My concerns for the Pope….



  I hate to say it, as a devout and orthodox Catholic who completely follows te Magistarium of the Church, but…

  I DO have some serious concerns and misgivings about the Pope,and I hope I’m wrong, but….

  Pope John Paul II was truly a man of great faith and loyalty. He stood firm and upright and staunchly defended the Word of God, even when it wasn’t politicaly-correct, or well-received, to do so. He fearlessly stood up and spoke out against the Italian Mafia, admonising them to repent and turn away from sin and turn to God. He wasn’t wishy-washy in his oposition to the unjust war in Iraq or human-rights abuses.He stood up to powerful world leaders in defence of life ,dignity and morality. He wrote several books and fiercely defended the unborn and was not meek or ashamed to defend what’s right.

  Pope Benedict, however, concerns me as he seems to have embraced environmentalism, to an extreme even the world refers to him as the “Green Pope”. Now, we all know what the Bible says about this; earth-worship and such is idolatry, falsehood and to be shunned. We are to worship the Creator and not the creation. JPII was very clear on that. Benedict, however, seems more into the “Green” thing all the time and I find this to be disturbing.It even worries me if he might be the one to lead the church into apostacy, as foretold in the Bible for the Last Days and End Times… can just as easily be someone from *within* the Church to destroy it as from the outside.

  Recently he also spoke in Southern Italy but didn’tspeak out against the Mob.I fear he is a sell-out….

  Now the newest controversy: it is rumored that he endorses women lectors to “announce” the Gospel at Mass, seen by many experts as te beginning of ordaining women, which is sacreligious and goes entirely against Church teachings, beliefs,and history; Jesus, afterall, was a MAN! The Priesthood is based on Him and cannot be changed just to suit modern times.What GOD has ordained WE do NOT have the “right” to redefine, change or overturn!Same goes for people who try to justify gay “marriage”.

  I am deeply concerned about this and I ponder and I pray.I pray for the Pope and for the Church, but even if he does happen to go astray and lead the Church down the wrong path I am still sticking with God, with tradition and with what the Bible commands. People can be mislead but God will not deceive you. I hope he;s not leading the Church to apostacy and ruin and that he’s nOT the Anti-Christ, but it disturbs me spiritually…I am not leaving the Catholic Church, but I will not follow falsehoods either; I will keep attending Mass but will not deviate form what I know in my heart is true worship.We are to always follow God,and not man.If God’s Word clashes with man, be it gov’t or even the Pope, we must always take the side of God.

  I was one who’s even yearning,longing, and hoping for a return of the traditional Latin Tridentine Mass. I long for the way it was before Vatican II, even though this is all I have seen, I want tradtion back; somehow I find it more spiritually enlightening and uplifting.

  Pray for the Pope.He needs to be protected from such modern but false teachings. Pray he sticks with God and doesn’t get swayed, or convinced, by the pressure to conform to the  worldly New Age Green thinking mentality.Pray he will be as loyal as JPII, or at the least, not so favorable to the world and it’s Green mentality and worldly way of thinking…Pray the so-called “Liberal” Catholics will not turn him away from truth.

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