alone and it was hard; she worked at a carnival and slept in the park for 18 months and was scared but with Katie Ann she has support so it will be easier and she’ll also have her birth certificate and other ID that wasn’t available to the Amish 20 YRS ago.

Sabrina met the PI and discussed her relatives she’ll be meeting in Puerto Rico and discussed their culture which is warm and affectionate, the opposite of Amish, Katie Ann was told when she starts her new non-Amish life that Abe and Rebecca will pay for her new haircut but she wanted to go to Kate for advice instead as she likes her fashion style which upset Abe and Rebecca,(who has country bumpkin Walmart style and wears tacky animal-print leggings). Kate also met a girl and they went out on a date bike riding and for drinks and  dancing at a gay club and even though she said she’s not a lesbian they were making out, kissing and grinding on the dance floor( I think she’s just in denial and tries to tell herself that she’s not) and Abe tried bull riding as it’s his dream(going full redneck!) with Rebecca and Katie Ann coming to watch,both being nervous, but Rebecca was too scared to look,saying she felt like to throw up and like her heart would stop, and he fell off right away but it inspired Katie Ann to follow her own dreams and Abe said he’s glad he did it and he got a rush but also realized at the same time it’s not something he could do long-term as a career to support a family and that marrying Rebecca was the best thing that he ever did in life.

Sabrina and Jeremiah discussed her meeting her relatives and she felt “lost” being adopted which he understood as he was adopted as well but when he visited his biological family many questions were answered and he knew where he came from and he was there to support her as she broke down and let herself become emotional, Kate took Katie Ann to get a make-over as she goes “English” saying it was scary to leave the Amish but exciting as well and they went to a hair salon where she let down her beautiful knee-length long hair and it was hard to get her hair cut and she felt awkward having someone else wash it for her. She also got make up and her nails done and looked so different(you wouldn’t even recognize her!) and was ready for new clothes next so Kate took her clothes shopping  and she was slow changing as wasn’t used to it and said she’s “tired of being a plain Amish girl.”

Sabrina also met her large biological family in Puerto Rico, who hugged her and welcomed her warmly and she felt right at home,seeing similarities in her relatives and in herself,with her aunt saying she looks like her mother, glad to meet everyone and sad that they hadn’t been a part of eachother’s lives for 20 YRS, and Mary had no idea what to expect about Katie Ann’s transformation and was worried she’d end up dressing tacky like Rebecca, but said she was beautiful and hugged her(she looked classy) glad that she didn’t look trashy, and she was grateful for her mother’s support and approval, but Abe and Rebecca sneered her shoes looked like “hooker heels” and Rebecca  was upset and jealous that she didn’t go shopping with her and Abe commented that she looks good but that Kate was a bitch  for not letting them go with her as it was her first time shopping and they wanted to go and experience it with her( even though she asked Kate herself) with Mary saying they have to respect Katie Ann’s wishes to go with Kate and that she’s not trying to take her away from them and Abe belittled Kate and said Kate doesn’t have family of her own so she’s trying to take over theirs, and they were fighting which Katie Ann hates, and Kate said it was about Katie Ann feeling good and Abe and Rebecca are just being selfish with Mary saying they should thank Kate for helping Katie Ann,Kate told Mary they were talking about her to which she replied if Rebecca was her daughter she’d slap her and Kate told Rebecca her nasty attitude’s ruining her life,and Abe told Mary he’s not listening to Kate or letting her “slip in-between” their family and Mary sent them all home to stop the fight, with Abe and Rebecca scolding Kate for “talking about them behind their backs” to his mother and Kate told them if they really support Katie Ann they should show it and not let their own jealousy get in the way.

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 6.

