Causes I support

Causes I support and are interested in:


Missionary; eg. Marionhill Fathers

Samaritan’s Purse; eg. Operation Christmas Child; thru Billy Graham ministries

Christian Blind Mission International

Covenant house

Madonna House

food banks

St. Joseph’s Workers

Fatima Centre

Society of the Little Flower

disaster relief

I believe that humans are more important than animals and that priority should be given to alleviating human suffering rather than to animal welfare. There is so much good we can do to ease victims of war, natural disasters, refugees,poverty,unborn,injustice,etc…Humans are made in God’s Image. we have a social responsibilty to love our neighbors and as Jesus taught to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.It is part of Christian charity to do what we can to ease the burdens of the less fortunate.Everyone can do his part, to the best of his ability.We are to provide for our own families first, but then we have to do what we can to think of others,too,and prayer is also one of the best things you can do for someone.

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