Real things that happened to me.

Dear family,January 2009:

REAL THINGS that happened to me:

My house burnt down.(13 years ago)

I have had 3 surgeries.

I have had a liver problem.

I was bullied in school.

I have complicated pregnancies and/or labours.

We had to flee danger and relocate in secret after an enemy threatened us.

I had over 100 stitches in my tongue.

One of our kids had cancer.

I shaved my head.

My thumb had a bench fall on it and my entire nail went black and fell off.

I was followed walking home from school one day as a kid and a creep followed me but I lost him.

I almost drowned as a kid.

I fell down the stairs as a kid and knocked myself out unconscious.

I broke my toes twice and my finger once.

I have had miscarriages.

I have been in  a car accident when I was a kid and hit my head on the dashboard.

I met Prime Minister(at the time) Mulroney.

I once had a contact-lens get loose and roll around to the back of my eyeball but it eventually came back ’round again.

My shoulder got disconnected and my arm was facing backwards.

I have had angelic experiences.

I have eaten an ant.

I met Wayne Gretzky 3 times.

I graduated on the Honor Roll.

I got electrocuted on a barbed-wire fence.

I got my tongue stuck to a  frozen metal fence.

I have ridden an elephant and a camel.

I have had my name mentioned on the radio.

I have fainted in public.

I have been hit by a bike.

I have eaten ca-ca.

I have had my hair  and eyelashes burn off.

I have had an emergency landing on a plane.

I have been to court.

I have had hundreds of stitches.

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