The Ring.

screen-shot-02-03-17-at-10-33-am-002 My Charmed Aroma candle arrived! They’d said it would take 6 weeks but it came just 2 or 3 days after I’d ordered it!  It burned for around 6 HRS before the foil where the ring was wrapped up in was visible but it took so long to finally get down to that point I was even beginning to wonder if there really even was a ring in there or if maybe they’d forgotten to put it in! It was there though( and the candle smells sooooo good, like coconut!) and this is the ring, pictured here. Isn’t it just so pretty? I love it! There was a code on it so I went online and it was appraised at 90$!

screen-shot-02-03-17-at-12-11-pm I had to drain the wax run-off into another container because as it melted it kept snuffing out the flame on the wick so I put it in here and then I got bored so I got creative and decided to liven it up a bit and “engrave” it.


I also made a new Miitomo character: Mr. Hippo. It’s sort of a person, only he’s also a hippo. It’s kind of hard to explain but he has basically a human body with a hippo head. I tried to make his skin colour either grey or purple but I wasn’t able to get it that colour so I improvised and dressed him in all grey instead but I fiddled with the nose and eyebrows and was able to give him a semblance of a hippo’s ears and nostrils.

Screen Shot 02-03-17 at 06.43 PM 001.PNG This is also an x-ray of a friend in USA’s teen son’s shoulder, broken in a few places! He got it from wrestling, only the real kind that you do on a mat, not the fake stuff you see on TV. He has surgery to fix it on Monday. When I saw this all I could think of was, “Oh, wow! Holy shit! That must hurt” I can only imagine how it must feel! Poor kid! The 17 YR old and her friends also drove up to Toronto and shopped at the Eaton Centre mall ( it was my Second Home when I lived there) and then just 2 days later she took the train in for an interview for Cadets for summer camp in Europe. It’s more difficult since she’s homeschooled…..but she did really well and they were really impressed…..and they told her that she tied for the highest score! Yay!! Now she waits to hear back about a follow-up…..oooh, I hope so!