My Pet-Peeves.

April 2009:



1. Children’s beauty pageants.


3.Political Correctness.

4. Government intrusion.

5. People who smoke when you’re eating.

6.Working mothers.

7. Parents who farm their kids off to daycare.

8. Bullies.

9. Christian-bashers.

10.Special-interest groups.

11. People who say “Eh?”

12. Sports fanatics.

13. White trash.

14. Math.

15. Wet socks.

16. My husband’s snoring!!

17. Doctors who don’t listen to you or take you seriously.

18.Authorities and professionals who think they know what’s best for your family.

19. Nosey people.

20. People who let their bratty kids run around in Church and don’t discipline them.

21. People who treat their pets like children.

22. PETA.

23. Abortion advocates.

24. People who live together without being married.

25. People too selfish to have kids.

26. Alternate lifestyles being pushed by society and forced upon everyone.

27. Being stuck in traffic.

28. Being late.

29. When good TV shows are pre-empted for loser sports or other dumb things.

30. American Idol.

31. The smell of manure as I sit outside.

32. When my computer freezes.

33. When it takes too long for a page to load.

34. When I forget my password.

35. Duty taxes.

36. Assholes sitting behind me on a plane.

37. When people aren’t reliable or responsible.

38. When things get cancelled.

39. Not getting our usual seat in Church.

40. When the boys leave the toilet seat up.

41. Being on my “pad.”

42. When diets don’t work.

43. When the satellite goes off when I want to watch something.

44. When people glare at the kids, give us dirty looks, snide remarks, or move away from us.

45. Criticism.

46. When it rains and I want to go somewhere where I’m outside, like a fair.

47. Stepping in dog ca-ca.

48. When people let their dogs pee on our lawn.

49. Loud noises when I’m trying to sleep.

50. Being blamed for something I didn’t do.

51. Feminism.

52. The gay agenda.

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