The Baboon And The Epic Party.

Screen Shot 11-15-17 at 06.20 PM 001 The other day the 14 YR old came to me and said the 16 YR old didn’t believe her when she told her the story of the Baboon and the Epic Party. She thought that she was making it up and that it sounded like something from out of a movie and I confirmed that yes, it really was true and it really did happen and that we weren’t making it up. You see, the Baboon (I named him that) was this obnoxious neighbour we had when we first moved to Ottawa. He wasn’t even really our neighbour but rather his girlfriend(they were both highschool teachers) and her 2 sons were actually, but he was always over there and stayed overnight( what a “great” example she was setting for her kids, huh?) and he had this van that always leaked oil only instead of parking it in her driveway the asshole would always park it in front of our house leaving a big oil stain behind. At first we’d asked him nicely to move it and not park there but he refused and just continued to get more obnoxious, so my hubby and I decided to take matters into our own hands….

They would also purposely slam doors and run around really loudly early in the morning to annoy us ( there was a wall the 2 houses shared) waking us up early every morning( so I would phone them in the middle of the night and wake them up and then hang up to let them know how it feels) and we could even hear them f*cking every night too, the bed banging against the wall;it was so gross, they were sooo obnoxious and annoying, so to discourage him from parking on our property we gave him a little “incentive” to go park elsewhere: my hubby would undo the valves on the tires of his van (I dubbed the Baboonmobile) and let the air out.He also stuck nails in the tires. He did this on numerous occasions but the stupid f*cker still never got the hint, so when he’d park there  and leave his window open we’d toss in a sticky cup of cola,or turn our lawn sprinklers on, and we’d stick peanut butter sandwiches on the windshield and headlights ( a Baboonmobile sandwich) and they’d throw eggs at our house so we’d put them in their mailbox, along with a big rat trap……and so on and on it went….it was war.

Then one day the losers decided to move( yay!) so on that day we threw this epic party in celebration and  to bid them farewell and good riddance. We invited all our friends over and rocked the house. We had the music blasted and blaring so loud it shook both our houses. We used the backyard fence dividing the properties as a net and played badminton, my friend J peed on their doorstep(and gave my dog a bowl of beer and he was staggering around, drunk), my hubby put his licence plate on backwards, we had made and erected a big sign that read, Farewell Losers! and when they finally did move away he made some smart-ass remark to us and a friend of his that was helping him move just gave him this incredulous look, as if he was thinking, What’s wrong with you,man? like he thought he was the biggest asshole on Earth, which, of course, he was. We’d expected they’d call the cops during the party,too, but they didn’t. They didn’t have the nerve. In fact, we didn’t hear one peep out of them all night.


True story. Honest-to-God. It was in the late 1980’s when I was prego with my first child. So that’s the story of the Baboon and the Epic Party. As well, the 14 and 16 YR olds wanted to give Buddy a bath so I let them as long as they didn’t dye, crop, dock, shave, or cut anything, but they forgot to dry him and he came back dripping wet so I had to take him back upstairs and blow-dry him, and the college teachers rejected the latest offer and the strike’s been going on for 5 weeks now so the provincial gov’t’s going to legislate them back to work, which they should have done a long time ago. This has gone on long enough. Enough of this shit. If it goes any longer the students are going to lose their semester! What they should also do is fire every one of those greedy bastards that are holding the kids’ education “hostage” and hire new teachers that will grateful to even have a job!


Remembrance Day.

Screen Shot 11-11-17 at 08.50 AM I don’t glorify the military; I remember, honour,and pray for the innocent VICTIMS of war and for an end to all wars.I pray for PEACE. This is why I refuse to wear a red poppy like the rest of the sheeple and don’t celebrate Remembrance Day. I DON’T celebrate, glamorize, support, encourage, glorify, romanticize, commemorate, honour, respect, or praise the military, killing,and war.

The Roofer.

