Organ transplants ok?


I felt compelled to comment on this topic: are organ transplants ok?

I am following a story of a baby with an eventually fatal brain defect who has been taken off life support in order to donate her heart to another critical infant in need…..except she didn’t die! Once they removed the ventilator she began breathing on her own and the transplant was called off! They are upset at this and see it as a “failure” but I see it differently: a chance for the donor baby to LIVE!!

I don’t think it’s morally right to hasten the death of someone for any reason, not even for a transplant. You should wait until natural death and only  then attempt organ harvesting, but under no circumstances “hurry” up someone’s death by removing them from life-support or other means as this is murder, plain and simple. It reminds me of vultures, circling around, waiting for death, to quickly swoop down and snatch the organs! It’s unethical.

L ife-support should never be removed in any circumstance as this is the deliberate killing of a human being, regardless of the reasons,and it is still wrong to kill one person even to help save another.We are not God.If one does not wish to prolong someone’s suffering then it’s best to not PUT them ON life-support to begin with(but then again, only if it is THEIR wish; no one ese has the right to make this decision FOR them and the same goes for organ transplants) but once they are on, it is a sin to remove them, thereby causing their death.

I recently read a story as well of a young woman in a coma and the doctors kept pressuring her family to remove her from life-support so they can harvest the organs for transplant but they refused. Awhile later, she woke up and said she could HEAR all of this and was silently pleading for them to help her, to not kill her to remove her organs; that she was very much alive and wanted to live! This is a good case in point. God gives life and only He can take it away.We must leave the eventual outcome to Him and trust in HIM and NOT in doctors, tests, information, and technology…

We must use caution that people(whether handicapped, in comas, considered “brain-dead” or whatever) are NOT seen merely as “vessels” for organ transplants; that life is not deliberately created OR ended in order to harvest their organs. This is pure evil and not God’s way.

My husband’s sister’s boyfriend’s son was recently the recipient of a double-lung transplant and I know a baby who will likely need a heart transplant as he gets older, too, and I can see the merits of organ donations but at the same time I still could not bring myself personally  to allow my kids’ organs to ever be donated(God forbid); carving them up like turkeys and taking pieces of them out; to me this is morbid mutilation, but I can see why others might donate in order to save lives; I just don’t think I could do it myself. I want my kids to be whole and I heard of a case where a family did allow their teen son’s organs donated and regretted it and filled with guilt, saying they didn’t have the right to decide that FOR him,and how they never should have taken him off life-support…’s a complicated issue, but the fact remains that if you do choose organ donation you have to at least wait until the donor is already dead first,and NOT do anything to “speed” it up and CAUSE their death, to get the “fresh” organs, or for any other reason….

Another horrifying development along those lines is I found out that doctors are always pressuring mothers expecting handicapped or deformed babies to abort….and now also stating they REFUSE to ressussiate such babies at birth! They will just LET them DIE; leave them at birth, gasping for breath and struggling to live and not even try to save them! How horrifying and what next: KILL them with their bare hands when they are born? Smother them or something? How much more evil can this sinful culture of death society possibly GET? ALL human life is precious and should be protected, both under the law and respected and preserved by society. Deliberate killing of a human being( be it abortion, euthanasia, assisted-suicide, removing from life-support, refusing to revive, etc..) is always a grave mortal sin and it is not only a sin against God but a sin against humanity as well!

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