Summer memories I want to hold on to.

August, 2008,

Dearest readers,

Summer is already half over! I can’t believe it!! 😦

Here are summer memories I want to hold on to; that I can remember even after the summer itself is long gone… *)

Watching the chipmunks scamper up on our back porch, eating the seeds out of the dish we fill for them daily.

Seeing and hearing the cardinals and chickadees.

watching the bats come out at night; at dusk, twittering and flapping in the air.

Swimming in the pool; lazing around, floating on the surface sitting in “ass-donuts”(what I dubbed rubber inner-tubes) or diving down to the cool bottom, skimming along the bottom with my stomach rubbing the pool floor,and diving, and throwing toys to the bottom and fetching them.

The smell of fresh cut grass.although my allergies would disagree!)

Watching the flowers grow and prosper and bloom in the garden, esp. lilacs. Cutting some of them to enjoy indors, and enjoying the nieghbor across the street’s Hollyhock bushes.

Feeling the cool breeze drift by my face.

Feeling the warmth of the sun, tanning to a crisp golden brown; roasting like a piece of chicken!!

sitting out on the porch swing.

Hearing the crickets chirping,hidden in the grass.

Smelling wildflowers.(reminds me of camp as a kid!)

listening to the toads croaking in the bushes.

Going to the Ex.

Squishing my toes in the soft, hot sand.

The smell of motorboat fuel(it reminds me of fond memories at the cottage as a kid)

The coconut smell of suntan oil.(reminds me of Hawaii!)

Hearing the buzzing of the wires in the summer heat(reminds me of summers at my aunt’s house!)

Trying hard to finish a melting popsicle or ice-cream treat before it melts,licking it quickly off as it drips down the stick or cone!

Lolas(anyone remember those? Triangle-shaped frozen treats)

Thunderstorms overnight as you lay snug in bed.

The peaceful whirling sound of a fan, or the droning of a window a/c.

Running under the sprinklers or being sprayed with the hose as a kid.

Hearing the thwack,thwack,thwack sound of wet flip-flops hitting the deck as you walk.

BBQ!!!!(and the odour of neighbors having a BBQ)

Swimming in the lake or the creek,and rubbing your toes in the clay bottom or getting your feet cut on the rocks; seaweed stuck to your legs.

Gathering mussels, clams and shells on the beach.

White crystals of ocean salt stuck to your skin from swimming in the ocean.




horseback riding.

Rolling down hills of grass as a kid.

Hide-and-seek at night outside as a kid.


The smell of bug repellent spray(reminds me of camping!)

The musty smell of an old sleeping bag(reminds me of camping) and the wet canvas of a tent.

Picking fresh mulberries and eating them nice and warm from the sun, right off the tree.

Picking apples.

Visiting aunts and uncles, going to the cottage.

The smell of chlorine on your skin and hair.

Smattering of summer freckles and moles from the sun.

Hearing the saws and drills of summer home repairs.

Laying on your back in the grass, looking up at the clouds.

Having a picnic on a blanket or at a picnic table.

swatting at flies and mosquitoes.

Sitting atop a huge rock,overlooking the water at the beach.

Summer suntans.

Wet footprints on the pool deck.

Catching frogs,toads,grasshoppers, ladybugs,and catterpillars.

Standing up in the canoe, rocking it back and forth and tipping it over, plunging into the water!

The smell of wet,damp lifejackets left out in the sun.

The smell of calamine lotion,Noxzema, and Solarcaine spray, for sunburns and bug bites.

Being flicked and whacked with a twisted-up wet towel.

Sand in my bathingsuit.

Sunstroke from forgetting to wear a hat.

Jumping off the rafters in the barn.

Going to the park and using the swings and sandbox.

Bike riding.

Skipping stones across the water.

Zooming across the lake in motorboats.

Tan lines.

Going to 7-11 for Slurpees.

Walking barefoot on the hot sidewalk.

Putting on my bathingsuit and going out in the rain, washing my hair.

Collecting chestnuts,acorns, and pinecones.

Picking dandilions and clovers.


Enjoying the long,hot, hazy, days.

Tree climbing.

Losing the badminton birdie up on the roof or in a tree and using tennis rackets, shoes, etc.. to get it down…and then losing them up there,too!

Going to the corner store for junk food and candy.

No school!!!!! 🙂

Hanging out with friends, just hacking around, loafing around doing nothing at all.

“Jesus” sandals(the leather ones with the hole for the big toe)

Wearing loose, gauze, light, breezy, “Peasant” skirts and dresses.


Making forts out of chairs and blankets or towels.

Playing in cardboard boxes.

Camping out overnight in the backyard in a tent.

Jumping off the porch veranda railing or the garage roof.

Trying to catch minnows in the creek.

The smell of fresh paint.

Flinging the swings up and over around the bars at the park.

it can go on and on….soon it will be gone and over for yet another year but I can keep re-living it until next summer!! Enjoy what’s left of it now while you can!! Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.

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