My favourite Saints.

I want to share with you my favourite Saints:

St.Therese(The Little Flower) is by  far my favourite Saint!! I can identify with her as she has had the same struggles and periods of darkness that I also grapple with.Dark nights of the soul, spiritual crisis of faith, dark depression, feelings of inaququacy and of not belonging; of being an “outsider” and feeling all alone, with temptations to suicide. Yet, despie this and all her trials and mine, she endured; stayed close to God ,always depending on Him to give her strength and guidance. She never lost hope in the Lord. I like her quote ‘Unless you have gone thru the tunnel, you don’t know what the darkness is like.” She truly inspires me. She gives me hope that she too, was a mere imperfect mortal,  had the same struggles I do,yet could attain Sainthood. It gives me hope maybe I have a chance to make it to Heaven too,and my struggles and crosses to bear may very well be my way to Heaven…what I need to humble myself before God, to lean on Him,knowing in times of crisis I am not alone and He will bear me up.

I also admire Catherine Doherty.She has known wealth and  has known poverty. She is said to have cursed like a sailor, and smoked. She had human weaknesses and yet had a generous heart and cared deeply for the poor and had a strong love of our Lord. She is a good example that you don’t have to be “perfect” to have spiritual success.You can be “rough” around the edges and still have a pure soul. it’s nice to see “ordinary” people with extraordinary faith that you can model and look up to.Most people think of Saints as perfect, flawless holy people, but it’s nice to see they too can be just like us.

I also like to particularly pray to St. Gerard(for smooth pregnancies and births) and to St. Michael, St. Joseph,and St. Benedict to be safe from spiritual harm,and from demon attacks.

St.Dymphna(sp?) is also a good Saint to pray to when I have the dark black cloud of depression setting in.She is a good Saint to intercede for periods of emotion stress and anxiety,fear, and darkness.

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