Thursday Thoughts.


Screenshot_198 Social Phobia.





Screenshot_207 I do this all the time! “You know who you are!!”

Screenshot_208 Me, all except for the crystals part. 🙂


Screenshot_210 Try looking in-between the sofa cushions….


Screenshot_214 Public school summed up.



Screenshot_217 We have lots of NUTS on our family tree !!  😀





As well, today starts the 4 day Adventure in Toronto for my hubby (as it turns out, he got this whole week off for vacation!) and most of the kids. Him, the 17 YR old and the 15 YR old will meet up with the second-oldest and then they will  also meet up with the 19 YR old and the 21 YR old who take trains in. Today they’re going to the CNE (The Ex) and tomorrow the girls go to the Ed Sheeran concert. Not my kind of music but I still hope they have fun. It will also be their very first– ever concert so they will get to experience for the first time ever the wonderful incredible, amazing, mind-altering experience of a live music concert. My hubby never saw the joy and wonder of it, but I’m hoping they will,like how I do, how you just feel the music, how you absorb it and it just becomes a part of your heart and soul, of your very being.  Hopefully this will be one of those memories that lasts a lifetime. Then they also go to FanExpo. It also gives me a few quiet days at home with less people, less noise, less stress, and not having to prepare any meals.

I’m also shocked and dumbfounded as well to find out one of my Facebook friends whose husband just died just a mere 6 months ago is in a new relationship already! Shit! That sure didn’t take long! This is the same one that thought she had her first grandchildren but it turned out her son wasn’t the father. This woman is in her 60’s and an upright, good Christian woman. You think she’d know better and have more respect than that and show some class. I think it’s still way too soon. I just hope too that it’s not some kind of con man or something taking advantage of the “poor widow” in distress….There was an ambulance and fire truck in front of my neighbour L’s house across the street from us last night too and they were there 30 minutes or so too so it worries me and I hope her and her husband are all right and it wasn’t anything serious! Them and us are the only last ones of the “originals” left on our street from when we first moved here 15 YRS ago.


Screen Shot 08-05-17 at 06.57 PM This is the 16 YR old in her Zelda cosplay costume that she made entirely herself (except for the wig, which she ordered) for this year’s Fan Expo. She designed and sewed it all herself and even made the elf ears! I think it turned out really well and she did a good job. All the kids and my hubby make their costumes for it and they said that it’s sort of a rule; you have to make your own costume; it’s kind of like “cheating” it you buy one, and that making it is half the fun. She’s the first one to finish, and the 14 YR old’s almost done, with my hubby going to be the last-minute one as usual, likely just putting the last stitch in the morning of the event, as they’re rushing out the door… I still remember the one year the 19 YR old’s wig just arrived in the mail that same morning, just minutes before they were to leave for Toronto. Talk about last minute! They get so excited about Fan Expo; it’s like the highlight of their year, but I don’t see what the big deal is and never got into it. Oh, well. Everyone has different interests.

I also smelled a skunk during the night(I had my window open) and it was soooo bad it woke me up and I’d thought that Buddy had actually done a gross diarrhrea on my bedroom carpet it was so strong, but when I got up I checked and there was nothing there…and then later my mother told me that she smelled skunk last night,too, so it must have been on our front porch or something. Man, it was brutal.

Screen Shot 08-04-17 at 10.53 AM

Finally after over a month our pool water is clear and blue at long last,too! The trick was when we “shock” it 1-2 times a week ( dump liquid chlorine in) instead of just putting the usual 1 jug in we hit it with 4 jugs at a time, and that did it; it just took time. Finally! At last! In church they also had orange roses on the altar and they are another of my fave. flowers along with lilacs and sunflowers, esp. the mini “sweetheart” ones,and I still remember my aunt having them around, which is probably where I first started liking them from, and we have our new priest now as well but he wasn’t at the evening Mass I went to but he was at the morning one the girls went to and he’s young; in his 30’s, but I never got to see him yet, but hopefully soon…. I also had to walk to church again because my hubby was busy. It seems to be the new norm now.

The thought also occurred to me that since I’m such an ugly-looking woman that maybe I would have been better off being a guy, maybe then I would have at least been better looking and made a better-looking guy, esp. with my long face and masculine features, and big build, and I look like a guy in “drag” anyway, and if it weren’t for the fact that I have boobs people would probably think I was a dude. I wonder if I even have some male hormones? It might explain my manly features….shit…. even drag queens looks more feminine and prettier than I ever will.

