How God diagnosed cancer!!

How God has worked in my life:

God Diagnosed Cancer!!

Four years ago God spoke to my heart and diagnosed our 7 year old son with cancer. In doing so, He saved his life just in the nick of time!
We are a devout Catholic  homeschooling family with 11 children. We were all just getting over a flu so when our seventh child,age 7 at the time, fell ill, we at first thought nothing about it. He just seemed to be taking longer than the rest of us to get well and shake it off. Even after we recovered he was still ghastly pale and had headaches and fevers on and off but we figured it was still the flu.
I,however, soon  started to have intrusive and persistant  thoughts coming into my head that he had leukemia,but I knew the symptoms of it well,and he had none: he wasn’t bruising frequently, had no nose bleeds, weight loss,and I checked his lymph-nodes,liver and spleen,and they were not enlarged. He did however, have recurring fevers, was pale,had loss of appetite(ate half what he used to) had a sore back and sternum(breast bone) and was tired and I often found him off napping somewhere but I figured logically was just the flu.
Over time, as the weeks passed, I got increasingly restless and haunted with the thought he had leukemia, but everyone told me I was just a worried mother, over-reacting and imagining the worst and I rationalized the odds of it being leukemia were low,and he didn’t have the classic symptoms, so I tried to dismiss it as mere fear and worry,but the more I tried, the stronger the thoughts came and it got to the point it would invade my dreams, I’d wake up in  a cold sweat “hearing” the word “leukemia!” over and over. It invaded every thought of every waking hour soon too and was relentless and nagging and just wouldn’t leave me alone.I couldn’t htink of anything else and could barely function; it was crippling and  I got to the point I thought I must be losing my mind,so I prayed “Please,Dear God, if this is from You; and You’re trying to tell me something, give me a sign…”
The next morning our son LOOKED sick, for the first time,and he vomited. We took him to the ER, still thinking they’d say it was just the flu and we’d be back home later that same day. We didn’t return until a week later. As soon as the Triage nurse tried for a BP and an oxygen level the startled worried look on her face send  a cold chill of stark terror  run thru me: she threw the monitor away thinking it must be defective as it wasn’t even picking up a reading….then the same thing  still happened again,and she yelled for a doctor stat and from there it was a ll a blur; the doctor came running and he was admitted and they ran every test: bloodcounts, chest x-rays, urine,fecal and mouth swabs,etc.. the bloodwork came back chillingly low: his white-counts, hemoglobin and platelets were all  so low they had to re-run the tests, not believing the results could be real and that he’d still be conscious, let alone alive, but they were; critically low, for example the platelets were 6 and the usual is 140-300. They figured it had to either be leukemia or Aplastic Anemia. The chest x-ray also showed a massively enlarged heart that was on the verge of cardiac arrest, due to the low blood volume in his body.It also caused a heart murmer.
We were quickly taken by ambulance to the nearest city hospital an hour away  where he had a bone-marrow biopsy which confirmed the leukemia. I was right; my chilling “feeling” I knew in my heart  was right,and it was the small.,still voice of the Holy Spirit warning me and it was over a 2 week period it kept occuring, until I finally listened, and they said within 2-3 more  days we would have found him dead of either a heart-attack or a brain bleed. It was just in time.I was numb, in shock, and sick.My whole world fell apart and our lives would never be the same again.It is every parent’s worst nightmare to be told their child has cancer.
Over the next 3 years he endured 18 blood transfusions, 2 surgeries and endless rounds of chemo, hospitalization, and infections, but now it has been 16 months he has been off treatment, in remission,and cancer-free.We pray he never replases, but it will always be like a dark black cloud hanging over us, yet we try not to dwell on it or think too much about it, and take each day as it comes.Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, but we know we can always trust in God.
The doctors were baffled and asked me how did I know he had leukemia as he didn’t have the typical signs and they admitted they wouldn’t have thought of it or looked for that. I told them honestly about the nagging thoughts, dreams and feelings that I am certain came from God to warn us and save him. I thought they’d think I was some sort of Jesus-freak or somehting, but to my surprise they did believe it and were touched and amazed. I think this was a witness,a testimony of God’s great love and mercy. He cared so much for our son that He told me ,and I am forever grateful that He did, and that I listened. My only regret is it took me as long as it did to REALLY listen, and as time ran out it intensified so that it could no longer be dismissed or ignored and I will be forever thankful and grateful.From that moment on I listen to EVERY whisper of the Spirit and dismiss nothing! Our God is an awesome God!!


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