Def Leppard Concert!

DefLeppard The Def Leppard concert last was amazing! They’re the last band I wanted to see in concert on my Bucket List,too. We were originally only going to drive as far as Oshawa and park and take the GO train part way and then local transit except we were arguing about how to do it; I said to take the GO train to Union station and then get a streetcar or subway to the venue but he said to get off the GO train sooner and take a much longer drawn out way even though I used to live there and know where things are… we just ended up driving in and had no problem with traffic even with lane restrictions due to Pan Am and we got parking right at the venue which is at the old Ontario Place and we even had a nice view of the CN Tower ,too, which was lit up at night. On the way there we also stopped off to visit his dad, and it was my first time seeing him since he lost his leg and it was a hard thing for me to see. I’ve always liked his dad.

Tesla and Styx were the opening acts and it was my 2nd time seeing Styx. The entire concert was 4 HRS and it was outdoors, reminding me of the concerts at the grandstand at the Ex when I was a kid in the 70’s. Def Leppard played all of my fave. songs of theirs from the 80’s which brought back nostalgic memories and I was jumping up and down, dancing, yelling,and singing along, coming out of my “shell”, coming “alive”, feeling the music, a whole new person, enjoying myself, and getting lost in the music. We had 2 heavy downpours of rain but we were smart and brought rain ponchos and there was this guy who was brazen enough to even bring a BONG but security caught up with him and dragged him away and people were laughing their asses off.

Before the show started the line up was outrageous and stretches on forever and I had to pee so badly so I ran across the street to where the Ex is held and went to the Pan Am Park and went pee…..and ate dinner…. at a food vendor truck and had the most delicious Indian butter chicken….I never thought I’d say this but there’s something good about Pan Am afterall! On the way in we also stopped off at a mall in Oshawa and I found the Rasta and Ramones tanks I was looking for and the “Sock Monkey” sweater as well, and I even found 3 hippo collectibles( reduced half-price!) too!

I had an amaaaaaazing day!

The Tattoos.

HippoTattoo1 I want to get a hippo tattoo and I’ve decided it will be on my upper foot. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the summer and my hubby’s brother does tattoos so I’ll see if he can do it( maybe I can get a family discount?) and he says he’s getting in some new equipment soon! I like 2 tattoos I found online: the colourful one seen here….

HippoTattoo2… and the one seen here. I’m not sure yet which one; I haven’t decided yet. I guess it also depends which one he can do the best. He said I can either go to his place and get it done there or he can come here and I’m hoping he can come here since my hubby always complains that he has no time to drive me places and this way the kids can watch and see how tattoos are done; it can be an educational experience. You see, with homeschooling, everything becomes a school lesson!

I also had a weird dream I got shot in my lower right abdomen and as I went to the hospital for surgery to remove the bullet all they kept asking me was “What does it FEEL like to get shot?” and I told them, “It feels hot, burning, and stinging, and I didn’t even realize I WAS shot until I saw the blood and looked closer and saw the hole!” I saw a neighbour talking to one of the crazy rednecks as well and as I was walking Buddy I asked her if she’d mentioned anything about them threatening me earlier and she said no and added, “She seems really NICE!” and I said, “She DIDN’T seem too’nice’ when she was yelling and swearing at me!” and now I feel almost “betrayed”; like how can she “fall” for that “act” when really they’re bad news and just trying to “suck” her in?

Due to the stupid Pan Am Games it will be a traffic nightmare for us trying to get into the city to see the Def Leppard concert tomorrow as well with all the lane and street closures so my hubby decided we’ll only drive as far as Oshawa and then park the van and take the GO train into Toronto the rest of the way and then take the local TTC transit to the venue as we won’t be able to drive in that far and we were even sent in a travel  advisory from the concert venue and saying the only   parking in the area closes at 10 pm too….and the concert goes until 11 pm! I just hope that the GO train goes late enough for us to be able to get back to Oshawa in time after the concert to get the van….or else we’ll be stranded in Toronto all night…stupid Pan Am…. I hated redneck sports before, but now I hate it even more! All Pan Am is is an annoying inconvenience and traffic nightmare for all the people who live, work, and travel to the city! Nothing but a pain in the ass!!

My New Converse.

ConverseOrange I ordered this Chuck Taylor high tops Converse sneaker in orange online and I even got it on sale, for 20$ off,too! I LOVE this shoes and this style and I will now have 3 pair in the colours I wanted.

ConversePurple I also have this one: in purple.

ConversePink and this one in pink. My BFF calls them “Jimbo Shoes” as when we were kids this boy in our school named Jimbo used to wear the black ones.I still laugh when I think about that and she still remembers it,too! The French lilac perfume I ordered arrived as well and it cost me twice as much in shipping costs as it did for the perfume; I had to pay 40$ in shipping costs between shipping, duty tax, import fees and brokerage fees so a 20$ item ended up costing me over 60$! I hate it we always have to pay so much for everything here; it’s this country’s way of “punishing” us for not buying Canadian but you just can’t find the things you want here; we don’t have the selection they do elsewhere so you have to order from abroad and import everything! Canada sucks!