BraveNewWorld#6 There was a thunderstorm Sunday night just when the show was coming on and started to record and I was worried the satellite would go off and I’d miss it but it luckily ended up ok, so here goes…

Rebecca asked a waitress at a restaurant if they were hiring and she replied they were but that they wouldn’t hire her as many of their customers are Amish and she would offend them(because of her reputation of living an unclean life since leaving and  of bad mouthing them) and Abe told her that she(being non-Amish) doesn’t know what it’s like(being Amish),Kate said she doesn’t like it when the group bashes the Amish,Jeremiah said they’re hypocrites, with the waitress saying that that they’re not all bad and the group makes it look like they all are,Rebecca said they’re not all perfect either but understands what the waitress means.(I agree with Kate, there’s some bad in every group but that you can’t judge an entire group by a few bad ones.) Mary and Katie Ann also shopped at a thrift shop for items for their new house that sold simple things suitable for Amish style but they found them to be expensive yet still  bought a few items,and  the modelling agency called Kate informing her of a shoot in Miami she was eager to go to, to get away from the toxic critical environment of the group,and told Sabrina her address in case of emergency contact.

The group decided to secretly drive to Miami to see Kate, to secretly crash her place but not ask or tell her ahead of time but just show up,Kate liked her hotel in Miami and felt relaxed, free, and not judged,and was upset when the group showed up unannounced and uninvited,ruining her break and didn’t want any drama and can’t seem to get away from them,and they accused her of not being hospitable, being “too ‘good'” for them,and  being “crabby”,when she told them they can’t stay(they said they’d stay with her) and weren’t welcome when they invited themselves to stay with her, so they left. Her model friend came to see her shortly afterwards and she was happy to see her. She and her friends were later sunning themselves and the gang showed up wanting to “party” and they tried to ignore them,and they brought beer which was against the rules and Kate told them so ; that it wasn’t allowed, and they became rude, pests, and made a nuisance of themselves, with Abe and Jeremiah splashing them in the pool and soaking them forcing them to leave.

Mary and Katie Ann went shopping for bathing suits which had to be modest and cover up and couldn’t be skimpy which they found to be awkward and Katie Ann got a one-piece with a little skirt,and at the beach Kate told the group that they had to respect where she was staying and that she was there to work,and her friend confronted Jeremiah how they ganged-up on her in NYC and they started arguing,Kate told him he’s an “ass” with her friend there to support her,Abe commenting he thinks she’s a “lez” and Jeremiah saying he doesn’t care what what anyone thinks and Kate and her friend just walked away.Kate had her modelling shoot on the beach and commented that models seem nice but that it’s fake and they just use you,and the group were watching her photo shoot and found it fascinating, with Jeremiah saying Rebecca’s jealous of Kate’s modelling,and Kate said she’s upset she was rejected when she applied for modelling and is jealous but she won’t let others make her feel badly about life and that she’s happy and confident with her life.(I agree they always do pick on her and she seems to be an outcast in the group)

The group went to a fancy club to celebrate afterwards, pulling up in their RV, which Sabrina dubbed “Redneckville” and had too much booze as always(drunken losers!) and Rebecca who used to judge and hate alcohol now drinks herself(so she’s a hypocrite!) and Abe got drunk as well and danced for the first time,Jeremiah got really “wasted” and a bouncer kicked him out of the club,enraging him(even though that’s his job, to kick out drunk, unruly,and disorderly patrons)commenting about the “Drunken Amish” and he wanted to fight but was stopped by his friends and ended up in a pool and then got overly-emotional and broke down and cried, with Kate hugging him,consoling him,his “wall” broken down, needing his friends, letting his guard down. Katie Ann went to the beach and loved it and Mary observed it was like watching a 2 YR old at the beach for the first time, and Sabrina went for a walk with Jeremiah and  said she feels like an outcast and wants to go somewhere where there’s people like her, and the investigator called and informed her that he found an aunt in Puerto Rico(who has 2 girls) who want to meet her and she agreed to go down there and Jeremiah said he’d go with her,as he’s adopted too and knows how she feels,and revealed that he’s Native American and met his biological family and said he’ll support her and help her find her identity.

Katie Ann said she wants to leave the Amish but it worries Mary who is upset and fears she’ll end up like Rebecca.She wants to be more “English” but Mary also told her to go for it, to see what the world has to offer, to have the opportunities that she never had, and to let her have her fun. Mary went to a bar as well(she likes booze now and drinks too much) and commented she worries that the Amish community will blame her now for  Katie Ann’s decision to leave. A scruffy-looking guy named “Big Bob”  tried to pick her up in the bar and offered to buy her a drink which she declined,adding she didn’t think he was “charming” and Sabrina was talking to Puerto Rican guys at a club which brought her closer to her heritage but also made her more nervous about going there and meeting her relatives and a friend of Kate approached Jeremiah and showed him a video of Kate which shocked him and he showed to the rest of the gang,and they gasped in stunned surprise….so is she topless,perhaps? Is she naked? Is it a porn video?

