Oh, My GOD!!!

Screen Shot 05-01-17 at 09.12 AM 001

A glorious sight to behold! The most beautiful thing I have ever seen! A masterpiece! The biggest Cadbury chocolate bar ever! I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven! 850 g of pure JOY! The 13 YR old goes, It’s just chocolate!!…… just chocolate? Are you kidding? Now, the 17 YR old understands…I think I just left my body…..this is simply amazing……I could eat the whole thing!

So Hot!!

Screen Shot 07-22-16 at 03.41 PM Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa. What a hunk! He’s even hotter than the hot summer weather we’ve been having! Lisa Bonet is a VERY lucky woman! Can you imagine coming home to THIS every night? That face, that body……good LORD….

Whadda Hunk!

Screen Shot 06-15-16 at 08.06 AM Is he hot, or what? This is Muhammad Ali’s grandson, a model. OMG! Sort of reminds me a bit of a young Marlon Brando! Oh, of all of the naughty things I can imagine doing to this guy, starting with whipped cream….sexy…I’d like to ride him like a cowboy rides his horse!

So HOT!!

HrithnikRoshan My GOD! Just LOOK at this guy, will you? Is he HOT, or what? This is Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood star.

Words can’t even begin to describe his hotness. I think my keyboard is melting just typing this. Oh, the naughty things I can only imagine doing to him!

Bad Boys.

JeremyMeeks(new) This is a mug shot of  30 YR old Jeremy Meeks, a gang banger and felon who has spent most of the past 10 YRS in and out of prison for assault, weapons, drugs, theft and gang-related charges. It has gone viral all over the Internet as the sexiest mug shot with women swooning that he’s so hot, etc. utterly besotted with him and I just don’t get it; why DO women seem to like the bad boys, anyway? They’re nothing but trouble and are just bad news. Sure I agree he IS good looking ( look at the eyes on him and those lucious lips) but I mean, come on, he’s a THUG; why would anyone in their right mind want to get involved with a guy like that? Why would you want a raise a family in a gang culture of violence? There is more to a relationship than looks, such as moral values, a steady job, responsibility, and stability. Would you really want to be with a guy and have the police around all the time, and to have them show up one day and tell you that your husband’s been arrested yet again and is in jail, making you  basically a single mother, or having them inform you that he’s been killed in a gang war or in a shoot out with police? Is that any way to live or to raise a family,and do you really want the gang influence on your kids? Is that the way you want your sons to grow up? I really don’t get some people, just like the ones that write to killers in prison. Why do so many women like the bad boys? I prefer a nice guy, one that treats me with love and respect, not one who’s violent or mean or who engages in criminal activity, uses drugs, beats people up, or kills people. As good looking as this guy may be ( he’s married and has a son by the way) I think I’ll pass. Some things are just nice to look at.

As well, 2 of the kids invited friends over for a swim so there were 8 of them in the pool and I had to watch them as I’m the only responsible adult that can swim; neither my hubby or my mother can swim and the 19 YR old CAN swim but he’s NOT responsible and I wouldn’t trust him to safely watch,and then they all went for a bike ride. They also had a BBQ and bonfire at their youth group after.

Hunk Of The Day.

NestorCarbonell Nestor Carbonell. He played “Richard” on “Lost.” Now THIS is what I’m talking about….tall, dark,and handsome! This is the kind of guy that I have always been attracted to; tan skin, dark wavy hair, dark eyes…..swoon! What a dreamboat! What a hunk! Such fine-looking sexy swarthy  specimens can be found generally in the Middle East, Italy,Greece, Spain, South America/Latin America, India, Pakistan and other places where such fine creatures are naturally of ethnic origin. Yet another good reason to travel, if only for the local “scenery!”

Hubba, Hubba!

GeorgeClooney One of my perennial favourites, George Clooney! Whadda hunk! If you don’t think HE’S a dream boat then you’re either blind or need your head examined! He just gets better looking with age! Good LORD, what a masterpiece!

Leif Garrett.

LeifThen Today is Leif Garrett’s birthday. He’s 52. Here’s what he used to look like back in his heyday, back when he was a teen idol in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when he was the “Justin Bieber” of his time. I was a huge fan, BTW, when I was around 12 or 13. I had pictures and posters of him plastered all over my wall, collected all the “Tiger Beat” magazines featuring him,and even went to his concert! Looking back now I think he looks “gay” with his long hair, but it was stylish at the time and I was a swooning star-struck young girl.

LeifNow….and here’s what he looks like today! Notice any difference? THIS is what YRS of cocaine and heroin have done to him. Now he’s struggling with drug addiction and is in and out of jail. He’s a washed up has-been. His prime was in his teens and then he made bad choices and threw it all away, common to many child stars and teen idols. Fame destroys them. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him to have had it all( the good looks, the fame,the fortune) and then to lose it all; it would be even harder than for someone like me, for example, who’s never had it to begin with( so I don’t know what I’m missing) it’s easier to never have had it in the first place than to have it and lose it yet he has no one to blame but himself(by getting into drugs) yet it’s still sad what’s become of him. It’s sad to see how people’s lives can be destroyed and how those you admired really are; nothing to admire afterall. Looks, fame,and fortune are fleeting.

Yet another Hollywood tragedy.