I shave my hair poem.

I Shave My Hair
« Thread Started on Jan 21, 2005, 5:47am »

I found this poem this morning and wanted to share it.

I Shave My Hair

for I am not you, as you are not I
I shave my hair for I am no better than you, as you are no better than I
I shave my hair for those thousand moments where I am
judged as a woman
judged as long flowing tresses breasts and ass
condemned as silent not following the groove freak
condemned as a label that a stranger slaps upon my being
tortured as a woman
tortured as a human
I rid myself of the physical notability in hopes
that you may view the inner beauty and pain and breath
I rid myself in the hopes that you may rid yourself of the assumptioms
I rid myself so you may feel my humanness
I expose myself dreaming that you may do the same
I expose myself and pray.
– a poem taken from the book I Am Beautiful, A Celebration of Women in Their Own Words

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