Buddy The Elf.

Screen Shot 11-25-17 at 10.00 AM Here is Buddy the elf, my little Christmas elf. The 16 YR old bought Buddy this cute little Christmas elf sweater the other day at one of those pet stores and here he is. He looks less than pleased but he’ll be grateful for it when it’s cold and he’s out for his walk. Now he has 3 warm winter sweaters to keep warm: this one, his brown argyle one, and his orange knit one. The 16 YR old also sewed him this really gay pink and white fluffy coat and frilly pink ballet tutu but there’s no way he’s going out in public looking like that. I mean, he does have some standards.

Screen Shot 11-25-17 at 06.47 PM I also made these Keep Calm things, and I tried my new cannabis oil which is a new strain they just released and it’s 30% THC ( my old one was 10%) and I’m dumb and can’t do math( it’s legendary how much of a math reject I am) and I couldn’t tell the difference between the dosage in the dropper of 0.1 ml and 1.0 ml; I thought it was the same thing, just two ways of writing 1 ml, so I took 1 ml….my hubby then informed me that they’re not the same, but,in fact, are waaay different, and that 0.1 is actually one tenth of 1.0 ml , so I ended up taking ten times the dose I was supposed to……holy shit….. that would explain why I can’t remember most of the day yesterday and it was a big blank, like a big back hole I can’t account for, like when my mother and I in the livingroom watching that movie The Dark Tower and all I could remember was the kid going thru a portal and meeting up with this gunslinger….and then before I know it, it’s the end and it’s over and my mother was saying how it was a good movie and I’m like Wow….that was sure a short movie…. and then she was making references to it such as …. and they got all the kids back ok…. so then I’m there, confused, What kids? I don’t remember any kids….. so apparantly I must have fallen asleep and slept thru most of the movie because all I saw was the beginning and then woke up just at the very end. Most of the day was like that.

I also noticed after weed that I can’t spell properly as it “jumbles” my brain and slows down my thought processes and when I’m typing I have to always go back and re-correct what I’ve written but it also makes me smarter,too, as they’ve changed the format now on my iPod with the most recent update and for days I couldn’t figure out how to upload my new songs I’d downloaded but after weed I got a brand new idea flash in my head; another way around it…..and it worked! It opens my mind and helps me to see things in a different way, from another perspective, and we also have new neighbours that moved in next door; a couple and their 4 kids and they told us that the boys have been peeking in the 16 YR old’s window….so now she has to get different curtains; the ones she has now are sheer. people are such perverts!



Fiona Update.

Screen Shot 07-28-17 at 12.26 PM Remember Fiona the baby hippo born premature at the Cincinatti Zoo(I don’t know if I spelled that right; I’m never sure how to spell Cincinatti; that’s a hard one; how many “n’s” or “t’s” are in that exactly?) back in January at only 29 pounds, when she should have been around 100 pounds and they didn’t know if she would even live? Well, here we are now, 6 months later, and I’m happy to update you that Fiona is doing very well! She has gained so much weight that she is now over 400 pounds, healthy, strong, caught up weight-wise,and is going to make it! Yay, Fiona! You go, girl!! Isn’t she such a beauty though? Just so precious. I have been following her story ever since, following her on Facebook and even praying for her…..yes, I even pray for animals,too…..anyone got a problem with that? God loves all His creatures, and it says in the Bible that not even one sparrow falls to the ground without His knowing.

Fiona is still mainly being bottle fed milk(and she goes thru something crazy like 40 litres a day!) at this stage as hippos aren’t normally weaned until 8 months although she does have some fruits and veggies slowly being introduced into her diet, like how you would with a human baby. She has also been reintroduced under supervision to her biological hippo parents ( she had been hand-raised by zoo caregivers since her premature birth as she needed intensive round-the-clock, one-on-one care,and there was also the fear that her own mother might have rejected her for being a “runt”) and they have integrated well and swim around and frolic together in the community pool, with her mother Bibi acting protectively towards her which is also a good sign. I just love a good story with a happy ending.

