Pretty Gowns.

G1 My 14 YR old( who just LOVES fashion and clothes!) will love this blog post! It’s pretty gowns that I like, and that I’ve “pinned” on Pinterest. I would love to have them but of course would have no place to actually wear them. Enjoy!









Pretty Dresses.

PinkGown I love this pretty pink gown actress Diane Kruger is wearing. It’s modest yet elegant. I’ve never seen her wear anything revealing and she just goes to show that dressing modestly and classy is what makes a lady, unlike most people today that dress sleazy, showing off their parts, having their boobs hang out, baring their bellies,and having skirts and dresses that are way too short. Isn’t the lace just lovely,and the pink colour beautiful?

PurpleGown This long purple velvet gown is another beautiful dress she’s wearing and is something that Princess Grace of Monaco would have worn. Worthy of royalty, simple yet elegant. These are the kinds of dresses that I like; stunning, lovely, feminine colours, and gorgeous fabrics, yet don’t show off too much skin. It’s too bad that other Hollywood stars don’t dress like Diane Kruger.


As well, my mother and I sitting outside on the front veranda she commented that we remind her of those old judges on The Muppet Show that always sit up on the balcony, and after 2 days of 30 C temps and feeling like in the 40’s and 3 days straight of thunderstorms today is finally cooler with a high of only 13 C (more seasonal temps) and to cool off from now on, and sad as well: our oldest has a funeral to go to: his friend’s( who’s older than him) 9 YR old daughter was killed in a car crash! That’s one thing that I’ll NEVER be able to understand or accept: why kids have to die,and nothing is worse than losing a child; that’s a pain, scar, sorrow, loss,and hurt that never heals. I also heard on the news that over the last YR at a hospital  over 3000 CT scans and mammograms were somehow “misread” by a radiologist( who’s been there for over 30 YRS) and now have to all be re-read,and people that were told that their scans were clear may actually HAVE cancer afterall (and not have received needed treatment as a result!) I SWEAR this country is sooo half-assed and the health care in this country is a JOKE!! Everyone is just so incompetent! If you want decent health care you have to go somewhere else to get it,and the best thing about this country is when you LEAVE!!