What If I’m Wrong?

Screen Shot 09-04-16 at 11.37 AM I’ve always thought my entire life, ever since I was a kid, that I would die before I’m 50, and if that’s true then it’s going to be really soon as I’m running out of time as I turn 50 in January. I’d just always had a feeling, and thought, hoped, assumed,planned, and accepted it……

But what if I’m wrong?

What if all this time I was wrong and I don’t ? What if January and my birthday comes and goes and I turn 50 and I’m still here? Then what? I hadn’t counted on that or planned that far. I have no “back up plan”, I can’t even  imagine YRS, or even worse, decades still left to live; what will I do with myself? I hadn’t planned on living that long…but what if it turns out I’m wrong and I don’t die before I’m 50 afterall? I had never really considered it before and just sort of always assumed it, but now it’s really close  the thought occurred, what if  not? Then what?

For one thing I will be really disappointed, let-down, and pissed-off. I don’t want to live any longer than I  have to and the sooner I go, the better. If I turn 50 and I’m still here I’m going to be really mad and I’ll never hear the end of it from my family,too; but why would I  have that life-long feeling if it weren’t true though?(and I had the same kind of feeling for YRS we’d have a fire too and we did) I still have a few short months left to “test” the theory but if it proves to be wrong I don’t know what I’m going to DO…..

Screen Shot 09-04-16 at 07.28 PM Here is also a picture of some of the guys at FanExpo in their hand-made costumes.I think my hubby looks kind of like Ozzy Osbourne, ha,ha! I have absolutely no idea who they’re supposed to be; some anime characters. They got back home in time for my hubby to pick me up after church but he still didn’t and I had to walk and I was all hot,tired,and out of breath and I was mad; he could have at least picked me up so I’d only have to walk the one way,  and for lunch we ordered in pizza too and could only have 2 pieces each and of course my mother snatched up the biggest piece and her one piece was as big as both of mine together(plus she had another one as well) so I wrote “pig” on a note and put it on her pizza….and then she wrote a note for me that said “Pothead” and left it on my place-setting.

Walking home from church yesterday I almost got hit by a car too as I was daydreaming and not paying attention and that happens alot; my head’s always up in the clouds, and who says fantasies, dreams, and rich imaginations are only for kids? No way! I *still* have an active fantasy life and lively imagination and you’re never too “old” to dream! I happen to like living in my head and I prefer it as it’s better than my reality.


Ripley’s Aquarium And Fan Expo.

Aquarium1 Here are some photos from when my hubby and most of the kids went on their 4 day adventure to the aquarium and FanExpo. Here is a stingray.It looks like he’s smiling for the camera!

Aquarium2 I have no idea what these are, but don’t they look cool? Maybe some type of coral? They brought the camera on their adventure but forgot it in the hotel room but luckily everyone had their iPods with them so they were still able to take pictures.

Aquarium3 Here’s a really neat-looking blue fish of some sort…

Aquarium4 A jellyfish. I still remember when I got stung 3 TIMES by jellyfish swimming in the Caribbean. Those suckers HURT!

Aquarium5 Clown fish. Makes me think of “Finding Nemo.”

FanExpo1 At “FanExpo”. Here is the 12 YR old and the 20 YR old in their costumes. I have no idea what characters they are as I’m not into that sort of thing. Oh, well. Everyone made their own costumes by hand. The 20 YR old just did the easiest thing possible. Because LAZY.

FanExpo2Here is the 16 YR old, some random guy who joined the photo, the 17 YR old, the 12 YR old, the 14 YR old,and my hubby.The voice actor that voices the character my hubby was dressed as loved his costume and ran over to him, arms open wide, joyfully shouting, “My brother!!” People also kept stopping him to take pictures.

Hello Kitty.

