More Money Than Brains.

MoreMoneyThanBrains My oldest friend (since we were 12) seriously has more money than brains, more money than sense.I love her dearly but this is ridiculous: her dog has cancer and she’s unhappy with the vet’s treatment so she’s-get this- getting her dog acupuncture and natural herbal treatments and a whole new diet(no more dog food) at a tremendous cost and in the end it’s just going to die anyway! I mean, what a waste of money! It’s cheaper just to buy a new dog! There comes a point where you’re just throwing your money away and they must see her coming a mile away; she must have “sucker” written on her forehead! How gullable can some people BE? Is she SERIOUS? Acupuncture for a DOG? That has GOT to be the most retarded thing I have EVER heard! She’s such an animal freak though she said she’ll “do whatever it takes” and all I can do is just shake my head in disbelief. I also got into a fight with an animal rights freak online that thinks it’s more important to save endangered animal species than it is to protect unborn human babies. People seriously have their priorities screwed up and animals are NOT people and shouldn’t be treated as such, are not equal,and human need should always come before animal welfare. Those animal rights nutjobs really piss me off.

As well, I had a warning when I tried to go to my blog that it has a virus on it that could infect my entire computer and finally figured out that it was attached to one of my widgets so I removed it, and my hubby commented that I should “stop writing ‘mean’ things about him”(on the blog) even though he told ME that he doesn’t even read it….HA! Busted!! but I just tell it like it is and write what happens and say the truth so if he doesn’t want me writing about the mean way he treats me(even though he had it coming!) then he shouldn’t be *treating* me like that in the FIRST place and then he has nothing to worry about, and I hate it  my Asperger’s and Social Phobia make a normal existence impossible and I feel trapped in this oppressive life I can never break free from(eg. I want to move out on my own  but have no life or job skills and can’t survive on my own and will always be dependent, and a normal life everyone else takes for granted and comes easy for them will always be unattainable for me, and  want to leave this country but where can I go with no money and no job?) and I feel like my world is ending but I DO notice on my pills that it now controls my mood swings and angry outbursts which helps but I only wish there was a pill that could make me happy, too…..

My hubby also went to the dentist and got a filling  and I just hope he doesn’t use up all his coverage in a month( just a couple of weeks ago he got his teeth whitened as well) or else if there’s an emergency later he won’t have any left, and we were hoping he’d come back drooling with the funny slurring  “retard” voice the kids have fun mocking but he didn’t and it would be a funny time to record a new answering machine message with,too,if so, and I saw the much-hyped Volkswagon commercial online  where the white guy has this Jamaican accent people accused of being “racist” but it wasn’t; it was funny and the Jamaicans themselves don’t find offensive, either, but think is funny and no different than,say, an American putting on a fake British accent, and I remember when we were in the Caribbean we saw there really WAS a white guy(he was working on one of the small boats we were on for one of our tours) that lived there, who was born and raised there and grew up there and he really DID have that accent and talked like that and it was so funny to see a white guy that sounded like a black guy, and he was for real!