Have you heard of Father Suarez?

Welcome back!! August, 2008

Have you heard of Father Suarez? He is a 40 year old Filipino priest in Canada who has the gift of healing, or at least so they claim. There is a controversy surrounding him and his supposed gifts. He has been banned by the diocese and in no longer “allowed” to conduct Mass in certain parts of Canada.Due to this he has returned to his native Philippines where he is still “under watch” there.Mind you, he is also immensely popular with the people,and thousands travel great lengths and distances to line up to meet and be blessed by him…

What is the reason behind the suspicion and ban? he is accused of being a phony or a fraud or out to make a profit…despite the fact that he doesn’t charge a fee for his services..Jesus said we must give without price….he has also done alot to help the poor ,and for youth, and is erecting a massive shrine. What wrong has he done? What “crime” has he committed? None, as far as I see; I see this priest as a humble, gentle soul,and a gifted healer; a gift the Bible has spoken of, a gift of God; a gift Jesus and His disciples posessed. Just like Jesus and His disciples, he too is being “banished” and criticized by the ruling bodies.Jesus was hassled by the Pharisees and Fr.Suarez is being “disciplined” by the diocese. I see similarities here,and it seems if one somehow stands out from the crowd in any way, or has an unusual gift, they are automatically under suspicion and watch.Their motives are suspect and they are being questioned as to their authencity.

Personally, I think it’s entirely possible Fr.Suarez *does* indeed have a gift. He isn’t out of make money or to cheat anyone or to make a name for himself.He simply wants to use his gift to help others; to heal the sick and the disabled, just as Jesus has commanded we do.There have been countless testimonies of miracles he has performed.It doesn’t sound like fraud, or “fishy”, or phony to me.He has stated that he is to obey God above men;I agree; if his calling is from God he IS obligated to embrace it, like the Seers of Fatima; they too were chided and condemned yet they stood by what they saw, what they knew,and what they had assurance WAS indeed holy ad legitimate.If it comes from God how can it be denied?

We, as Christians, are also obligated to do God’s will, despite what others say.Even if authorities in the Church disagree, they can be wrong, can be flawed,and we are to always follow God before men.If there is a conflict, we are always to choose God.You can never go wrong when you go with God.He will never mislead you or trick you.(that;’s Satan’s job!!)Fr.Suarez seems to get that perfectly.He is obeying a Higher Power and a higher calling.

I can understand the Church’s concern about mass hysteria, the cult of personality,and  that a “freak show” carnival-type hype doesn’t ensue; that he isn’t a false prophet the Bible warns about, a charlatan,and that he doesn’t deceive people or cheat them out of their money, but by all accounts he seems to me to be legitimate,and he isn’t doing any harm, so why not just let him be? He’s not hurting anyone….if people are being healed in the Name of the Lord and it betters their lives and increases their faith, how can that be a bad thing?It may even bring an increase of people into the Church and into vocations…

I read somewhere that the Philippines is described as a “global spiritual centre”. There is a strong Catholic faith there, strong family values,and perhaps it is also due to Fr.Suarez and his shrine ,and his miracles and gift of healing,that it is a blessed place, who knows?perhaps it will “equal” Lourdes or Fatima? It would certainly be funny if years later this priest is canonized a *Saint* for his miracle works of healing….yet in his lifetime given such a hard time, and doubts, due to that exact same gift? Like Jesus said about a prophet not being accepted in his hometown….but every now and then a special and gifted holy soul comes along, such as Padre Pio,  Mother Theresa, or Fr.Englemar….perhaps could he be another such person?

I suggest you use discernment but let your mind, heart,and soul be open. Pray for truth,and for revelation. Pray for Fr. Suarez and for those who do him wrong.Pray about the situation and decide what GOD wants you to believe.What do you think? Is he the real deal, or fake?Pray that the true nature of this controversy will be made known.

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