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 5.


In this week’s episode,Mike confronted Jeremiah for sleeping with his finacee but Jeremiah insisted that they had broken up beforehand,Rebecca was upset and cried, Sabrina said Jeremiah always runs away from his problems and was sympathetic with Mary(Abe’s mother) that there was too much drama. Jeremiah ordered the film crew to get the camera out of his face and left, saying that he was the “better man” for walking away, bragging that he knows Tae Kwon Do and later showed off his skills hitting wood and breaking it with his bare hands and invited Kate and Sabrina to do so which Sabrina did.
Kate cooked breakfast for the group with Abe’s mom helping but she quickly took over, annoying Kate; she was critical of their stove, kitchen and Kate’s cooking, insulted their using olive oil and Kate was tired of the Amish always telling her what to do with Sabrina adding that having someone critical of your cooking is a huge insult. Everyone raved how Mary made great chili but insulted what Kate made as “health crap”, hurting her feelings. Jeremiah later were talking smack about Mary and he said how she always stinks up the bathroom and turns the couch(which is his bed) onto a sewing circle and taking over.Abe told them off for talking about his mom,saying Kae’s just jealous that his mom can cook better than her and Jeremiah said it’s time Abe’s mother and sister get their own house and that Mary stops interfering so Mary challenged him if he can do 2 crochet stitches that she’d get out of the house for a day(not thinking he’d be able to do it) and he struggled but succeeded so she left with Abe for a mother-son day out where he taught her “English” rules and culture, such as how to have fun, told her not to worry about the people back home,and how to hug as the Amish don’t hug, not even their own family or kids as it’s not part of their culture,and they hugged and they both said it felt good.
Katie Ann(Abe’s sister) also said Kate’s pretty and has always admired models although the Amish consider it a sin and vanity and Kate said Katie Ann reminds her of her younger self and the two talked as Katie Ann asked her what it’s like to leave the Amish andshe she advised her to follow her heart but to make sure as it was really hard to leave.

Kym(Jeremiah’s girlfriend) also showed up and told Jeremiah she was breaking up with him and going back home to Ohio and he seemed indifferent and said he wasn’t going to chase after her even though he also said she was one of the bes girls he’d had and she said they were great together. It was also revealed that a few times he had secretly come into Sabrina’s bed at night and they hooked-up again.
Mary ,Katie Ann,and Abe went for a bike ride as well and found a house to rent easily, in just a day as they were dressed proper Amish,and Mary said she was looking forward to having her own space and being able to do what she wants and relax,and the others were glad to get rid of the Amish once again,too,and Rebecca noted that Mary never did “find” herself as she was always so wrapped up in Amish life and raising her family.

