Grains of Gratitude.


Grains of Gratitude:

Things I am grateful for this week:

1. My oldest son is spending his Reading Week in NYC. It will be a nice trip for him although I do worry about his safety there.

2. Two of the kids are preparing for Confirmation and First Communion this spring.

3. Our son’s blood-counts came back within normal range: I had been worried he’d relapsed as he’d had nosebleeds, but the labwork came back normal, praise God!

4. I have been reading fellow Christian’s blogs and am sorrowful over their struggles but at the same time grateful that we are not the only family to have trials  and that we are in fellowship with many others who are just like us in so many ways; we are not alone and there are others out there who can sympathize with us, ,and who we can sympathize with.

5. My husband has just been told he will soon lose his job(with the economy) but our needs are still met, we haven’t lost our house like many others have,and we are confident something will show up like it always has before; God provides,and he has never been out of work for too long and we can trust in God to take care of all our needs.It is another lesson in letting go and letting God; surrendering it to Him, knowing we are always  in good hands!

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