HelloKittyPink I heard on the news that one of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty creator’s said that she actually isn’t a cat afterall but is supposed to be a little girl! WHAT? Are they KIDDING? She sure looks like a cat with her pointy ears and whiskers, not to mention the fact that her name is KITTY! So here I thought all these YRS ( along with everyone else) that she was a cat….and now this? This is just beyond a total mindf*ck and now it makes me doubt and question everything that I’ve ever thought and believed my entire LIFE. It’s so disillusioning. How can she NOT be a cat and what little girl looks like a  a cat,anyway? This is just plain wrong and it really pisses me off is what it does. I’ve always loved Hello Kitty and when I was a kid I had an entire dresser and shelf full of the stuff; stuffed toys, little drawers, pencils, erasers,stickers, pencil cases, jewellery, etc. and when I lived in California I just LOVED the Sanrio store in the Beverly Center mall; it was my dream store; everything was Hello Kitty! You know, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that; why did they have to say that now, after some 37 YRS, that she’s NOT a cat? That was just plain mean.

As well, I had this weird thing on my kneecap under the skin that looked like a tapioca bead and it didn’t itch or hurt and I was able to move it and “chase” it all over and around my knee and I wondered if it might have been a cyst and I showed my mother and my hubby as well, and intended to show it to my doc when I have my app’t to see him next week for my med renewal….but an HR later it was just….gone….so I don’t know if it just maybe popped and dissolved or something on it’s own or perhaps it’s maybe something more sinister, like a blood clot or something that’s in the vein and has travelled  along in the bloodstream and has moved elsewhere? I’m also having a really hard time trying to locate a hippo calendar for 2015 both in stores AND online, and my hubby and 5 of the kids( the teens) are at FanExpo in Toronto( you couldn’t PAY me to go to that nerdfest) and the 16 YR old’s wig he needed for his costume( that he’d ordered from China 2 MONTHS ago) just came yesterday morning, right on time, right before they left,too, talk about last minute, and with any luck we might get Buddy soon as well as Patti said she’s going up to her son’s this long weekend and will be bringing him back with her……ooooh, I sure  hope so…..I get excited at just the thought, at just the possibility….

The Fearless Squirrel.

SquirrelBlog We have this squirrel (seen here) that comes right up on to our veranda and comes right up close to us. Here he is eating something he found in the garbage can and we got up close enough to him to get a good photo and when we throw popcorn down on the carpet for him to eat he comes right up to us; he’s fearless! He also jumped right up onto my mother’s lap as she was sitting and scared the bejesus out of her and the 11 YR old said she wanted to touch his tail( to see what it felt like) saying it was on her “Bucket List”,and got upset and sulked and cried when I wouldn’t let her, saying it’s a wild animal and it could bite her defending itself and you never know if it could have rabies and I don’t want her to die or to have to go to the hospital and get those painful rabies shots in her stomach for 10 days,either! She said I was being “mean” but as it turned out later on he stuck his head in an empty chip bag and got stuck in there with only his tail sticking out so that was her chance; it was safe to quickly touch his tail and he wasn’t able to bite so both of us did; me and her, and we filmed it for proof and he didn’t even flinch and then later he started rolling around in the bag before he finally got out! It was so funny! We saw a dead black squirrel on the road later as well and my mother was convinced it was him because he’s fearless but luckily it wasn’t because he returned again shortly after!

I also went to Patti’s house again and this time she was home; her daughter answered the door and said she was sick up in bed but I could go up to see her and I was right : she had a bad infection from her tooth that spread and had to go in the hospital for IV antibiotics and then she was allergic to it and had hives all over and then her osteoperosis meds inter-acted with her prednisone and was weakening her and making her sick and they said would have killed her soon and she and I both wondered why neither the pharmacist or her rheumatologist  picked up on this BEFORE( people here are so half-assed though!) and she ‘s starting to feel better just now, after 2 weeks and was happy to see me and glad for the visit and even gave me a  hug. The 11 YR old had pus when her pimple got squeezed as well but she thought it was sperm, my mother said if our water bill’s TOO high( from re-filling the pool earlier with the leak) we can’t pay it so we’ll have to cancel one of the tours on our trip to cover it, the 16 YR old wore his “porra” (which is the F-Word in Portuguese) shirt into a Christian store and the clerk asked him what it said and he didn’t have the heart to tell him so he just said, “Uhhh, I don’t know….” and my hubby’s such a nerd he’s going overboard dressing up in costume as some anime character for the upcoming FanExpo( I dubbed “Nerd Fest”) as well; he’s even shaving OFF his beard and moustache as the character doesn’t have it! I’ve seen him without a beard before(even though he’s had one for YRS) but I’ve NEVER even seen him without his moustache! He’s had it as long as I’ve known him! He’ll look so weird without it! He won’t even look like himself anymore!