Don’t tell ME what to do!!

May 2009:

I am known for my strong opinions and opening my big mouth gets me into a lot of trouble; people take it the wrong way and get offended and mad.They also don’t like my controversial beliefs, or being blunt and opinionated.I speak the truth and stand up against sin whether people “like” it or not. I am also known for having issues with being told what to do. I will balk and bristle and resist.I make up my on mind and do as I see fit according to God’s Truth,and don’t go along with the world or with what’s “trendy”, etc..

I will fight being told what to do(except by God!) and I analyze and question EVERYTHING. I will not be dictated to by medical professionals, the gov’t, intrusive social services, school boards, public health, or any other agency that thinks that THEY know what’s “best” for me and my family. For the most part, we do things our OWN way(for example, homeschooling), away from prying eyes and outside interference and intrusion. We are very insular and basically avoid outsiders.WE decide what’s best for us and we follow God, NOT society, NOT the world, NOT political correctness, NOT the “Green” movement,NOT animal activists, NOT child welfare officials, NOT schoolboard officials, NOT doctors and hospitals,NOT the gov’t, NOT *ANYONE!* We go our own way,and are self-sufficient. We will NOT be part of the “herd” and put into a mold.We are NOT sheep.We will not blindly follow without question, We will not automatically submit to that test, or that study, or that procedure, or that requirement,or jump thru that “hoop”, or do that little “dance”.We have nothing to prove,will not be “phony”,and don’t have to answer to anyone except God.We are only accountable to Him.No one else has any authority over us! Authorities think we’re a pain in the ass, but oh, well! We stand firm!We DO obey the laws(however, if they *conflict* with God’s Laws we obey HIM first!!) but we will not submit to “conforming”, or be subjected to unreasonable or invasive requests or requirements. We value our privacy and freedom too much for that! We will NOT be “steam-rolled” over, be indoctrinated, intimidated, threatened, pressured, or intruded upon!

We are free-thinking individuals with our own set of values and morals.We follow God and no other. We will not do anything that conflicts with our beliefs or that endangers us spiritually. We will not be threatened or coerced. We will not be dictated to. We can perhaps be classified as “eccentric” and non-mainstream, but so be it. We make our own decisions and only in a case of extreme emergency or desperation will we turn to “outside” sources(such as when our son had cancer). Most things we take care of ourselves, do ourselves, manage ourselves, deal with ourselves,; we are very self-sufficient! Don’t tell us what to do! We mind our own business,and we expect you to mind yours.we do quite well without  outside involvement,and are alot better off for it. We submit to God.That’s it.

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