Screen Shot 10-22-17 at 07.04 PMWe found a roofer to come look at our leaking roof. We had called 3 of them but they never called us back  but there was a guy working on the roof across the street so my hubby went over there and asked them about it and it turns out it’s the woman’s father who’s a retired roofer and he does do flat roofs so he came over and took a look at it. He says he thinks he should be able to just patch it not too expensively but he has to clear thru a bunch of debris and crap on top first to get a better look at it and then give us an estimate and said if we pay cash we won’t have to pay tax which will save $$$$,and weird too; he looks alot like my hubby’s brother! He’s going to come back later sometime and get a better look and I hope it’s soon as it’s supposed to rain most of the week….

As well, my abdomenal pain’s been bad for the past 2 days and my head still hurts at the back when I touch it from when I fainted and fell and hit it hard on the floor nearly 4 weeks ago,too, so I must have fractured my skull for it to still hurt this long,and it was a reaaalllly hard hit with an enormous thud! and it also really hurt like hell. I was honestly quite surprised it wasn’t cracked open completely at the back and that I wasn’t laying in a big pool of blood; that’s what I was expecting actually given the impact and the pain; I reached back to feel and I was expecting blood everywhere and I was surprised there was none but it could have all been internally. My mother also says her pulled muscle is the most painful thing ever and rated it a 10/10 on the pain scale but she’s never really experienced real pain though to compare it to; her labour was easy and only 4 hours and she says “wasn’t that bad”, she’s never had a migraine and rarely even gets headaches, and she’s never been carved open and had any body parts taken out, or had gallbladder attacks; she’s lucky and has no idea what real pain is like!

My hubby also tried to excuse and justify the way he and the kids always provoke, mock, ridicule, insult, bully, pick on, put down,and harrass and torment me as just a “joke” “teasing” a “game” and I “can’t take a joke”, etc.. except it’s NOTjoke; it’s NOT funny; it’s bullying, mean, cruel, hurtful,and at my expense, and to a sensitive soul like myself that’s been bullied my entire life it’s even more hurtful and I’m even more affected and broken by it and they know it; that’s why they do it, to hurt me and destroy me, and not only am I physically  not well but my spirit is broken as well and I think that’s likely why I’m not able to heal and just basically gave up on life,and  I basically wait each day hoping to die for so long that now I’ve forgotten how to live and I can’t even remember the last time I smiled…. 😦

My mother also got a bunch of these little Arby’s sammiches and gave everyone 2 each but none at all for the 23 year old(because she doesn’t like him) and then hid them on him so he wouldn’t find them and not get any which I thought was really mean, to give to everyone except one person and to leave someone out like that, so I gave him one of mine because it’s just not fair and it’s not right, and I’m usually the one left out and I know how it feels. It’s just wrong and mean,and then she gets all mad at me for “ratting her out” and says he never would have known otherwise; totally clueless to the fact that she was the one in the wrong and deserved to be called-out on it, and I always see this old guy sitting on his porch across from church and he talks to me as I walk by every week and yesterday he goes cheerily, There’s my favourite Sunday lady!” which made me smile and I imagined if he was my husband he’d be nice to me, unlike my hubby,and he’d treat me nicer than my hubby does at least; pretty much anybody would, except for maybe a pimp, because pimps are known for beating up women. I have to get out of this toxic environment, but how? I don’t even know the first steps to take…



Screen Shot 08-19-17 at 08.25 AM 001 With US President Trump acting like he’s an emperor, defending white supremacists, supporting Confederate symbols(which symbolize hate, racism, slavery,and oppression) and hating Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, etc. and almost provoking a nuclear war with North Korea it got me wondering: I wonder if he maybe made a deal with the Devil and that’s how he got elected, against all odds, and that he’s perhaps even the Anti-Christ? He’s certainly causing enough division, strife, hate,political unrest, and chaos, the exact thing that delights Satan, so perhaps he really is one of his minions, that he really did sell his soul to the devil? It really wouldn’t surprise me, esp. since I heard people that knew him previously said that he wasn’t like that before and that this isn’t the person they once knew…. absolute power corrupts absolutely…. how much more will this dickhead have to possibly do before they finally impeach him? Everyone’s also either quitting or getting fired left, right,and centre that works for him and it’s only been a few months he’s been in office and already look at all the trouble he’s caused….

