One Wish.

screen-shot-01-29-17-at-02-36-pm I  like to think that when you die everyone can leave one wish for the world. If so, mine would be love and peace and an end to hate and war and in doing so it would also end poverty, homelessness,and hunger because if you love people and care about people and see them as your friend instead of your enemy, as your brother instead of as an other, and love your neighbour like Jesus teaches us to do then naturally we will want well-being for all. That would be my wish that I’d wish for the world. As for my wish for my own family, I wish that they still keep going to church and homeschooling; that they don’t stop once I die, and I want to die listening to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and on a tropical beach feeling the sun on my face or cozy and warm in my bed with Buddy curled up next to me. Buddy was acting really weird yesterday,too; all last night he slept glued right next to my leg and all day he kept whining and pawing at my arm,and he even sat in front of me, barking and whining, as if he sensed something bad was going to happen, and he was by my side constantly, even more than usual, almost as if he were guarding me, so I wonder if he can sense that I’m going to have a seizure perhaps, or I’m even dying soon?

The 22 YR old’s GF goes back home to California today after 6 weeks here and she joked she should convert Muslim so they won’t let her back in(with Trump’s anti-Muslim policy, not letting people in from Muslim countries) even though she’s American and they’re letting their own people in,and if she actually said that they’d probably shoot her or something, or send her to Guantanamo Bay! The 13 YR old also said about Trump de-funding abortion( which is actually something good he did) it’ll make it “unsafe”….well, hate to tell ya,kid, but abortion’s never “safe”….spoiler alert: the baby always dies in the end,and if she means the mother, anyone who’s callous enough to kill an innocent baby , her own child,deserves whatever happens to her…’s called KARMA.

I also noticed how skinny the lady on the TV news was( and the camera adds  weight, so imagine how skinny she must be in real life?) so I yelled at the TV, “Wait until you have kids or until you’re in your 40’s! It won’t last so enjoy it now while you can!” and my  hubby snarled about my iPod to “turn off your stupid music” so I told him, “You’re stupid!” and then he got really mad and said I “take it personally” but it was personal; it was directed at something of mine, therefore a reflection of me, yet when I give it to him he can’t take it, and about Buddy he smirked, “Look up the definition of ‘dumb dog’ and you’ll see a picture of him!”( actually he’s quite smart) so I replied, “Who? Of you?” Whenever he hurts or insults me or someone I love  I don’t take it but I give it right back to him,and then he chortled about me “always blasting my big mouth off.” I don’t know why he thinks he can talk to me like that and treat me like that, belittling me and putting me down but whenever I say anything back he gets so mad. I guess that’s just the way abuse and bullying works.


screen-shot-01-13-17-at-10-42-am The other night a few of the kid had the opportunity to see PM Trudeau….or so they thought. They even had spots reserved and everything. The 22 YR old, his GF, the 17 YR old,and the 13 YR old were all set  to go and registered to go see and hear the PM speak at a public event in a nearby town and they were so excited since he is a celeb afterall, not to mention the fact that he’s also hot( which I agree he also is) esp. the 17 YR old who just loooooves him! She’s his number 1 fan, the ultimate fan girl and groupie and she she just couldn’t wait to meet him! She was also hoping for a selfie with him( which he’s known for) and maybe even him to autograph her shirt she was wearing of him,too….it would almost be like me getting to meet Bob Marley.

They arrived at the venue an HR early and the line-ups were already going down something ridiculous like 4 blocks long….long story short: they never even got in. Despite having registered online……so did a thousand other people too….and the venue only held 700…..they said they “hadn’t anticipated such a large crowd” and gave out more tickets than they had availability for……dumbest mistake ever! You should only hand out how many tickets you have space for. They said that even other ticket-holders that had been waiting there for 2 HRS still didn’t get in either; it was already full to capacity. They had waited in line for a good HR…..and all for nothing, they were turned away as it was full.They’re lucky that there wasn’t a riot.Needless to say they were beyond disappointed. Yet something else that’s half-assed in this country. I can’t say that I’m really all that surprised, but it’s too bad that they got their hopes up like that only to be dashed.