I also think I’m getting a yeast infection from swimming so much and being in my wet bathingsuit, and it’s the Def Leppard concert next week which is at an outdoor amplitheatre and it’s forecasted to not only rain but THUNDERSTORM! Just my “luck!” I’ll just have to pretend that it’s Woodstock all over again where it was raining and muddy! It’s also the last band on my Bucket List I want to see in concert so afterwards I can die. My mother saw her eye doctor as well for her 6 week post-Op check up and to arrange the cataract surgery for her other eye which will be in late September. He said there’s a 1/100 chance she will see worse, and a 1/1000 chance she will go blind, but with the first one she said she can see so well and so clearly out of that eye now she doesn’t even think she’ll even NEED glasses anymore now once she has the second eye done!


Clovers I love summer. I love everything about it( except for wasps and mosquitoes!) I love the long, hot, lazy, hazy days of summer. I love the smell of clovers, fresh cut grass, and wildflowers, the sounds of crickets and birds, laying on my back and looking up at the clouds or gazing up at the stars, swimming, laying out in the sun, lazing on the porch swing, outdoor concerts, BBQ’s, wearing flip-flops, suntanning, the smell of coconut oil, being barefoot, painted toenails, watermelon, flowers, my garden, ice cream, sunglasses, The “Ex”, being outside, thunderstorms, the beach, picnics, etc. With all the shit in my life I often wonder if I “deserve” to be happy but summer reminds me that I do.

As well, I heard on the radio that Def Leppard  is coming to Toronto next month and they’re the last band I want to see in concert I have left on my “Bucket List” so I got tickets! Eeeeee! My hubby groused ,”100$ a ticket?(and that’s the cheaper seats) What a rip-off!” but I said, “Well, how much are redneck HOCKEY tickets? You’d go see THAT……” and he shut up! I also have a bad migraine which I haven’t had in a long time as my meds have virtually eliminated them but a few times a YR I still have a few that break thru and this is one of those times and nothing is getting rid of it, not even my “migraine busting” pill, and now the 17 YR old is learning guitar as well as the 13 and 20 YR olds,too!

I also saw the crazy redneck’s crazy dog again only someone else was walking it this time and she was ok and kept telling it to shut up( when it saw Buddy it went berserk again, barking like crazy) and another neighbour in his driveway came out (hearing it barking)and asked me if everything was ok, esp. given what happened last time and I said it was, and I’ve never even seen him before but I guess around here news travels fast so everyone knows, but they’re all on my side and it seems all the neighbours are looking “out” for me now in case the crazy rednecks threaten me again, and Patti said she really likes my new hair and it looks “elegant” and with my tan I “look like a Negro” ( the 17 and 20 YR olds say the same thing,too, only using a not-so-nice word) and she said she saw the Rolling Stones in concert in 1970 too which is so cool! The 13 YR old’s BFF’s mother is also taking them to a salon for their grade 8 graduation to get their hair done as well as manicures and pedicures which is also combined for her birthday gift and she’s so excited she can hardly wait!

Def Leppard.

DefLeppard Seeing Def Leppard live in concert is one of the things on my Bucket List(seeing Rush play live is as well) so when I heard that they were coming to Ottawa in May I got excited hoping that maybe they’d be coming to Toronto( which is closer and close enough for us to drive to; Ottawa’s too far) as well and I could finally see them so I went to their official website to check out their tour dates and sure enough they DO have other Canadian dates….seemingly almost everywhere EXCEPT Toronto, even though it’s the biggest city! Seriously, WTF? They’re in Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, even smaller places like London and godforsaken Saskatoon of all places….but NOT Toronto! I couldn’t believe it! Just my luck! I’m so pissed off. I STILL don’t get to see them! Doesn’t it figure? Whenever I hear any of their songs it takes me back to the 80’s and happy memories.

The 15 and 20 YR olds are also sick with some virus, we got snow, my hubby got my mother a Christmas gift even though he’d decreed that only the 3 youngest kids get gifts this YR and the rest of us don’t as we’re putting the $$$$ together instead to pay for our oldest’s fare so he can come up and visit us for Christmas and his excuse was he’d already ordered it earlier but still, fair is fair, and she was trying to get me to do her stuff again as well( she always tries to pawn off her work on others and make other people do everything for her and be her slave) and when I told her to do it herself she goes, “How HARD is it?” and I told HER, “Well, if it’s not that hard, then you can do it yourself, right?” Buddy was a good boy too and barked at me to get my attention and when I asked him what it was he indicated for me to follow him so I did and he went to the door and stood there so I let him out and right away he went out and did a shit so he was telling me he had to go out! How smart is that?

My hubby told me as well about us not wanting to move and relocate he said we “can’t be too picky” as jobs are scarce but so is finding a new doctor if we move,too; it took me a YEAR to find the ones I have NOW and I’m not going thru that again and with all my medical issues I NEED a doctor, but if he had to relocate for a job he’d be the only one moving anyway, the rest of us don’t want to move, unless we’d end up splitting up into 2 groups, the ones that want to stay here and the ones that don’t mind moving, which I think would only possibly be the 20 YR old as job opportunities for him would be better elsewhere but it’s not a good time for anyone else, but maybe Patti and I could even be room mates, who knows, although we don’t want to sell the house, either.