So Fiona gained close to 400 pounds over 6 months and I checked my weight and I’ve lost 7 more pounds, now for a total of 49 pounds over 5 months, from the end of February to the end of July, and the best thing is I’m not even trying to lose weight; I’m not even dieting! I couldn’t lose this much weight even if I tried, even on diets I’ve never been able to lose this much, so I don’t question why……I just enjoy it! I call it my Stress Diet. All my “jiggly” parts are either shrunken down much smaller now or have disappeared, incl. flatter stomach, hardly any “bingo wings”,no double-chin, less flabby bits, rolls, “love handles”, “saddle bags”, etc… but the sad thing is though that I’ve also lost my big buffalo butt and I sort of liked my big ass and now it’s sort of flat and looks like it deflated…. maybe that’s why it also hurts alot more now whenever I sit for too long; I haven’t got all the padding there I used to!

I also discovered that looking at sunflowers is even more fascinating after you’ve had weed, and it was really hot( 34 C humidex) but after I’ve had weed for some reason I don’t “feel” the heat as much and am not as “sensitive” to it, so maybe my body temperature cools down or something, making me more “heat resistant”, but it’s the strangest thing, and then after a few hours once it wore off I was back to hot and sweaty again! I guess that’s why it’s so popular in Jamaica and other hot tropical places,too, so you’re not bothered as much by the heat! 🙂

I also got an e-mail from the medical marijuana supplier informing me of a new product and it sounds awesome: cannabis oil chewy gummies! You know, like those vitamins! The form I take it now is an oil taken with a dropper but this sounds like so much fun, like candy for potheads! My mother said kids would think it’s gummie bears and eat them but I’m sure that they have the child-proof lids on the bottle just like my cannabis oil does…duuuhhh….I think that would go without saying since it’s a drug and would be safe-guarded like any other medication…I also think the 14 YR old’s anti-depressant might be starting to work already (they said it takes 2 weeks but I noticed mine starting in just a few days, and my theory is the more severe the depression the sooner you notice the change) and I can just sense something different in her. She seems to have this light, this spark, that wasn’t there before. I mean it used to be there when she was her old self, before the depression and eating disorder took hold of her, but I haven’t seen it in the past 2-3 years…..I think the darkness just might be starting to clear…..oh, I sure hope so….

High As F*ck.

screen-shot-10-24-16-at-07-27-pm Yesterday I had more of my new cannabis oil and increased the dose gradually as recommended,and I got high as f*ck! The full effect wasn’t noticed by myself until about 3 HRS after I’d ingested it but then I started feeling “wobbly” , like “ripples” passing thru me,and my right eye started twitching and both my eyes felt heavy and it was hard to keep my eyelids open!  Then all the letters and words on my computer screen started getting elevated off the screen and moving around, and I kept hearing a bass even though there wasn’t any, followed by a song with the same words repeating over and over again but it wasn’t real. My brain was also “foggy” and I couldn’t remember anything, and I had trouble spelling while I was typing stuff on the computer,and having difficulty comprehending as I was reading,too,and I would keep re-reading the same sentence over and over again. I also started to feel really cold and chilled and I was shivering so I just went to bed and as I laid down to go to sleep weird thoughts ,patterns,and images were running thru my brain, like a twilight-sleep and I eventually fell into a deep sleep..

As well, I just found out today that for the past 3 weeks the 13 and 15 YR olds have been going to the dentist, and I have no issue with it but the point is that I never knew, that no one ever told me, and that I’m always the last to know anything and am never even told what goes on in my own family with my own kids, or where they are,and I’m always left out,pushed away, not included, informed, or consulted, and every time I try to be a part of things, include myself, be involved, interested, and in the “know” they always push me away, mock me, reject me, and make it even harder for me to even try the next time, causing me to withdraw into myself and distance myself from them even more!

I also applied for a new passport as mine expires in 2 months,and I used my BFF and my hubby as references, and my hubby jokes that if they call him he’ll tell them that I’m a “Russian spy” and I told him if he uses me as his reference then I’ll tell them that he’s a Jihadist with ISIS! I just hope it’s processed ok and not rejected and returned to me for correction like it usually is….I usually do something wrong…..this time they also have a 10 YR option as well as the usual 5 YR so that’s what I chose.

Cannabis Oil.