I also read about an upcoming abortion storyline on Degrassi, Next Class and the teen girl character that has it doesn’t even have the slightest bit of remorse, regret, or sadness; just relief,and she goes back to her homework assignment as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred,and they portray it as completely harmless and without risk, and as clinical as getting a wart removed when really it’s killing a baby, murdering a child,and they treat it like it’s some sort of  rite of passge for all women when it’s not(I only knew 2 people that ever did it; my friend’s older sister who was 25, and a girl in high school who was a slut and bitch so I really wasn’t surprised), and I find it very disturbing ,misleading, one-sided, cold, callous, heartless, propaganda,and not right.

The Earring.

Earring I still remember YRS ago when our oldest( who turns 25 later this YR) was about 6 and he wanted to get one of his ears pierced and I took him to the shopping mall to get it done. When my hubby saw it he was furious and bellowed that only “faggots” get their ears pierced and he was really mad even though I explained to him that gay guys get a CERTAIN ear pierced and that straight guys get the other ear pierced it didn’t make any difference; he thinks that earrings or ANY jewellery( incl. rings and necklaces) are for gay guys only and that no self-respecting straight guy has any business wearing it. I still remember how horrible he was to the poor kid over it,too(because he’s an asshole like that) he’d call him names like “faggot” and “gay”(and would make him cry) and would refuse to look at that side of his face where the earring was and would always tell him to turn the other way so he wouldn’t have to look at it,and would make snide comments that he was turning into a girl,etc. He was only 6 YRS old remember. It was so cruel. Over time the relentless bullying just got to be too much and he eventually just removed the earring and let the hole close up because he just didn’t want to hear it anymore. I never forgot that(and I’m sure our son didn’t,either) and for some reason that always stuck in my head.

As well, I saw my new doc again who wanted a follow-up visit to see how I’m doing, and while I was there I had him re-new my migraine and BP meds for 6 months, and I was almost half-expecting to be ambushed, and embarrassed by my breakdown last time(although I also wasn’t expecting for all the painful things to come up,either and was caught off guard)but this time it wasn’t mentioned and I was ok(so he won’t think I’m a total basket case that’s always falling apart every time he sees me) and weird,too: just a couple of HRS before my app’t he phoned me to see how I was doing too which I thought was odd since I was seeing him anyway and at first I thought it was just to cancel or switch the app’t, but with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone so I had my mother answer it and just say she was me….and at the app’t later he kept going on and on about how I “sounded so different” on the phone( ha ha) I think he was suspicious and I just passed it off as “yeah, everyone says that!” HAH!

The lady that my mother gives our aluminum cans to (she cashes them in for $$$$) also saw the Cow Cat on our porch and said,”Hey! That’s the same cat that *I* feed!” so maybe it IS a stray and it roams from house to house to be fed and we’re not the only ones that feed it, and in the news the Liberal Party leader proclaimed that to run as a Liberal candidate in the election they have to be pro-abortion( so much for freedom!) so if you’re pro-life you can’t run( supporters of baby-killing only need apply!) typical of the immoral tyrannical Liberals, and that the average single family house in Toronto is now 965 000$ (who the Hell can AFFORD that?) and the average semi-detached house is over 700 000$, the average townhouse is 425 000$ and the average condo 325 000$! I wish to move back to the city so much but there’s just no way we could afford to live there anymore. It’s outrageous!

Funny Money.

PolymerMoney We now have new polymer money(like they’ve had in Australia for YRS) in circulation; the 5,10, 20,50,and 100 dollar bills and people here actually thought that the new 100 dollar bills were-get this- scratch ‘n sniff maple syrup scented! They’re even dumber than I thought! I mean, how STUPID can people possibly BE? This country is killing me,too I hate it here so much; it’s like every day rolling a huge boulder up a mountain and then it rolls back down again and I have to keep rolling it back up repeated daily,and on and on it goes, day after day after day.It’s sucking the life out of me. I’m just “spent”, and it’s sad that I realized that the last time I was happy was the summer of 1988; I’ve HAD good days and happy moments but it’s NOT the same thing as actually BEING happy.That’s 25 YRS that I haven’t been happy….more than HALF my LIFE!! It concerned me as well that the 18 YR old gave alot of his stuff away to the other kids as I’ve heard when someone’s planning on committing suicide they give their stuff away and so I asked him about it and he said he just cleaned his room and gave away stuff he no longer uses so I hope that’s just it, the 10 YR old saw chow mein and goes,”That’s Mama’s friend!” and I told her, “No, that’s Fong Ming!” and I often have Chihuahua dreams because I really want one,but I’m also prego in alot of my dreams lately,too,even though I have no desire to be in real life so I wonder if maybe it’s “symbolic” of a new beginning and a change in my life coming up, perhaps?

