For Tim McLean.

Hi again dearest readers,

As you have surely heard by now, a young man by the name of Tim McLean was senselessly and brutally murdered aboard a bus.It was a completely random,unprovoked, grisly and inhuman attack on an innocent man. Please pray for his soul,and for his poor family. I can’t even comprehend this;the depravity and gruesomeness of this horrific murder; it made me feel like barfing and crying at the same time. It is shocking and scary as well to realize this could have happened to any one of us; a stark and chilling reminder of how much sin and evil is rampant in te world today,and how no place is really “safe” anymore. You try and make sense of it if victims knew eachother, or if there was some sort of discord,and then try to rationalize the odds are it likely won’t happen to you… but when no words were even exchanged, they were complete strangers ,there was no arguing, and this was so horrific it makes you afraid to even leave your own house.What has the world come to? Life is just disregarded and cheapened,and has no value to many people.Animals have more protection and rights now than people do!

I struggle trying to undertstand why God would allow this; how He could just allow an innocent person to die this way; so savagely and brutally. I know His ways are higher than ours but this really shakes me to the core; I can’t grasp how this can happen,and how a young life can just be so senselessly snuffed out. It leaves me trembling in fear, rage, shock, stunned disbelief, numbness,anger, and bewilderment’ why *does* God let such evil occur? How come this poor soul wasn’t spared such a horrific ending? He was so young, and did nothing to “deserve” it. I am rattled and saddened. I always trust in God’s will and know He knows what’s best, but I can’t wrap my mind around this one; how this can happen.Why?Surely this is a spiritual dilemma and makes one question.

God bless you, Tim McLean. You are now in a better place and your suffering has ended.You have many prayers with you.You did not die nameless or in vain. many people around the world are shocked and outraged and mourn you.You are no longer just a stranger on a bus; you are now known and loved by many.May you rest in peace,and by your name may the brutality of crime and violence be made more aware,and put to an end, and we have the comfort of knowing when Jesus returns(I’d say soon by the look of the state of the world today!) there will be no more crime,murder,violence, war, or death.

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