Extra safety or over-regulation?


It actually amazes me I survived childhood and lived to be an adult as other than life jackets and smoke detectors there were NO safety precautions when I was growing up like there are now for my kids! I never had any car seats, booster seats, seatbelts,helmets, knee or elbow pads,or immunizations other than DPT.(I actually had to *catch* the diseases ,and had Measles,Mumps,Rubella, and Chicken Pox.)

This brings me to the question with all the safety requirements now: is it extra safety or over-regulation by overly zealous and intrusive gov’t authorities? I think a bit of each: even if they weren’t required, I would still instill these safety precautions for my kids as it makes me feel safer about their safety and well-being; a little caution goes a long way  in preventing accidents,but I don’t think,however, it should be a LAW,and that parents shouldn’t be penalized, or have their kids taken away, or be fined, if they choose not to.It doesn’t mean they’re bad parents.It should be their choice.Everyone has their own ideas of what’s best for their particular family and as long as the kids aren’t being abused, it’s nobody else s’ business.

When I wasa kid I walked everywhere; far and wide, alone and at night, without fear of some pervert grabbing me,only once was I followed and I managed to “lose” the guy) or social services snatching me from my home and family; it wasa care-free time,and sadly it’s not so fr my kids.Nowadays one has to be very vigilant and can’t be too careful; some pedophile might just be waiting for that one opportunity when you turn your back to take your kid, or some nosey-parker reports you to the authorities because your kid has a bruise, or goes outside barefoot or without a hat; people just can’t seeem to mind their own business anymore and report people for every stupid little thing.You have to be very careful as a parent what you say and do in public, and you can never leave your kids outside alone.This is just common sense.The world is no longer as safe as it once was.

I agree some precautions are necessary and protect kids, but undue regulations from the gov’t are not, such as banning lawn pesticides, trans-fat in food,smoking, spanking,home education,and the like; more and more our freedoms are being steam-rolled over and gov’t’s are becoming more and more intrusive and parents have less and less  rights and freedoms. What next? Will it be illegal to be fat or ugly,too? Will we be fined for wearing perfume in public, or not eating the “correct” foods?It seems nowadays if you aren’t “mainstream” you can be accused of “child abuse”; be it because you have “different’ political beliefs, are a vegetarian, homeschool, or choose to not vaccinate your kids. This is going way too far and is becoming a Big Brother “Nanny” state and police state. We must stand up against such invasion of our freedoms, but at the same time do our best as parents to safeguard our kids, both from the dangers of the world AND from gov’t intrusion!!…but it has to be up to *us*, and NOT up to the watchful eye of the gov’t officials!!

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