Graces you never even knew you had!

Dearest family, August,2008

I have just discovered that a great horror of sin and contempt for the world are graces. I have always felt very strongly this way but wasn’t aware they were in fact, actual graces, so it turns out I have graces I never even knew I had! These are gifts from God and blessings for us.We haven’t ‘earned” them but they are free blessings bestowed on us!For this we can, and should be, grateful.It brings us closer to God and strengthens our faith.

I have always been disgusted by, angered by, and revolted by all the sin and evil, immorality and injustice in the world today and it keeps on getting worse. I want no part of it and try my best to shield my kids from it. To be a friend of God is to be an enemy of the world and you can’t have one foot in the world and the other foot with God. you have to choose.The world is corrupt and rampant with sin and evil, perversion,disregards God and His laws, is a culture of death,where life is devalued and discarded, and belongs to Satan himself. Righteous people have an aversion to it, as they should; we are to remain seperate from the world. Although it is true we have to live in it, work in it, and co-exist in it, it does not mean we condone,or participate in, what it sees as normal, ok, and persmissable. We follow God’s Laws and if they contradict with man’s or with the world, we are always to choose God. He has higher authority ,and we are, as Christians, to be a “light” to the world; a shining example to others of how God wants us to live.we are not to get sucked into the sin and permissiveness of the world but to stand firm on the side of morality,justice,family values, and faith.We are to even go as far as to speak out against the sin and wickedness that constantly surrounds us and is thrust in our faces.We are obligated to stand up, and stand out, for what’s right, even if it isn’t popular….and it usually isn’t!! rest assured we will be labelled as “bigots”, “hate-mongers”,”intolerant”, “narrow-minded” and the like(when we disagree with sin and don’t excuse it) as sinners don’t want to be told they’re sinners; it gets on their conscience!)We go against the “mainstream” and stand out for God.No one said it would be easy(and often it can be very defeating and discouraging!) but it is our duty and we will be rewarded for it in Eternity.

If you are appalled by all the horrific things going on in the world, it is a sign you are doing somehting right and on the right path….and like me, may have had graces all along that you never even knew you had! 🙂

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