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-08-40-am I got the new cannabis oil I ordered!  I got the Indica strain as  it  has more relaxing and calming properties(as opposed to the Sativa) to also help my anxiety and nerves. The 40 ml bottle cost 80$ but then there was delivery and tax so it was 100$ total.It arrived just 2 days later, and comes with a dosing syringe. I started at the smallest dose and then waited to see if anything happened, if I could “feel” anything happening, feel it’s effects, know it was working, etc. I had a headache from my sinus infection and was curious to see as well if it would go away. So I took the ever-so-small dose,1/4 ml,  and it was a thick oily slightly sweet taste, with a slight “weed” taste to it. I waited…and waited…I didn’t feel any different but I had to give it time to digest….. 1 HR went by….then 90 min. went by….still nothing….I guess I don’t notice anything….

and then at exactly 1 HR 45 minutes after I’d ingested it……wham!! It just suddenly hit me, a sudden gush of warm, vibrating waves just came rushing at me and I started “rippling” along with the vibration and went with the flow….and so off I “sailed”…off and on….and I watched the  news in “3 D” only without the benefit of 3-D technology, I kept spacing out, I craved a carrot muffin and a chocolate bar, I heard church bells and rap music playing in my head, thinking in slow motion,danced around the kitchen, and I think may have time travelled too and am still feeling the effects of it now as I type this, so I’m not sure how long it lasts, but yes, they were right: it is much stronger(and at a lower dose) than the inhaled type of marijuana!(apparatnly it lasts longer,too) As long as it still gets rid of the migraines I’m good, and oh, it also knocked out that sinus headache that was plaguing me, and I  figured out how “The Blacklist” will end!

As well, my mother had to go to the pharmacy and quickly re-new her pills as she only had 2 of the insulin pills left but she  thought she had over a week left and figured she must have mis-counted, but she was right, she did originally have a week more; I took them that time I tried to kill myself, remember, only it didn’t work, and now she’s short a week’s pills, and she also sniggered that Buddy’s “never too far” from me so I replied like how the 9 YR old’s never too far from her and then she didn’t say a thing; she can dish it out but she can’t take it and she’s always making snide little comments like this to me!

When the kids are at the store and walk by the counter and hear lotto winners they also thought the machine said, “Winner! Daniel!Winner!” but in actual fact it was saying, “Winner! Gagnant! Winner!” with “gagnant” being “winner” in French, but they thought  they were saying “Daniel!” It’s so funny,  and the 15 YR old’s really tiny ( the perfect size for gymnastics and cheerleading) and the 17 YR old  jokingly teased her about her small size saying, “You’re so short even a midget can’t see you!” and I told her, “They like to be called “Little People!”

Fall Beauty.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-56-pm While I was taking Buddy for his walk I also brought my iPod along so I could take photos of the pretty trees, all coloured for fall. These are the ones along our street. This one is at the house 2 houses down from us.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pm-001 This one is down the street, around the corner, near where Patti used to live.When I was walking Buddy a guy walked by us and goes, “A wiener dog!” I also saw a movie called “Wiener-Dog” and Patti was horrified and said it was in “poor taste”, and that she’d heard it was “twisted”, “horrible”,and “downright disturbing” and that “no one who loves Dachshunds should watch it” but if she meant the scene where the dog had the suicide vest on it didn’t blow up though; the bomb was dis-armed in time, but I  just didn’t like the end of the movie where the dog got run over by the truck!

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pmThese are just down the street from us.My hubby said he saw the ambulance come and take “G.P” away again,too, my guess is she probably has a bowel obstruction or something. I wonder if this time they’ll finally find out what’s wrong with her? My mother said she’ll probably die first and then they’ll only find out later, during the autopsy. Soooo half-assed.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-54-pm This one is right across the street.My fave. is the maples that turn orange. My hubby says when all the leaves fall off and the trees are “naked” that it’s “tree porn.” He’s just so weird. Yes, I know.

screen-shot-10-18-16-at-02-55-pm-002 This is another house that I like so I took a picture of it. It’s right across the street actually from that other house I like. It’s kind of hard to really see it with all the vines covering it,although it makes it look “stately”  but it’s brick, has a tin roof, and has an unusual shape at the front that I like.

I also think I have a sinus infection as I’ve been stuffy for months, I get a sinus headache, my face crackles and hurts, and I blow out thick green snot(and my Dedushka was prone to sinus infections), and to try something new I ordered cannabis oil instead of my usual dried weed that I smoke in a joint or in my bong; I had my hubby calculate( since I can’t do math,and it makes my head hurt) the dosage and how much is in the bottle(40 ml) and how long it would last VS the cost VS the dried cannabis and the oil actually would last longer and end up saving $$$$ and no gross smell like when I smoke it either so I ordered 1 bottle to try…..as long as it still gets rid of the migraines just the same….