I also think I figured out where I got Princess Of The Peacock Dynasty from: perhaps it’s my Heavenly name, and I am a child of God, a daughter of the King, and the King’s daughter would be a princess! A butterfly also landed on me and it happens alot; I think I must attract them, and I finally got to see our new priest and he’s 32 and a nice-looking Italian guy, I’m hoping as well maybe I’ll die tomorrow, the day of the solar eclipse, so I can go out in style, with a bang, at a memorable date, and often lately it seems that it’s close and the Other Side is so close I can almost reach out and touch it. Yesterday on weed I also noticed as I was going into another dimension my hearing aid was picking up another frequency and I heard a high-pitched sound and started to feel “funny”, like I was floating away and Buddy could sense it too and he kept pawing at me and whining.

The 18 YR old’s BF was also hit by a car riding his bike! He didn’t have lights or reflectors on his bike and he was riding on an unlit country road at night (not exactly the smartest idea) and the car didn’t see him and hit him and knocked him off his bike and ran over his leg and broke it….he’s lucky that’s all that happened to him….hopefully now he has lights on his bike, and I hope he was wearing a helmet! Holy shit! I still remember one of the oldest’s friends when he was 12 was hit by a car riding his bike and almost died and had to be revived a couple of times. He was in really bad shape. It was horrific, and he was in the hospital a long time, but he survived, and now he’s married and has a baby!

My mother also cruelly taunted me that while I’m away all day at the Ex they’ll be having Butter chicken for dinner, my fave. food and I won’t get any, which I thought was really mean; mean to have it on a day I’m not there so I miss out when she knows it’s my fave, and then even meaner to tell me! Why did she have to go and do that for,and then to tell me, just to get me upset? Then when I did get upset and told her that was a mean thing to say and do she snarked, and if you don’t shut up about it you won’t get any next time,either! and then her and my hubby berate me for having a hissy-fit. Yup, that’s right, she’s the one being mean and purposely brings up something solely with the intention to get me mad when she never had to say anything at all yet it’s my fault for getting  upset? The 16 YR old also threatened to shave Buddy bald when I’m gone,too.  I hate my family.

I think more and more my hubby is slowly poisoning me as well. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve lost a massive amount of weight in the past 6 months ( 50 pounds!) without dieting or trying in any way, and I still continue to lose weight at an alarming rate, and I have other symptoms( I Googled it) of poisoning for months ,too, incl. seizures, abdomenal pain, headaches,diarrhrea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, liver and kidney issues, confusion(like in church today I thought the people behind me were speaking French when it was actually English and one time the 18 YR old was talking I couldn’t understand her; it sounded like jibberish) nausea,lethargy, coughing, etc… and he even said before that he was going to kill me off for my life insurance $$$$ and I don’t think he was joking,either… just in case I do die sometime soon, have them check for poisoning. He must be either slipping it into my Diet Pepsi or my cannabis oil, and when I confronted him about it he accused me of poisoning myself and setting him up for it, which, I can assure you, I am not. It just makes me wonder,and he does hate me and wants me gone, plus this way they’d have $$$$ to move(and get a house with one less bedroom too with me gone) and be rid of me at the same time……..they’d be better off without me too and I’d also finally be free….I’d rather not be murdered though and if he is, I hope he doesn’t get away with it! Is he up to something….or has he just made me paranoid? Look what he’s done to me……  😦



The Black Walnut Tree.

Screen Shot 08-16-17 at 08.08 PM This is the story of the black walnut tree. It’s just a little baby black walnut tree and it’s in our backyard. It’s only about 2-3 years old but I noticed that this summer it’s really getting so much bigger all of a sudden.  Now it’s almost as tall as our three storey house! It wasn’t there originally though, and we never planted it, so what I’m pretty sure happened is that one fall a squirrel must have buried a nut in the ground and forgot about it or got killed and never came back for it or whatever, and the conditions were right in the soil and it took and started to grow…and over time it just got bigger….and bigger….and bigger….

