screen-shot-02-26-17-at-08-38-am Guess what I’ve been doing for the past few days? Waiting for and watching for April the giraffe to have her baby! Me, along with some 20 million other people are following the live stream online from the Animal Adventure Park in New York as she awaits the birth of her 4 th calf.(baby giraffes, like hippos,are called calves)She’s 15 YRS old and her “husband” Oliver is only 5 YRS old( a younger man! woo-hoo!) and giraffes are pregnant for 15 months! (hippos are for 8 months)Holy shit! and can be in labour for 10 days,and I thought my 24 HR labour (and 4 days over-due)with my first child was long! The babies are born front hooves first, followed by the snout(whereas hippos are born tail first), and are 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds at birth and start to walk right away and are born with their eyes open, unlike puppies and kittens whose eyes don’t open until they are around 2 weeks old.Hippos also weigh 150 pounds and have their eyes open at birth and walk right away.

So far, nothing yet; no baby. Some people sit there and watch for HRS, but I just go back and forth and check in. Giraffes apparantly lead very boring,dull lives; all they do is pace back and forth and stand around,and I guess so do I, since I’m staring at my computer screen for days waiting for a giraffe to give birth, so what can I say? I have no life,either.  The 15 YR old loves giraffes, like how I love hippos, and the more I look at April, I see truly what a beautiful animal she is and how magnificent giraffes really are, but of course I still like hippos more. I was thinking too: wouldn’t it be funny if she really wasn’t even prego and it’s actually just a social experiment, like a university Sociology class or something conducting an experiment to see how many people they can get to watch and how long they’ll hang on before they finally give up,and there’s someone laughing their ass off somewhere at all of us waiting and watching for a baby that will never actually arrive?

As well, the 17 YR old was at Niagara Falls all weekend with Cadets, and I went online to get my blood work results and everything’s normal except for the kidney function test,which shows I have mild kidney failure, likely caused by my high BP (even though I’m on medication for it) or my migraine medication which can cause kidney damage but I see the internal medicine doctor this week so he’ll decide what we do from here and I expect I’ll have to take my failing kidneys in for further testing….

My friend P also turned 50 and for her milestone birthday her boyfriend’s taking her on a cruise( and they just went to Mexico over Christmas,too!) and I got nothing special for my 50th but no one loves me and my family sucks, and in church yesterday my fave. priest was there so I went to Confession to prepare for Lent which starts this week, and there was this little kid sitting 3 rows ahead of me,too,and he kept  turning around and staring at me, probably thinking, I wonder if that’s a man or a woman? and Man, is she ever ugly! and the priest and in the bulletin they were asking us to donate more$$ as well even though the Church is rich and it made me feel bad because I’m so poor and I hardly even have $$$ to buy clothes or much of anything yet I still tithe 10% of my income yet it’s still not enough…

I’m also like that Ozzy Osbourne song Dreamer, ” I’m a dreamer, I dream my life away…” and I’m still hoping that one day my Prince will come, and maybe some day life will be worth living again if someone loves me.