People on a site I was on were saying how “slut shaming” is wrong as well but I agree with it; if people are going to be whores they *should* be called out on it and if they’re embarrassed and don’t want people to know then they must KNOW what they’re doing is wrong and then they shouldn’t BE doing it in the first place,and it enrages me as well how society hails the military as “our nation’s ‘heroes'” when they invade other countries and kill innocent civilians; that is NOT a “hero’; the definition of a hero is someone who risks their own life or even dies to SAVE another person’s life;NOT someone who KILLS another person! It’s the complete opposite!

I was shocked and horrified as well to hear on the news Scotland is trying to pass a law that all children from birth are given a gov’t “minder” ; a social worker assigned to them to over-see them and keep tabs on them, incl. unannounced surprise visits,making sure they raise their kids the way the gov’t sees fit, like a Stasi Police State, and in the UK some families are ordered by the gov’t to have survellience cameras installed into their homes so that the Big Brother gov’t can spy on them,ready to swoop down and snatch their kids away at the slightest disapproval(they even consider shouting at your kids to be “bullying” and “abuse”) and the Green agenda also brainwashed kids and society to such an extent it has schools telling kids to inform on their parents if they aren’t recycling “properly”; like in Nazi Germany where neighbours and family members turned eachother in to the authorities, and it’s all part of the new social engineering that kids no longer belong to their parents and their families but belong collectively to the State. This is so Orwellian  it’s terrifying and people will resort to having,raising,and teaching children “underground” where they won’t be reg’d ,seen, or known by the authorities, in order to have their autonomy, safety and freedom.

Infamous abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler also died(he was 90; why do the most evil people,such as the Nazi war criminals,for example, seem to live the longest,anyway?) and I hope he burns in Hell for killing babies! On the news they hailed him like some kind of “hero”, calling him a “crusader” of women’s rights,saying he “helped women”,etc. when he was a murderer, plain and simple;he killed selfish bitches’ babies for a living and he was proud of it and had no remorse; he was an evil little man and I’m sure there’s a special place reserved in Hell for monsters like him! He even got The Order of Canada,too which is disgraceful(so now it’s lost any meaning); they’re awarding it to killers, now,too?(What, give it to Paul Bernardo,next?)He survived the concentration camps of WWII as well and now the evil cretin will have a reunion with the Nazis once again, only this time in Hell!

A 25 YR old was also charged with First-Degree murder in the death of her newborn: she hid her pregnancy and secretly gave birth, killed her baby and dumped it in a Dumpster like trash(when so many people are infertile and would give anything for a baby!!) and they only found out as her mother brought her to the hospital(I guess she was hemmoraging,and too bad she didn’t bleed to death; it would have served her right for killing her baby!)and the exam shown she’d just given birth but they were suspicious as there was no baby so the hospital called the police.What kind of person DOES something like that? She’s 25 YRS old and old enough to be able to raise a baby; I mean, it’s not like she was 13 YRS old or something(it still wouldn’t excuse it, but you’d understand the panic and fear more) and it doesn’t make sense; she already went thru the pregnancy and the birth, so why not just give the baby up for adoption(and if she’d decided she didn’t want it right from the beginning why didn’t she abort it? not that it’s right,either)If she didn’t want to get prego then she should have kept her legs shut! Maybe she didn’t want her parents to know since she still lives at home?(Well, they sure know now!)Life in prison is too good for her.

God is pro-life!

