Do we curse every place we go? Travel thoughts.

sept, 2008,

Hi again,

 I have this eerie feeling that we curse every place we go; leaving disaster in our wake, following us everywhere we go:

  Cases in point:

It always seems shortly after we depart a city or country some bad thing happens, such as:

Just now: we returned last week from the Holy Land…and…now I heard on the news 11 tourists were kidnapped in Egypt and taken hostage(thankfully later released safely unharmed)..and also 15 people in Jerusalem(in the same section we were in) were rammed by a terrorist in a car who veered into the crowd and was shot dead by police….and that’s not all….

Just 3 days after we left London they had the deadly bombings and it was in the exact same spot our hotel was in,and where we took the double-decker buses days before.

Days after our California trip(L.A. and San Diego) the massive wildfires broke out.

After we left Hawaii a big fire broke out on one of the islands we were on.

We left Turkey and now heard several babies died in hospitals due to infection outbreak.

They have also had bombings in Spain where we were, the same airport in Athens we were, and I narrowly missed the Toronto airport being bombed; in fact, they were on route towards the terminal  that same time my plane was to land; intercepted by police,and caught with the explosives in their car that very same day and time…

Holy shit….I have had some close calls and seriously wonder if we leave some sort of curse of bad luck behind…disaster seems to follow us….

We’re going to the Caribbean next….so will there be a bad hurricane or tropical storm once we leave?

Maybe I should just stop travelling and the world will be a safer place? 🙂

One thought on “Do we curse every place we go? Travel thoughts.

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