I think it’s kind of neat to watch this tree grow and progress right from the beginning, from a little tiny sapling,and in time it will bear fruit ( usually at age 4-6 years old) and will bloom and blossom into this massive gigantic tree but I don’t think I’ll ever get to see it though as I’ve always thought I’d die by 50 (and I’m just 50 this year so it’ll likely be sometime within the next few months) and even if not they’re talking about moving in the next year or two anyway, so I probably won’t get the chance to be able to see it grow into maturity. A similar experience I had before was with the peach tree we had at our first Ottawa house; the owner’s daughter had planted it and the year we moved out was the first time it bore fruit. Of course. (and our apple tree at our last Ottawa house was  knocked over and died in an ice storm the first year it bore fruit,too!)

I also saw a blog I read they put their house up for sale for a million 695, 000, and that’s American so it would probably be something like 3 million $$$ in our money with the exchange, and I heard on the news too the price for an average detached 3 bedroom house in Toronto now is over a million $$$(and they may not necessarily even have a garage or even a driveway) and you have to earn on average 200 000$ a year to be able to afford it, with an average cost of close to 5000$ a month between mortgage payments and utilities! Holy shit! Buddy and I were out the front as well and saw an argument at the Drug Den at the corner; 3 thuggish-looking young guys came running out with this really fat shirtless guy running out after them, his belly jiggling, reminding me of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers  movies, yelling, Get outta here! and they’d keep stopping and looking back behind them,and I was worried someone would start beating up on someone or even pull out a gun or something…..maybe they ripped the drug dealer off and stole it or something, who knows….I wouldn’t be surprised if in the middle of the night there’s a drive-by shooting at his house, or a Molotov thrown thru his window, an explosion, or his house torched or something…my mother also actually saw an actual transaction the other day,too; she saw someone handing something over, exchanging something for $$$$$.

The 18 YR old’s also back from Cadets camp now and she has Strep throat,too, and she works for a couple of weeks and then she’s off to Ottawa for school, and now asshole Trump is upset that Confederate flags and statues are being taken down, saying You can’t change history,and you can’t, but you also don’t have to memorialize and commemmorate a period in history associated with hate, bigotry, discrimination, slavery, oppression, and racism, either, it would be the same as flying the Nazi flag with the swastika on it, or having a statue of Hitler; not something in history that you want to honour and glorify! I also stand up for Muslims and North Korea because no one else will and I was that kid in school that was always bullied and no one stood up for me so now I’m going to be that person.

I also wonder too if the upcoming solar eclipse might be a portent of some sort, a harbinger, of a prophecy, perhaps, such as Jesus’ return, or maybe of the Apocalypse, Judgement Day, The Tribulation, WWIII….who knows? It’s odd as well how the area it hits most seems to cut the USA right in half, along a division, and I don’t know if that’s symbolic or not, and it was 100 years ago since we had the last one like this, and it was almost 100 years ago since WWI ended…it just makes me wonder…it seems kind of eerie…. there’s also this upcoming boxing match I keep hearing about and I have no idea who it is as I don’t follow that stuff but apparantly it’s some long-time champion VS an under-dog so I automatically am rooting for the under-dog because that’s me; I’ve always been the under-dog, and because no one ever roots for the under-dog so whoever he is, I hope that he wins.

Ruined Sunflowers.

Screen Shot 08-11-17 at 11.56 AM 001 If someone were to ask you What kind of flowers are these? what would you say? They’re actually sunflowers  even though they’re not yellow! My mother picked them up when she was at the grocery store and they told her that they’ve been dyed orange and red and the leaves are purple! I was just speechless…..just ….horrified when I saw them, I mean, who the f*ck dyes flowers? I LIKE them yellow, the way they’re supposed to be, that’s what makes them look so bright, cheery, and happy! Dyeing them just ruins them! It would be like black people dyeing their skin white; they’re beautiful the way they are!


When I first saw them I didn’t even recognize them as sunflowers, it didn’t even register in my mind what I was seeing and thought they were some type of mums or something, and then when she told me it just made me sad. It’s a travesty. When I put them in water dye got all over my hands,too, pissing me off even more. What were they thinking, to ruin beautiful sunflowers like that and why would she think that I’d like them? So now her and my hubby are acting like I’m some sort of ingrate or something because I don’t like them, but it’s just not right; they don’t look like sunflowers and have been ruined. It’s just wrong. They’re beautiful the way they are. It’s an insult to sunflowers really, to do that to them. Defaced.

