Secrets to an ungodly household. Thanx to Gene for this.

~ Secrets to an ungodly household.

1. Marry an unbeliever.

2. Make sure both parents work outside of the home.

3. Commit your children to be educated by the Government.

4. Leave the TV on throughout the day.

5. Never eat meals together.

6. Never read the Bible or pray as a family.

7. Avoid Godly influences in the home such as music, books, and friends.

8. Do not acknowledge the Lord’s Day. Work, play, purchase as you would on any day. If you must attend a church, be sure it’s an entertaining contemporary seeker sensitive congregation for they are fully committed to your well being without the distraction of concern for God’s Glory.

9. Separate yourself from your children as much as possible through Sunday Schools, junior church, youth groups, sports, and social activities.

10. Strive to be more of a cool best friend to your teens as opposed to a strict and boring parent.

11. View your home to be just a place to sleep and to store belongings instead of a foundational place of refuge, comfort, love and security for the family.

12. Encourage dating and romance for your kids at the youngest of ages. Help them to “Play the field” and experiment.

13. Friends, friends, friends. Your kids need social interaction with other kids their age outside of your home. Don’t plague them with forced companionship within their family.

14. Blur the gender distinctions in your home. Have Mom go to work, have Dad prepare the meals. This is extremely helpful in eliminating any sense of Biblical structure in their own future homes.

15. Avoid moral standards in your home. Rules cause rebellion. Allow any type of dress, music, friends, language, etc.

16. Never assign chores to your children. Adulthood is tough enough. Let them relax and enjoy their teen years sleeping late and hanging out at the mall.

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