Barf Out!

barf I did this big, huge barf today, just out of nowhere. I didn’t even feel sick to my stomach or anything; it just came out! I was sitting on the toilet with cramps and diarrhrea when I suddenly got the urge to barf so I grabbed the garbage can and quickly leaned over …..and out it came,spewing out, and there was alot….must have been my entire stomach contents, and I could definitely see my whole dinner in there, the mini shell pasta very noiceable…and I was gagging and choking on the lumps. It was so gross.

For the past 2 days though I’ve been extra tired, the kind of fatigue where you even wake up tired and your eyes are burning and stinging and you have to nap and I even slept in 30 minutes later than I normally do and just feel so run-down exhausted. I also have a sore lower back.diarrhrea, and headache and abdomenal pain and now the barf,too, so I must be coming down with something. Ugh!

The first day of school went well, except they couldn’t find their notebooks so they had to go to the store in the morning and get those. They’re all in highschool now, even the 11 YR old who’s a genius and has skipped ahead 3 grades although his math is grade 10. My hubby also saw a chipmunk in the house; it ran across his desk in his office in the basement. If Buddy ever comes across it he’ll know what to do with it; the same grim fate that befell that poor mouse the other day. The pool guy’s also coming sometime later this week and closing it for the season and the water’s all green again now anyway.


Update Shortly after my last blog past I spent the next 9 HRS barfing my guts out every 15 min with the stomach bug! Now I’m still queasy and my stomach HURTS, like I got kicked, from all the non-stop retching. After the first 2 HRS it was empty and all I got out was stomach acid, mucus,and bile. I also did what I THOUGHT was a fart(only it wasn’t) and wondered why my pants felt all wet( like when I leak thru with “Aunt Flow.”) It’s miserable and shortly after my misery my mother, the 19 YR old, 14 YR old, 12 YR old, and 10 YR old got it,too, only they only barfed every HR. Mine was so much worse due to the fact that my hubby had kissed me on the lips during the worst of his sickness( to ensure I’d get infected,too) so that f*cker is deadmeat for doing this to me! Needless to say I’m not getting much sleep barfing all the time( and I can’t sleep on a queasy stomach,either,and I SLEEP on my stomach!) so I just try to nap when I can and I can tell I’m dehydrated as well.

So now the ones that have already recovered( that is, my hubby, the 15 YR old,and the 6 YR old) have to take care of those of us that are sick( bring us water bottles, blankets, empty our barf buckets,etc.) and the 19 YR old has to use a clear jar to barf in because we ran out of waste paper baskets and you can see right thru it(because it’s clear) and see all the details, which really grosses out my hubby!(ha,ha, but it serves him right!) I think it’s just some sort of stomach bug though and not the Flu since there’s no fever, headache, or muscle aches,and it only lasts 1-2 days.