Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome child.


Dearest readers,

  I have to say I think it is unfair that Sarah Palin(she ran for the US Vice-Presindency) and her family were so scrutinized, attacked,and mocked by the media. I realize when one runs for office or is in the public eye that they do put themselves “out” there, but this went too far; she was used as a scapegoat in my opinion. She(and her family) was ridiculed for her staunch pro-life, pro-family,and moral and religious values. I, on the other hand, admired and commended her for it, and esp. her courage to stand up and defend what she believes in and to live her life according to her values, staying true to them and to herself even though she was jeered for doing it.She stood firm.we need more people like her to speak out for what’s right!

  I think the most revolting slur I came across regarding her was when a heartless columnist ,mentioning her(now 7 month old son with Down Syndrome) baby, since he has a disabilty, “should have been aborted”. How vile can one BE to say such a cruel thing? She did the right thing by choosing life and not condemning her baby to a death sentence like 90% of women diagnosed prenatally would have. A sad, but true, statistic,and it seems the prenatal diagnostic tests(esp. amniocentesis screening) are mainly now for the search and destroy purpose of finding and “weeding out” babies that are considered to be deformed, abnormal, diseased, handicaped, or defective, in some way…reminds me of eugenics under the Nazis…

  Speaking of Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome baby, I think she sets a good example of always choosing life, even in crisis or high-risk pregnancies, even if it’s not “easy”, even if it will bring challenges ahead. God created ALL human life and we do not have the right to destroy it, or to decide which lives are “worthy” to live and to be saved, and which ones are not.He does not give us anything He won’t also give us the grace to be able to handle…

  I think people who choose life ARE morally superior to those who do not; how could they NOT be? Why kill an innocent baby just because society doesn’t deem it as “perfect”, or because it will be a “burden” or an inconvenience? Sarah Palin sees her son as a gift from God, a blessing to enrich their family and their lives, and not a punishment or an unwanted mistake.She sees her son as very rewarding and cherishes the gift she has been given, despite society, so absorbed with “perfection” and the culture of death, trying to “convince’ her otherwise.

  Sarah Palin’s son is lucky to be of  the 10% of Down Syndrome babies who were ‘allowed” to live. Thankfully he was born into a strong Christian family who values, respects, and protects life.It’s too bad that the OTHER 90%  aren’t so fortunate.My heart breaks for those.

  So now I also heard the doctors are pressuring mothers to abort their babies if they have dwarfism now,too, as well as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and a host of other medical issues. What next? babies that have the “wrong” eye color? that are the “wrong” gender? are the “wrong” race? babies born to impoverished,teen,single, or uneducated mothers? babies born in Third world countries? etc… where does it END? Designer babies, the “pure” race, made-to-order families, and the like, eliminating those that aren’t desired? How much worse and devaluing of life can the world possibly get?One only has to look at China’s population control one-child-only policy to see.

  I am almost 42. I had my last(????) and 11th baby when I was 40. There was an increased chance he *could* have HAD Down Syndrome, and if I ever do get pregnant again, the odds will only increase.I have decided if I did, under no circumstance would I abort. I leave it in God’s Hands. How could I live with myself if I killed my own BABY? Prenatal tests CAN be wrong, but despite it, I would never kill my baby, even if it happened to have a fatal defect. It’s not up to me.I trust in the Lord and leave it with Him. We are NOT God; we don’t have the right to decide who is “worthy” to live.

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