Screenshot_620 This was me just 11 years ago, at age 40,  in 2007, days before I gave birth to the youngest. Holy shit, I’ve really aged since then. Stress tends to do that.

Old Photos.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM Here are

some old photos that my mother came across when she was cleaning her room. This one is her parents( my grandparents) on their wedding day. It would have been around 1939-1940. Theirs wasn’t to be a happy union though as he would come back from the war damaged psychologically from everything he had seen and it would turn him into an alcoholic. They would go on to have 2 live children, my mother(the oldest) and her sister, who was born severely retarded and spent most of her life in the hospital and died at the age of 2. They later adopted her brother, who would become a terrorist when he grew up. Her mother also had 12 or so miscarriages due to her Rh negative blood incompatibility, which runs in our family. Sadly both of them would also die young, around age 50 so I don’t really even remember them.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM 001 This is my mother as a baby, in 1941. We have a framed photo hanging on the wall of our third child and  she looks *exactly* like my mother does in this photo. The head, the face,the eyes, the ears,the pout,the similarities are uncanny, they look like twins.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.35 AM Here my mother is again as a baby in her pram.

Screen Shot 07-26-16 at 10.34 AM 003 Again here she is in Jr. High, which would be in the 1950’s.

Throw-Back Thursday.

N8 Talk to the back.

N9 Our newborn Chihuahua pups. 1981.

N10 Me with my ex-friend J who ended up to be a user,a liar,and a back-stabber.1981.

N11 A need for speed.

N12 Watching freshly falling snow.

N13 A mermaid!

N14 Wanna play?

N15 Cute little chipmunk visitor.

N16 What should I choose?

N17 My tattoo.