Return To Amish Finale.

Screen Shot 08-27-16 at 07.09 PM Return To Amish has aired it’s finale and here is the latest on what the cast is up to:

Kate was working as an intern for a designer and participated in Fashion Week in L.A and did a good job and now continues designing her own clothing line and continuing her education in fashion and lives in NYC. She no longer has any communication with Jeremiah since at Christmas he accused her of thinking she’s “better” than the rest of them, and of being “ashamed” of where she’s from and of “abandoning” her former friends.

Mary has decided to return to her husband Chester and the town she used to live in, even though she was banished from the Amish and shunned by the community(I was expecting she’d stay in Lancaster and join the New Order Amish church) but her friends who have become her “adopted family” continue to stick by her.

Rebecca and Abe continue to work on their marriage, which is strained by Abe’s job as a trucker with long times away from home on the road. He has also decided to get his teeth pulled instead of costly dental procedures that they can’t afford. Rebecca is home raising the kids.

Andy is out of jail and now living back at home with his mother Mary, staying clean from drugs and has no contact with his wife, Chapel, since her arrest on drug charges, as he is making an effort to stay out of trouble.

Esther, Abe’s sister, has left the Amish, despite Mary’s objections, and has run away with her boyfriend.

Jeremiah has gotten  married! He surprised everyone by marrying a sweet girl named Carmela that he met online. She has 3 kids and this is his second marriage. He had invited Kate to the wedding but she never came but all the others did as they are all like family. Sabrina questioned whether this was a wise choice for Jeremiah and is worried how it might affect their close bond but wants him to be happy.

Sabrina is clean off drugs, has done her counselling and court-mandated therapies and treatments and was awarded custody of her daughter! She also dropped a surprise bombshell at the very end of the show that she’s pregnant….but WHO is the father? I’m thinking it must be Jeremiah since they’re so close and there was never any indication she might have been with anyone else,and if so, then what happens now? How will that affect Jeremiah’s new marriage, esp. as it would also mean that he was cheating on Carmela during their engagement with Sabrina, and what does that mean for Jeremiah and Sabrina now that there will be a baby? We’ll have to wait until  next summer now to find out…..

The Pianos.

Pianos The neighbours across the street have 6 pianos outside in their parking lot next to their house( pictured here) that they are sanding down and restoring, I presume to sell and make $$$$. The 19 YR old wandered over and was playing piano on them for a good 2 HRS; she’s in grade 10 piano and will be taking her next exam next month. The neighbours were impressed with her skill but she’s always had a natural gift and been a piano prodigy. The neighbours themselves are in a band and we can often hear them rehearsing and get a free show! I thought it looks pretty curious with the pianos all lined up out there; like airplanes lined up along the runway waiting for their turn to take off. I guess they don’t have to worry about them getting stolen though as they’re too heavy to carry down the street! It rained later as well so they arranged them all under the canopy seen here and covered them up with a tarp.

As well, “Aunt Flow” came, 3 days early, and took me by surprise as I never had any cramps although my lower back IS sore and I wondered why, but now I know,  and poor Buddy’s in pain(I suspect his back trouble again) and he yelps in pain now when he’s touched, picked up, or even when he moves or changes position himself, and he’s not moving around too much and just lays around and it worries me and I just hope it’s nothing serious and that he’s not dying or anything, and speaking of dying, I have this feeling that last Christmas was my last Christmas and that this summer now is my last summer so it will be interesting to see if it’s true…. I also found out the finale of “Return To Amish” is on tomorrow and I never even knew the show was back so I found the other 7 episodes I missed online and watched them all in a marathon binge-watching and so now I’m all caught up!