Humanizing the face of evil.


I recently saw a photo of the man who is responsible for one of the most horrific crimes I have heard about: the grisly bus killing. I have to admit I was eager to see what the face of evil looked like, and I must say it was nothing like I had expected. What do we think a person capable of such heinous crimes “should” look like? This individual certainly didn’t “look” the part;my  first impression was ‘That’s HIM? He just looks like a guy!” he certainly didn’t look like the wild-eyed,freakish,lunatic, raving mad inhuman demon I was expecting; there was nohing in his appearance that would suggest anything untoward; nothing that would cause him to stand out in a crowd, or that would cause one to recoil in fear or avoid. He just looked like a “regular” guy. You never would have known by looking at him,and in a way it sort of “humanized’ him.

It just goes to show that we,too, like God does, must not look at the outer appearance and judge people by the outside; you *can’t* always “tell” by looking. With the exception of crazed and spooky-eyed Charles Manson, the odds are the average killer doesn’t “look” like one; take Paul Bernardo, for example,; he, by all accounts, is a nice-looking guy.Nothing to indicate what lies beneath.You can’t judge a book by it’s cover ,at least not in most cases.The chances are the craziest psycho looks just like any of us.

We must keep that in mind the next time we see someone we find “questionable” solely based on their looks.The so-called tough looking biker or punk very well might be the gentle polite soul who gives up their seat on the bus for an old lady.Meanwhile, the clean-cut respectable-looking businessman could be the hidden wife-beater.The home-grown guy ends up the terrorist,and the Arab with the turban is peaceful,these are a few examples.

On the flip side, I think seeing the people we hear about also helps us to “humanize” them; to put a face to the person as well as to the deed. I seriously believe the man in the bus killing was possessed.What he did was so sick,so evil, so beyond human ability,that not even the garden-variety crazy person is capable of committing; he had to have been possessed by a demon to do such an unthinkable horrific crime, and it makes it even more likely as he appears to have realized what he has done and pleaded “Please kill me”. This, to me,anyway, shows regret and remorse. Only God can truly judge, or know the mind of, anyone, and we never know the whole picture,but must keep in mind that things are often not what they seem and there’s more to the story, and you can’t always “tell” by looking.We must see the person for the inside, and not solely by the way they look, or don’t,look.Evil walks among us and we often don’t see it, and we often too can misjudge  in both ways.

It reminds me as well of Satan; he is the king of lies and deception.Remember, he *was* the angel of light at one point; one of the handsomest of the angels,and then he rebelled.He is crafty,too, and he can trick us.He is the epitome of all sin and evil, and yet was not considered to be ugly,deformed, or the like.Nothing hideous that would scare us way or indicate he was evil. He appeared an angel of light….but ended up the Prince of Darkness.He tries to trick us though things that appear to be fun, exciting, beautiful,innocent,and harmless, but in fact, open the door to the occult and invite the demons in, be it New Age, astrology, Ouija boards, horoscopes,fortune-tellers, Reiki, crystals, mediums,seances,Harry Potter books, and the like; they have the appearance of somehting “attractive” but lure you into something sinful and dark and evil. He works other types of sin in the same way to lure us in; making it look “cool” or exciting, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling,cheating,lying, etc.. and the like. He hides what it really is and the damage it causes.He makes it look “attractive”.People can be like that,too; we can be deceived by their looks and their charms, but it secretly hides something very different, and very sinister, underneath the surface.Beware! Look deeper, beyond what you see on the outside, be it for good or for bad.

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