My life goals; 10 things I’m doing,and 10 things I’ve done..



10 Things I’m doing……


1. Losing weight: Not only am I fasting during  Lent on Ash Wed.and Good Fri. but for the entire 40 days,on a diet and losing weight at the same time as strengthening myself spiritually.2-for 1!

2. Keeping a diary. I have faithfully written in my daily diary since 1980.

3. Saving $$$$$. I am trying to save up as much $$$$ as possible for my next trip to the Caribbean in Oct.

4. Being a “Prayer Warrior”. I continue to pray on a daily basis for those by name that are in need and who I am aware of.

5. Preparing 2 of the kids for their Sacraments.I am currently preparing and teaching 2 of the kids for their First Communion and Confirmation.

6. Fixing a dried floral wreath. I have to affix dried roses onto a floral wreath where the old ones had fallen off.

7. Dreaming of getting a puppy. We have had pets before but they have always been so much trouble, yet I would like to try again….having a dog brings back happy childhood memories.

8. Watching “Little People, Big World”. A reality show about the Roloff family, where 3 members are dwarfs. They are a charming, fun, endearing family and I enjoy watching their adventures and extraordinary life. They are such a nice family.

9. Awaiting a birth: a woman who’s site I follow is due in 2 weeks with baby # 13 and I eagerly follow and anticipate the soon-to-be upcoming arrival! I’m getting caught up in the excitement too and share her joy.

10. Following the tragic Jade Goody story: Jade is a notorious British TV personality who is dying of cancer and is only 27 years old and has 2 small sons, aged 4 and 5 years old. She has weeks, if not days, left to live,and I have been reading about her struggle ever since she was diagnosed last summer.It is a heartbreaking and tragic story and she is in my thoughts and prayers.


10 Things I’ve Done:


1. Travelled to 25 countries.

2. Given birth to 11 kids.

3. Shaved my head for cancer.

4. Had submissions published in magazines and newspapers.

5. Had 3 surgeries.

6. was on the Planning Committee for YMCA events.

7. Walked into the crater of an inactive(or at least I hope so!) volcano.

8. Snorkelled and surfed in the Pacific Ocean.

9. Made up several funny words that got published on

10. Was propositioned by an old man in Egypt to marry him in exchange for a herd of camels!! 🙂  -no joke!!


10 Things I Hope to Do:


1. Do missionary work in Africa once all the kids are grown up, and  finished school.

2. Have another baby…..but that’s up to God! (hear that, God? hint, hint..)

3. Do more travelling.

4. Get stomach-stapling surgery(to KEEP the weight off!!)

5. Get dental veneers.(Good and quick and easy way to fix my hideous and crooked teeth…..except it costs a FORTUNE!!!!!!!)

6. Retire to either Hawaii or Europe.

7. Make it to Heaven.

8. Do indoor “sky diving.”

9. Go to South Africa and Australia.

10. Go scuba diving.

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