Politics and social issues.

I am a traditional conservative when it comes to politics and social issues. I am pro-life and pro-family. I believe in modesty both in dress and living,clean living,and have strong moral and family values. I do not agree with racism,war, abortion, or murder in any form. I believe in respecting and protecting all life. I believe all people should have equal rights but that special-interest groups do not deserve special rights. I believe in freedom of belief, thought,speech and expression and greatly disapprove of special agendas or infringements of rights and freedoms by authorities. I am against war, genocide,terrorism, or any violence or methods of subjecting or killing people.  I am against materialism  and people who put careers and other selfish desires before family.My political beliefs reflect on that.

I do not support gay “marriage” or anything contrary to God’s Laws.I only approve of what the Bible and Church teaches.I am against contraception and abortion and believe a baby is the greatest gift God can give.We are always open to new life and believe parents  are accountable to God and have been given children to raise righteously for Him. The main goal of parents is to teach and educate children for the Lord and although academics are important, safegaurding their souls comes first. We are training our kids for Heaven!

I do not support the public school system which is strife with immorality, violence,and ungodly teachings.

I have been attacked and given  a lot of flack for my “controversial” views, but Jesus prepared His followers that He was persecuted for God’s Word and so shall we be and that if you are a friend of the world you are an enemy to God. We must stay seperate from the world and stand up for God’s truth and for what’s right, even if it seems everyone else is against us and it’s us against the world…because most of the time it IS!!! We have to endure to the end; to run the race, to fight the good fight, to keep the faith!!

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