Please pray for them!!

I am a “prayer warrior” and I have a daily list of those in need that I regularly pray for; be it Rosaries, Chaplets of Divine Mercy, or general prayers. They are people I personally know, people I have heard or read about in the news or elsewhere, or general wherever there is a need. Here is a current list where there is a need.Will you please join me in praying for these souls? I know prayer is very powerful and that it works. God bless you.

Please pray for them and their intentions:

For the soul of Melissa. She was only 23 years old and died of cancer.

For Jason, who is only 20 and just received a transplant.

For the new baby at Church with serious heart defects.he just had surgery and will be in the hospital for 2 months or so. For his family as well; that they have peace and comfort and strength to get thru the fear, worry, uncertaintly and disruption hospitalization brings.

For Mike.He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

For Christine, who has cancer, and for her husband Joseph.

For Doug and Jean,for their medical problems.

For Ted, who has a brain tumor.

For Nevin and Daryll, boys who have cancer and a tumor.

For my son, that his leukemia does not return.

for the unborn, and an end to abortion.

For the souls of all the children who have died, incl. the unborn.

For world peace and an end to war, poverty, hatred, violence, corruption,sin, evil,immorality,and injustice.

For homeschoolers, that they be left in peace and not harrassed by authorities.

For the Church, that it be protected from apostacy, corruption, destruction, worldliness, censorship,and demon attack.

For the Pope,and for priests and religious,and an increase of vocations.

For all the pro-life workers, ministries, apostolates,and missionaries who do the Lord’s work.

For prisoners, that they reform,and for all sinners; for their repentence.

For non-Christian religions; for their completion; that they accept Jesus,and the one True God and may be saved.

For those who are sick, dying, mourning, and for all those struggling and in need.

For the souls of the dead, esp. those in Purgatory.

For all victims of crime, violence, and injustice.

For the poor, the homeless, the refugees,victims of war and natural disasters.

For the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,as according to the Fatima prophecy.

For those struggling with addictions to drugs, cigarretes,alcohol, and gambling.

For the scourge of pornography and pedophilia to be erased.

For those who are lonely, hopeless,and despairing.

For those with mental,emotional,and intellectual problems.

For those who are handicapped, mentally and physically.

for those struggling with infertility,crisis pregnancies,and complicated pregnancies.

For our family; that our needs continued to be met,and that we are safe from harm and danger.

For university and college students; that they won’t be sucked into the sin of the world, immoral campus lifestyles, or ungodly worldly philosophies; that they attain an education but do not lose their faith or their souls in the process.

For justice for victims, incl. those falsely accused.

For those preparing to enter the church; thru RCIA, baptism, and preparing for their First Communion, and Confirmations.

for those who have left the Church; that they return back into full Communion with it.

For safety for travellers.

Every time you hear a siren, please pray for the person in need.(I personally pray 3 Hail Mary’s)

For Theresa, a new mom who has breast cancer.

For Emily.

For Elaine.

For Frankie.

For the soul of Tim McLean.

For the soul of Katelynn Sampson, a 7 year old who died.

for Fr. Suarez.

For Dan, a young man with Pott’s disease.

For Jade Goody, young  mother dying from cancer.

For baby John-Paul, born with a rare and fatal Trisomy.

For Haleigh, an abducted 5 year old girl.

For Marion, recovering from hand surgery.

For the soul of Tyler, a teen who died.

For the soul of Christine, who died of cancer.

For all those in the news I have heard or read about, sick, victims, died, mourning.

For the soul of Adam, a young seminarian who suddenly died.

For the soul of Mike, who died of a heart attack.

For Stellan, a baby with a serious heart condition.

For Shepherd, a baby with a serious heart defect.

For Jonah, a baby with a possibly fatal genetic skin disorder.

For Kaylee, a baby who is dying of a lethal brain-related defect and removed form life-support.

For the soul of Natasha.

For the soul of  Jade.

For John Paul,a baby with a fatal Trisomy.

For Lillian, a baby who will die without an urgent heart transplant.

For the soul of baby Zachary.

For the soul of baby Eli.

For the soul of baby Audrey Caroline.

For the soul of baby Malik.

For the soul of baby Gabe.

For the soul of baby Cora.

For baby Hadley, who has a heart defect.

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