Creepy things!

Dearest,                              January 2009

A  LIST OF CREEPY THINGS:(according to me, anyway!)Things that make you shudder; that make your skin crawl; that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up; makes your spine shiver, and you just cringe. and go ‘Euuuuu!!!”

1. Soakers: when you are wearing socks and step in a puddle or get splashed by a passing car.Your socks get dripping wet! Ick!

2. Sleeve-arm: When you put on a sweater or a coat….and the long-sleeve of your shirt gets stuck up at the elbow or elsewhere.

3. Screeching nails scratched along a chalk board!

4. Having a sliver go under your fingernail.

5. Getting spinal anesthetics.

6. Mud squeezing thru your fingers.

7. Slimy, cold, wet earthworms.

8. Slippery raw eggs.

9. Snot running down your face in a swimming pool or into your “mugger’s hat” in winter.

10. Walking in a sticky pool of blood.(I’ve never done this, but I imagine it would give me the creeps!)

11. Hot, foul-smelling barf festering in the hot sun.

12. Diarrhrea(or blood) running down your leg.

13. Cold, wet, dripping clothing sticking to you.

14. bugs flying into your mouth, ears, or up your nose.

15. The feeling of a placenta as it squelches out at birth.

16. Bird poop plopping on your head and into your hair.

17. Slipping in dog crap.(and having to scrape it off your shoe!)

18. Vinegar stinging a paper-cut.

19. Picking up slimy slugs.

20. Holding a peeled grape.

21. Wet-Willies: where someone wets their finger and sticks it in your ear.

22. Barfing and then swallowing some of it back down, or gagging on it on the way up.

23. Picking up a live, squirming mouse by the tail as it circles around, trying to bend itself upwards trying to bite your finger.

24. Pushing on a bruise; it makes you feel sick to your stomach.

25. snotty oysters sliding down someone’s mouth.

26. Horking up a huge loogie.

27. A dog’s sticky eye-hockey.

28. Dog slobber on your face.(and watching it drip out of it’s mouth!)

29. Mucus.

30. The trail of slime left by a snail.

31. Rotten, slimy, black banana peels.

32. Seaweed stuck inbetween your toes.

33. Leeches sucking on your legs.

34. Squirming maggots in the bottom of the garbage can in the heat of summer.

35. Slipping on the algae at the bottom of a pool.

36. Pulling out nose hairs(and painful,too!!)

37. Cutting off your own warts.

38. Stitching up your own cuts.(I know a guy who actually did this!)

39. Running a razor down your finger.(or feeling the slicing of a tin can lid cutting your finger.)

40. Bubbling hot tar in the tar-pits.

41. Touching a brown, rotten, slimy dead plant that’s all wet and smelly.

42. A rotten, bruised,and stinky, squishy apple.

43. Eating wet soggy bread.

44. Smelling the rotted lumps in curdled milk.

45. Cleaning out the crud stuck in the sink drain, such as squishy food, wet noodles, etc..

46. Wet toilet paper.

47. The decomposing peelings, corn cobs, etc… festering in the compost.

48. Foot fungus and peeling skin on your toes.

49. The white, “cheese-curd” lumps of cruddy-crike  you get with a yeast infection.

50. Rancid garbage smell wafting out from the garbage truck in the middle of summer heat.

51. Roadkill smeared all along the road and internal organs smattered all over.

52. Human or animal parts in formaldehyde in jars in a science lab.

53. Seeing fat, old, bikini-clad people suntanning on a beach.(reminds me of walruses sunning themselves on a rock!)

54. Grubs squished flat on the sidewalk.

55. Fish guts.

56. Food oozing out of a baby’s mouth, esp. chewed-up gooey cookies.

57. Mentally trying to picture the nails being hammered into Jesus’ hands and feet.

58. The rubbery, glazed-over eyes of a dead animal.

59. Popping pimples and the pus shoots out and hits the mirror.

60. Blood-clots.

61. Raccoon-poop with worms in it, squirming around.

62. Cutting your feet on glass and then the feeling as you take the pieces of glass out.

63. Swimming in a swamp.

64. Getting ca-ca on your hands.

65. Drool on a pillow.

66. Movies that graphically show severed limbs, decapitated heads, etc..

67. Toe-jam.

68. Anything gooey or sticky on your hands.

69. Grungy sewer water, esp. with the stench that goes along with it.

70. Slimy frog skin.

71. A spider crawling on you.

72. Wet creepy-ear kisses.

73. Wet underwear.

74. Sand sticking to wet feet.(or in your underwear!)

75. Infected, oozing sores or open incisions.

76. Orange-slime: seeing a flattened, squished orange slimed on the road after being run over by a car.

77.Rubbery, gross membranes found in meat.

78. Wiping your snotty nose on the sleeve of your shirt.

79.Getting a spider web caught on your face.

80. Having a baby with a snotty hand rub your face.

81. Having a bloody nose and the blood drips down the back of your throat.

82. Catheters!

83. Cooties.

84. Blood in a partly fertilized egg.

85. Bloody footprints.

86. Filmy “slag” that’s rubbery and floats on the top of previously hot and now cold, milk or tomato soup.

87. Raw fleshy meat.

88. When you bake a chicken from frozen(instead of thawing out first) and blood pours out its’ anus.

89. Decomposing flesh.

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