Scariest things the kids have done!

Having had 11 kids I have gone thru my share(more than my share,actually!) of scary moments with te kids; moments of heart-stopping, raw, sick, chilling fear.Here are some of those tmes:

One of them tends to get severely dehydrated whenever he has a bad flu.Twice (age 5 and age 14) it was so bad he had to be hospitalized to get iV fluids.

Severe peanut allergy: one at age 3 had a life-threatening reaction to peanuts; within seconds of ingestion her lips swelled up, she had a fever, was barfing and had a “scratchy” throat. Trip to Emerg(one of many over the year with all the kids!!) and now has an Epi-Pen and we have to religiously read and re-read labels of ingredients on all foods to ensure they’re peanut-free!

Another of the kids broke out in red,itchy hives head to toe; allergic to crab.Yet another ER visit!

Another one of them has hives all over due to reaction to black-fly bites.  shot of Benedyrl at the ER.

2 of the kids had allergic reactions to Penecillan. Hives all over.

At 18 mos. one of the kids was almost abducted from the backyard!!

One at age 7 was diagnosed with cancer(now in remission, thank God, 3 years later!) he almost died a few times, had to endure 15 blood transfsuions, surgeries, spinal tap, bone-marrow biopsies, chemo, etc..

One of the kids(same one with leukemia!) almost died 3 times before, during, and after birth as well: while prego I had massive hemmoraging; so bad it soaked thru my mattress! I was put on bedrest and he survived. He was born a preemie and wasn’t breathing and had to be resussitated. He spent a week in NICU having periods of not breathing.

One of the kids at age 3-4 fell off a play structure a the park and knocked herself unconscious.Yet another ER visit.(I bet they know us personally, by now!)

One of the kids broke his arm on the trampoline.Off to the ER again!!

While prego with the baby I developed a very rare pregnancy-induced liver disorder.I was very sick and there’s a high risk of stillbirth, esp. after 37 weeks so at week 37 he was induced.

Swallowing a catterpillar.

Swallowing a penny.

Swallowing 2 vitamin pills…with iron… a call to poison control!

Swallowing a hard candy and turning blue; I had to give her the Heimlich maneouver!

A concern that one of them had licked a poisonous ant trap. As it turned out, he’d just picked it up, not ingested it!

A fear one might have eaten toadstools.

Eating dirt and  leaves off our Ficus tree in the livingroom; luckily it’s non-toxic!

Catching Parvo virus from a trip to California.

Catching Chicken-Pox from a kid at church.

One as a baby there was a concern his “flat spot” on his head was fluid pressure. Tests, CAT scan, etc.. luckily it was from always laying in the same position sleeping!

Another as a baby has only 1 testicle.The other is in his abdomen and they suggested surgery soon.

Scares with various prenatal tests of heart defects, Down Syndrome,Trisomy 18,etc.. ended up false alarms.

Drinking a bottle of liquid bath soap after opening the bathroom door and sneaking off.

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