Meanwhile Katie Ann decided she wants to starts wearing modern “English” clothes, surprising and slightly upsetting Mary, who herself is drinking way too much alcohol now,Abe needs a job and wants to be a rodeo bull rider which Rebecca finds dangerous and stupid and it freaks her out but she also wants to support his dream so they and Katie Ann went to a rodeo, where they also bought cowboy hats and Katie Ann let down her long hair for the first time, undoing her kapp and her hair was so long it almost went all the way down to her ankles which she said felt good! They talked to a bull rider after the show and Katie Ann thought he was cute!
Mary cooked dinner at her new house and invited the group over for dinner but Kate was late and before she arrived they were talking about her. They also prayed before the meal and Mary told off Jeremiah for wearing his hat at the table but eating together fondly also reminded him of the part of Amish life that he did like; family-time together at meals,and he said that Rebecca is jealous of Kate and her modelling(which Rebecca tried herself earlier and was rejected) and when Kate showed up everyone stopped talking and went silent and she felt awkward and knew they were all talking about her. Rebecca then walked out when Kate showed up, not wanting to talk to her fearful she’d say something to offend her and Mary got mad saying it’s rude to leave the table before the final prayer, dessert and before everyone’s finished eating and went after her telling her and Abe to get back inside and finish the meal and they told her to wait until they were done talking, infuriating her with their rudeness, fuming she won’t tolerate it, that they lost their Amish values and won’t put up with drama, and Jeremiah and Abe went to talk with her to calm her down and she said she just wants everyone to get along.
Mary also said she thinks Rebecca acts out because she didn’t get enough attention as a child and is trying to get it now and hopes that Katie Ann doesn’t end up like her,Sabrina got a call from an investigator who find more of her biological relatives in Puerto Rico: an aunt and 2 cousins, and Jeremiah got a call from a friend inviting them to a house party of ex-Amish, where they had a BBQ and booze but when they got there the others were staring at them, ignoring them, and talking about them and then angrily confronted them, saying that they are disgracing everything Amish,making them look bad,saying they sleep with animals,etc.and they screamed at Jeremiah ,ordering them to leave and almost got into a fight and the show’s producer had to intervene and quickly escort them out of there before it got out of hand!
Of all the show’s cast I have to say that Kate is my fave. as she seems to be the nicest and kindest of the bunch and she doesn’t trash-talk the Amish and she’s the one who tries to avoid conflict. Sabrina is the biggest slut and Jeremiah is the one I like the least and comes across as a real douche.

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 4.

BraveNewWorld#4 In this week’s episode Jeremiah’s girlfriend Kym was fighting with Sabrina(continued from last week) and Sabrina threatened to call the cops with Jeremiah telling everyone to get along,Sabrina going back inside the house, Kate telling her Kym’s just jealous,Kym saying Sabrina always cries,Kate saying Kym’s not welcome and should show respect while in their home and Sabrina thanked Kate for sticking up for her and the group collectively agreed that they’d always have eachother’s backs. Abe’s brother Dave’s call to their mother saying she wasn’t welcome back home and she couldn’t see her grandchildren again also really upset her and is affecting her health and really hurt her, with her daughter Katie Ann worried about her health as her heart and blood pressure isn’t good,and that being mistreated plus the Amish culture has been hard on her and on her health. The group went to a bar as well as Rebecca turned 21 and despite always saying she hated alcohol she drank it being a hypocrite and Kate called her two-faced to which she replied,”I’m me and if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass!” Abe said that the Amish always have to be “perfect” or their families look down on them and the group verbally attacked Kate calling her perfect, making her really upset, saying she still always looks and acts perfect, but in a judgemental way, and she told them she’s always been and felt hurt and betrayed by all her friends and that she doesn’t trust people anymore due to it.Rebecca then apologized and said they all have to stick together.

Kate said there was “sexual tension” between Sabrina and Jeremiah and that they should work it out, to which Sabrina replied that she’s “always liked” Jeremiah and he said he “has feelings for” her but Kate said Sabrina “plays a dangerous game” with Jeremiah adding that it’s in the past now and nothing will happen now, then they all got drunk and went to a club. Sabrina said she felt stupid and rejected for telling everyone that she still had feelings for Jeremiah and he shot her down and that she was rejected by her community and now by him as well and that she just wants acceptance. Rebecca was really upset that Abe got drunk and in the past he’d even been arrested; he’d felt “trapped” in the Amish life and he’d drink to “escape”( no wonder the other Amish think they make them look bad!) so both Abe and Rebecca are big hypocrites, saying how they hate alcohol and then they go and drink,and he’s even gotten drunk several times!

Jeremiah said he won’t let anyone hurt him twice(referring to Sabrina) and cruelly told Sabrina that her mother didn’t care about her because she gave her up(they’re both adopted) which she said wasn’t true and was hurtful and she showed him a letter from her birth mother showing that she did care for her, Katie Ann loved her first time at the ocean arriving in Florida and said she felt so “free”,meanwhile Rebecca and Abe haven’t been getting along due to his drinking, family problems, and financial struggles and are trying to have fun and spend more time together and went on a date playing mini golf when he got a surprise call from his mom saying she’d arrived in Florida to see him and was in town and he and Rebecca were upset. His mother Mary also talked to black people for the first time(I’m sure it was their first time talking to Amish people,too!)in a restaurant as well and talked about President Obama and she said she’d never seen pictures(of him or anyone else) as the Amish don’t have pictures and photos and she asked if they like to be called black or what and they when they said “African-American” she asked if they were from Africa!

