Revenge of the raccoons!!

We have been having a long problem with raccoons! First of all, when we had to have our in-ground pool partially drained for maintenance, they decided to use the shallow water as their own personal toilet! Over a period of days piles of raccoon shite turned up in the pool water.Not so appetizing! We had to keep cleaning it out,and we all know raccoons are infested with worms! We then learned they keep coming back to an established territory.Good grief. We eventually re-filled the pool up to it’s 9 foot level and that ended that. Apparantly, they use *shallow* water. We also keep the pool cover on overnight now!

Now the nervy buggers have been getting into the garbage cans every night  on our porch over night. They cleverly open the lids, root around and scatter the garbage all over so that each morning we have this huge disgusting mess to clean up, not to mention there are gross maggots in there too squirming around….we solved that problem by buying specially-designed “raccoon-proof” garbage cans at Canadian Tire. They work!…but too well, as now the angry little critters tip over the recycling boxes in frustration and revenge; now they can’t get to the garbage anymore they get us “back” by making a mess with the recycling.Revenge of the raccoons!!

I thought the older cans were hard to open(the black ones with the lids you have to twist a certain way and turn and take off) I couldn’t even open them….but the raccoons could! I guess the raccoons are smarter than I am! Nevermind “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”….Are you smarter than a raccoon?….I guess I’m not. 😦

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