001. What is Your Name? Pogue
002. How old are you? Almost 42(next month)
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? you’re on it!
004. Favorite Color:Purple and blue.
005. Your Car:Van
006. Your Crushes First Name:Steven(in grade 4)
007. Your Style:Hippie, Bohemian
008. Have You Ever Sat on your rooftop? On a garage,yes.and school roof to eat lunch!
009. Have You Ever Kissed someone in the rain? No, but I have washed my hair in the rain!
010. Have You Ever Talked to someone you don’t know?sales clerks and asked people for the time, stuff like that.
011. Have You Ever Gone out of your way to befriend someone?Yes, esp, people who were shunned and no one else liked. I also tried to make-up with a fried who stopped being my friend and to befriend a person who hated me.
012. Have You Ever Made out in a theatre?No; just hand-holding.
013. Who was the last person to Tell you, I love you? My 5 year old.
014. Who was the last person to Kiss you? My 5 year old.
015. Who was the last person to Call your cell phone? I don’t have one.
016. Who was the last person to Go with you to the movies? Husband and some of the kids.
017. Who was the last person to Touch you? My baby.
018. What’s the last Movie you watched? National Treasure
019. What’s the last Drink you’ve had? Diet Pepsi
020. Can You Stay up a whole night without sleep? when travelling
021. Can You Speak a different language? yes, 4
022. Favorite Food chocolate, pizza
023. Favorite Drink Diet Pepsi
024. What’s Your Favorite Baseball Team and Football Team None; I hate sports!!
025. Favorite Store :Brettons(now out of business,sadly)
026. Longest Relationship: husband; 20 years
027. Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: no
028. Have You Ever Had Sex:obviously; we have 11 kids! 🙂
029. Do you have any siblings? 3 half-sibs, but i never knew until I was an adult!
030. Do you wear glasses or contacts? No, but I should.
031. Do you have any piercings? 3 sets of earrings,and nose
032. Have you ever Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do? who hasn’t? I got caught opening Christmas presents early!
033. What was the last Song you’ve listened to? Christmas Carols
034. What was the last Thing you were doing before this? surfing the ‘net
035. How much cash do you have on you? I’m broke
036. What did your last text message say? I don’t text
037. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping
038. What’s a word that you say a lot? “Fuck!”(out of anger and frustration)
039. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes
040. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes
041. Who would you like to see right now? Jesus
042. Would you go on a date with someone on MySpace?No
043. The first time You had sex? 20 yeas ago
044. The first time You had oral sex? never; gross; that’s for whores!
045. The last time You saw someone else naked? who? bathing the kids and changing diapers!
046. The last time You played truth or dare? summer with the kids.
047. Are you single? No
048. How many relationships have you had? one
049. How many of them were sexual? one
050. What are you wearing? flannels, sheepskin slippers
051. Have you ever had a one night stand? No; it’s immoral
052. Did it involve sex? n/a
053. Who are you with or who do you want to be with?want to be with: Brad Pitt!
054. Do you believe you should be in love to have sex? yes, and married,too!!!
055. Right at this moment Where are you? In front of the computer!
056. Have you ever been to NYC? just passing thru airport.
057. Have u ever pulled an all nighter? where? yes; travelling
058. What was the last compliment you received?sadly, I can’t recall…
059. Would you ever date someone younger than you? If I liked him
060. Would you ever date someone older than you? If I liked him
061. Are you the romantic type? I guess
062. Is your best friend a virgin?n/a
063. Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?yes
064. What did you do last night? watch TV
065. Favorite Place to live? Hawaii or Europe
066. Best place to go on a date? beach
067. Most memorable experience with a friend? swimming and picnic at Highland Creek in grade 8.
068. Any trips planned with friends? Just family
069. Opinions/ Thoughts on Drugs and alcohol? sinful
070. Do you believe that there is such a thing as soulmates? For some people, yes
071. Whats the craziest thing you’ve done? shaved my head
072. Do you have your own crib? When I was a baby! 🙂
073. DO U LOVE 2 PARTY No; it’s not appropriate for Christians!
074. DO U LIKE 2 PLAY WIT PEOPLES MINDS Just my husband’s, ha ha..
075. R U A HEARTBReAKER no; I’m the one who gets their heart broken! 😦
076. Have any pets I used to but they were too much trouble; noisy, ruined things, smelly
077. Talked on the phone for more than 6 hrs :to my husband when we were first dating
078. How did you find out about Myspace? heard about it somewhere
079. Have you ever called anyone you met on Myspace? No
080. Have you ever met anyone you met on Myspace?NO


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