When the group saw Abe’s relatives arrive they were shocked and surprised,peeking out the window,Jeremiah said it was bad enough that they came to NYC and that they” left the Amish, why do they keep coming to us?” and Rebecca wondered if they’d left the Amish for good or were just coming to visit, Sabrina said she felt sorry for Rebecca with Abe’s mother here, but was welcoming and polite, but Jeremiah was really rude to Abe’s mother,told her it was “time to let Abe go”, didn’t show any respect and Mary said it was disgusting how he had earrings and piercings. Jeremiah said that she wasn’t going to “boss” him around and he refused to get her luggage and told her to get it herself(the others told him not to be so lazy) and she said Abe should have taught him to show elders respect. She also said she was there to bring Abe back home and Kate thought it was presumptious of her to invite herself and to stay at their house uninvited.Abe and Jeremiah stepped outside to talk in private and argued and Abe told Jeremiah to respect his mother and Jeremiah told Abe to tell his mother to leave,with Abe saying his mom supports him and no one from Jeremiah’s family ever came to support HIM,then Jeremiah told Abe to step up and be a man.

Kate said she was tired of the group(esp. Rebecca) always bashing the Amish and that some people are happy living the Amish life and that it’s not always all bad. Mary said some do some wrong things and need to expand and have more freedom,but Kate’s tired of always hearing the bad side all the time then Abe said if Kate thinks it’s so good why doesn’t she go back to it and Rebecca said Amish life was hell for her. Abe and Rebecca also decided about his mother that they respect her for her support and glad she was there to support them(esp. when no one else in their family or community does) when they need it and will find a house for her but that she’s welcome to stay there with them until they do and that they are there for her. The group also went to a redneck country bar and brought Mary(Abe’s mom) where she tried alcohol and Katie Ann danced(neither is  allowed by the Amish) and former Amish confronted them again for “talking bad” about the Amish community and making them look bad and embarrassing the community and that they should be ashamed and told them to leave and then Mary told one of the guys off, and Abe said he doesn’t care as long as it’s truth what they say(about the Amish) and Sabrina noticed that it’s always the “party mode” ones that cause trouble and not the church-minded ones( so it’s hypocritical.)

Kym came again and said she felt awkward and hurt that Mary was allowed to arrive but she wasn’t welcome and was hassled when she came and Jeremiah said about Mary that he wasn’t going to be “bossed around by a woman” and freaked out when she put up a tacky Amish clothesline outside and has preserves all over the livingroom and then Mary got mad at him so he moved into the RV and he said he wants to get away from the Amish and doesn’t need someone’s mom telling him what to do or they’ll “both end up in the hospital.”Rebecca said she likes being with everyone (in the group) once again, and Jeremiah’s enemy Mike(who was wearing a T-shirt with the words”Redneck Country” on it, haha) showed up and stormed in threatening to beat him up(for sleeping with his fiancee) and Jeremiah just ran off……

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 3.

BraveNewWorld#3 I record the show late Sunday night, watch it Monday,and don’t get around to posting it until today in case you were wondering:

In episode 3, the group mentions they’ve had a rough road trip and hope they’ll have a new start in Sarasota(Florida). They stop off at a “haunted” town in Georgia along the way and have a “ghost” adventure, where Jeremiah says the Amish don’t approve as it’s evil and that “ghosts” are actually demons and that people don’t realize they’re communicating with demons(which is true),and Sabrina and Kate aren’t comfortable with it( with good reason!) as it opens the door to the occult and invites demon possession(true) and they were nervous about it and avoided it but Jeremiah likes witchcraft which Sabrina called devil worship and said she believes in God and avoids the occult and questioned him about it and he replied that she was being “judgemental” when she said it’s wrong to look for demons and Rebecca said it freaks her out.