As well, I got the results from my colon cancer test and everything’s ok,and I went online and got my blood test results and that’s ok too except it showed slight kidney failure, just like last time, and I still have that headache as well, now 5 days in a row, that just won’t go away no matter what,and at times my ears ache with it,too, almost as if there’s pressure or something building up in my head, and I also noticed this big bulging vein on my forehead on the left temple when I lay down,too, and it wasn’t there before, so maybe something’s going to pop or something…..oh, well…..

The therapist also criticized how I prefer to do things(and go places) on my own rather than with my family (or anyone else) but I’m just a loner and I’ve always been like that, perhaps due to my Asperger’s, and maybe also because I grew up an Only Child and was always by myself, but I just prefer to be by myself than with other people, and I find it more peaceful and less stress, with no one to bug me, and even when my hubby and I went to Hawaii together we did our own separate things; I went off on my own and swam, surfed, kayaked, snorkelled, etc. and he did his own activities and we’d just meet up for dinner, and when I go to the “Ex” I go off on my own and meet up with them at the end of the day,and even in the Caribbean my mother would usually just stay on the ship and I’d go off on my own and wander around and I really enjoyed my solo trip to Cuba where I was alone the entire time. I just prefer to be by myself. What’s so wrong with that? I hurt in life  but I hurt less if it’s just me on my own. It also doesn’t help that my family pushes me away, making me want to be alone even more.


Pay To Pray.

Screen Shot 08-01-17 at 08.14 PM I read an article a Jewish journalist wrote and he said that it’s expensive to be Jewish,  and that’s why He thinks many Jews are Jews in name only but not actually practicing their faith, such as going to synagogue. He said that to go to the synagogue and attend religious services you actually have to pay a membership fee, sort of like at a country club, costing into the thousands of dollars a year, and that to attend the holy days (such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah) you have to buy a ticket, at the cost of hundreds of dollars, pricing many people out. I was really surprised and never knew that. Unlike the Christian and Muslim places to worship where your monetary contribution is voluntary, and you’re not prevented from attending because you can’t afford the membership fee. I’ve never heard anything like it and I think it’s sad. I had no idea. Seems discriminatory to me.Only for those with $$$$. The Old Marxist in me is pissed-off.

I don’t think that you should have to pay to pray. In our church we’re obligated to donate 10% of our income but we’re not audited(although in the Mormon church they do; they actually audit you where once a year the bishop sits each congregation member down in his office and reviews his finances to make sure their tithing is all “up to date” and if you haven’t paid the full 10% you can’t go to the temple) or prevented from worshipping if you don’t donate or pay a certain amount. I think that’s awful. What about the devout but poor widow? or the pensioner? or the immigrant? or the single parent? or the large family? or the guy that got laid off? I’m sure that there are many devoutly religious who are being prevented from going to the temple due to financial restrictions and that only the wealthy can afford memberships at the Jewish synagogues just makes me sad and I feel badly for the others and I try to imagine how I’d feel if I’d have to pay something like 1500$ a yr to go to church and then hundreds of $$$$ extra to go to Christmas and Easter Masses? I think it should be on a voluntary basis and you give what you can afford,without being called-out on it, shamed, made to feel guilty or cheap, and to worship freely, as God loves us without price. Whatever you choose to tithe should be between you and God.

As well, I got stung by a wasp! I was just laying out in the sun, minding my own business, and the mean little f*cker just landed on my leg and stung me for no reason! Now it’s all swollen up to a big bump  the size of a hard-boiled egg so I took a Benadryl. I also saw a cute little brown rabbit hopping around the neighbour’s yard and I’ve seen them in our own backyard at times, too, just wild, we had a BBQ as well and it was Buddy’s lucky day too because my hubby accidently dropped 3 hotdogs so guess who got them, and the 18 YR old also visited from camp.