A Facebook  friend sent me this. It says it all! How tragic it is that society today cares more about protecting endangered species and other animals, the earth, environment, trees, etc. than it does about human life. How much sense does it make they say it’s “cruel” to eat meat, or wear fur,for example, but it’s ok to kill an unborn child? HUMAN life s most important and must be protected(incl. with legal rights) and be safeguarded FIRST! A person’s a person no matter how small! – Dr. Suess

…and baby makes 19!

The Duggar family of Arkansas, USA, are expecting baby # 19! I think it’s just the most amazing thing ever, esp. given she’s 42(soon-to-be 43) and was nursing her 5 month old baby when she became pregnant!(in my case it used to be quick and easy to get prego but then took months to get prego with my 10th at age 36….and took 3 YEARS to get prego with the last one at age 40! Our kids started off a year apart, then 18 months apart, 2 years apart,and 4 years apart; it got a lot harder as I got older!) It truly is a miracle and babies are God’s greatest blessings and gifts.The Duggars are truly a testamony to their pro-life Christian faith. Many media outlets and bloggers are cruel,however, and taunt them with cruel barbs she “should be sterilized”, “A vagina is not a clown-car”, they are “over-populating” and all kinds of hateful things. We have 11 kids and people think THAT’S a lot; the Duggars have almost TWICE as many! I think it’s truly an amazing miracle and I admire them.

Pass the Barf-bag!!

This is soooo totally disgusting there aren’t even any words for it! I read a medical article stating how now most vaccine manufacturers are switching over from using animal cells to ABORTED HUMAN FETAL CELLS!(so in order to appease the animal-freaks they use cells of murdered babies instead?Yeah….THAT makes more sense?) Yes, that’s right; using cells of murdered babies to culture vaccines and inject dead babies into our children! If that isn’t bad enough, there is serious concern this may ALSO  be the “trigger” of autism in an increasingly number of kids(it used to be 1 out of 10 000 kids, now 1 out of 150, and in some cases ,in the UK, 1 out of 63!)the theory is the DNA in the cells in the vaccines  somehow gets dislodged or something and mingles with the recipient’s cells and DNA and causes a “trigger”. Makes me wonder if the increase of childhood cancer(such as our 11 year old’s leukemia!) may ALSO be due to this? Cancer, afterall, is cell mutation that reproduces at an alarming rate; could not the human cells in the vaccines cause the recipient’s cells to go “haywire?” This is just too evil and  sickening to comprehend,it is immoral and it is an insult to God. We are not God.Genetic engineering? Eugenics? Scientists and doctors should NOT be fooling around with genetics, DNA, cloning,and the like, and of course, should NOT be killing babies,either,which goes without saying! I can understand why a lot of parents DON’T vaccinate their kids….the idea of injecting our kids with dead baby parts is appalling and makes me sick to my stomach,and then that it can possibly cause cell mutation too? Is God trying to TELL us something here? Hmmmm…check it out here for yourself:

Words can’t even begin to describe THIS….

I read the abortionist that was just killed also provided the “service”(along with slaughtering innocent babies, some 60 000 of them!) of having the mother pose with her dead dismembered baby and have a photo taken, complete with all the blood and gore! WTF? Seriously? This is not only incredibly macabre,evil,and sickening, but borders on the satanic! Words can’t even begin to describe this, or how I felt when I read it. May God have mercy on his soul…I think I’m going to be sick now! Interestingly, if this were war-time, he would have been charged with genocide, killing thousands of people like that!

Divine Justice!!

I just read a notorious abortion “doctor” was shot and killed.His clinic had been bombed before and he survived a previous shooting. Now, I don’t condone violence,and I agree murder is still  murder,and killing is never the answer, but I also can’t help but think it’s Divine Justice. He slaughtered countless defenceless unborn babies and now he himself has been killed(violence breeds violence), and with that, countless more future babies have been saved as a result. He was one of the few who also performed late-term abortions(although ALL abortions are equally reprehensible and the babies are equally as dead.) I figure he sort of had it coming; what goes around,comes around…and Hell now has a new inhabitant!!There’s just no way you can murder and get away with it.God will NOT be mocked!As I once heard quoted in a movie,”He needed killin’.”Now God can judge him…