Abe’s mother also got a call from her Amish bishop when she and her daughter Katie Anne left  for Florida(they had a driver drive them there as Amish don’t drive cars) to go after Abe and he was upset that she left her husband behind saying what if he died while she was away, trying to lay a guilt trip on her, but she invited him to come along with them but he refused,and she said she knows she’ll be punished but isn’t sure how, and they didn’t tell Abe they were coming to visit as they know he’ll be mad and will just surprise him, and as they stopped in Maryland to eat people were rudely staring and gawking at them, the group stopped off at a parade with jazz music and when they asked what it was for they were told “Martin Luther King” but had no idea who he was(again displaying their sad lack of history) so they asked a local who told them and Jeremiah quipped that he “should liberate the Amish people,too”(I love the funny sayings he comes up with!) and that the Amish only ever get 2-3 days off a YR for holidays.

Rebecca commented that the RV wasn’t exactly a good place to have a honeymoon and Sabrina said that Mennonite and Amish guys  don’t know alot about sex and that “English” guys are better to which Kate agreed and they howled and  cracked up laughing, but Jeremiah replied that “Not all guys put up with girls that are wild in bed” like her, and they finally arrived in Florida, relieved,loving it,  hoping for a new beginning and that the Amish community there would accept and welcome them but Kate worried that they wouldn’t accept them. Jeremiah didn’t arrange a place to stay ahead of time so Abe called him a “dickhead” as he didn’t plan ahead and his reply was he didn’t tell them as if he did they wouldn’t have come down(lame excuse) and just hopes that someone’s friendly and will let them stay with them but the Amish gave him the “cold shoulder” because he goes to bars and clubs and lives a sinful worldly life and now they’re glaring at them, staring, and they feel awkward and like outsiders, and they talked to the Amish but no one wanted to talk to them and weren’t welcoming to them as their reputation preceeded them and they disrespected the Amish before; in the show before they trash-talked them,and I think also due to the fact that not just because they LEFT the Amish but that they also live immoral lives.

Abe’s mother’s son David phoned her as well and asked her if she’s going thru with it(going to Florida) and told her to not come home and that she’s no longer welcome in his home which broke her heart,making her hurt, angry, and sad that her own son would “disown” her like that, and no one would rent the group a house(as they’re all Amish-owned) and didn’t want to associate with them but Kate finally found someone who would rent to her and they got a large furnished 3 bedroom house with a big yard. They went to the beach and met up with 2 ex-Amish guys from Ohio who knew Jeremiah and didn’t like him and Kate said he’s not surprised that he has alot of haters but he said they can kiss his ass, and Abe was upset that Rebecca was talking to other guys and went off on his own for awhile and she said that they haven’t been communicating or have enough time for eachother.

Jeremiah’s girlfriend Kym also dropped in for a visit upsetting Sabrina who thought they broke up as that’s what Jeremiah had told her and she said he lied to her but he said that he still has feelings for Kym and that it was “complicated”,and Kym said that Sabrina was “obsessed” with him and confronted her ,calling her a “whore” to which she replied that she didn’t have to worry; that they were just friends and that she’d leave if there was a problem,and he said no one has to leave and Kym accused him of defending her so he told them to work it out and he left, not wanting to get involved,and Kym yelled she doesn’t want Sabrina anywhere near him and he deserves better as the fight escalated, she called her a “‘ho” and she told Kym,”At least I’m not the one who has a disease!” and she replied,”I’m clean now! I got it treated!”(I guess the skank had herpes or some other whore disease?) and it carried on into the yard where the yelling intensified and reduced Sabrina to tears where Kym mocked her and called her a crybaby,bringing Kate to her defence, hugging her and consoling her and telling Kym to leave her alone. Kym came across as a real low-class mean, crass slutty, white trash bully! What a piece of work!


I have a Mennonite Facebook friend that lives in Sarasota interestingly, but she’s a good and proper Mennonite and she’d be horrified and disgusted by the sinful disgraceful way these people behave; worse than alot of “worldly” non-Amish people, and it’s interesting as well how some of them still hold on to some of their Amish values but completely disregard others: Kate shuns the occult yet has no problem getting drunk, Sabrina stays away from the occult but gets drunk and sleeps around, Rebecca doesn’t like alcohol but smokes and committed adultery(there were earlier reports that she cheated on her first husband with Abe) Abe said he doesn’t like drunks yet he was arrested previously on public drunkenness, and Jeremiah does practically every sin you can think of!