screen-shot-01-28-17-at-08-54-am   I think every mother dreams of having a

little girl that they can dress up, love, and  be extra close to, a daughter where they will share a special bond, a close relationship, the kind of love so intense when you look at them you feel like your heart might burst. I was lucky enough to have that with the now 13 YR old when she was younger, before she grew up and got older and “out-grew” me and decided that she didn’t love me or need me anymore.

screen-shot-01-28-17-at-08-55-am I just love these photos of us when she was little. She was so loving, so cuddly, so clingy,and she followed me around like a dog. She was literally my shadow. She was just soooo affectionate,too, and always ready with a hug or a kiss, telling me how much she loved me and I felt like the Most Important Person In The World to her.Looking at them brings back happy memories.(can you see the love in her eyes?)

screen-shot-01-28-17-at-08-56-am We had special Cuddle Time every morning as she was waking up and every night as she was in bed getting ready to fall asleep. We had our own little fun jokes,skits,parodies, games, nick-names, inside-jokes, rituals, songs, inventions, secret codes, etc. and she knew that when she was afraid she could come to me and that if she was sad, or hurt, or worried, and I was always there to comfort her. She knew she didn’t have to be afraid to talk to me about anything.

screen-shot-01-28-17-at-08-57-am-001 Then suddenly one day she grew up and became a teenager and she began to withdraw from me and she no longer played our silly little games or confided anything in me anymore or told me she loved me, and, in fact, now she even hides things from me and lies right to my face, and you can forget about cuddling; no more hugging and kissing allowed; I’m not even allowed to touch her now, and she doesn’t really talk much,either, other than the occasional grunt passing by, or a toss of the hair or maybe a stomp or eye-roll.It feels like I’ve lost her.

really miss the way things used to be. I miss the closeness we used to have. It was never my  idea to lose it in the first place.still love her just as fiercely and just as strong as I always did.

I  mourn  it. I grieve it. I still keep hoping we can get it back again someday.It’s a deep, deep loss.I hope she’ll “out-grow” the not loving me and not needing me part someday.

As well, I also heard this cool name on the news : Boketsu Boekwa  and I just thought it was the coolest name ever, the way it just flows off your tongue, and so exotic and mysterious-sounding. I wish I had a cool name like that! My real name is very clearly ethnically European  and I do like  it, but it’s not exotic like Boketsu Boekwa! Maybe secretly in my head it can be my alter-ego or something…..ha,ha….the mysterious globe-trotter,and I was sickened to hear US Prez Trump has BANNED People from several mainly Muslim countries from coming to the USA, to immigrate and to travel, and this is clearly discrimination and reminds me of how Nazi Germany treated the Jews….maybe this can even be taken to the Human Rights Tribunal at the Hague, or something?

Police State.

PoliceStateCanada This country is becoming more and more of a Fascist Police State all the time. We have less and less privacy, rights,and freedom and more and more is being tightly banned, regulated,and controlled by the gov’t. The gov’t has a tight control on scientists and everything the gov’t does is highly secret with little or no disclosure to the public or the media. It also charges us one of the highest tax rates in the world, income tax, sales tax, duty fees, and import tariffs, for example a 300% import tariff on all dairy products from other countries, and severely limits foreign trade and investment using the excuse that Canadian interests must always come first and Canadian “identity” must not be compromised,etc. This ,of course, causes bad trading relations between us and other nations and limits the choices and selection of products that consumers here have and causes the prices to be outrageously high.

Another example is TV cable and satellite options. There are only 2: Bell and Shaw for satellite and Rogers and Cogeco for cable, depending which part of the country you live in. You are limited to one or the other; take it or leave it and only a few limited choices for cell phone companies as well; they have a monopoly and control the market so there’s basically no competition and the prices are outrageously high,and of course the quality can( and often is) shoddy and half-assed but there’s nothing we can do about it since there’s no other alternative. Awhile back an American wireless company( I think it was Verizon) tried to enter the market but the gov’t blocked it citing it “endangered” Canadian companies, even though it would be BETTER for customers as it would give us more and better choices( esp. as Canadian stuff is generally sub-quality) at lower prices. Air Canada is another great example: the national airline but also the WORST airline I have EVER encountered( with the worst service and known for the worst at losing luggage,too) and I will NEVER use ever again(I’d rather swim across the ocean!!) with only 2 smaller companies WestJet and Porter Airlines to compete but Air Canada still has something like 90% of the market so they can get away with being shitless.

Police also routinely beat and abuse citizens all the time, generally tasering and shooting them( often killing them) and get away with it and shady gov’t officials are always getting away with lying, cheating, stealing, scandals, etc. Natives are treated like second-class citizens and anyonewho isn’t “main stream” is persecuted, immigrants are discriminated against, religion is harrassed, Child Welfare officials are above the law, public schools brainwash and indoctrinate kids, etc.

Canada sucks. It’s NOT this “free”, wonderful place they want you to think.

Things are not always as they appear.

Racist Quebec.

Hijab Quebec is now trying to pass a controversial new law called The Charter Of Values (which ironically proves that they DON’T have any values) that will prohibit any visible sign of religion and religious identity in the workplace and in public, incl. the Muslim hijab(such as pictured here), the Sikh turban, the Jewish yarmulke, the Hindu tilaka, the Christian cross necklace, etc. and shockingly some 68% of people actually APPROVE, but Quebec has always been a xenophobic, anti-immigration, and anti-English place, so now they hate everyone equally but this new law goes against the Canadian Charter of Rights, not to mention that it’s racist, discriminatory, hateful, bigoted,  persecutes religion , violates human rights,and creates an us VS them mentality. I think the whole idea of it is  to drive immigrants, foreigners, minorities, religious,and all non-French out of the province in droves, which alot of them said they plan to DO; to leave en masse, saying if it becomes a choice between their work or their religion that they’ll choose their religion as they won’t give up symbols of their faith and their religious identity. Good for them!

Fortunately several religious groups and human rights groups are going to fight this in court, as is the federal gov’t as well; going to take Quebec to court as it’s illegal and infringes upon people’s human rights and religious rights of freedom and expression. I fear of what’s next as well: the next step: banning all worship; shutting down all churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, etc. and driving religion underground completely! Quebec is very fascist and always has been; when immigrants move there they don’t have the choice to send their kids to French OR English schools like we do in the rest of the country; they’re forced to send them to French schools only and English is practically banned in Quebec( or at least English signs are) and their French nationalism has gotten waaay out of hand.Authorities also go door-to-door hunting down homeschoolers( it reminds me of the German  Gestapo in WWII looking for Jews) and take them to court, forcing them to send their kids to public school and if they don’t comply they take the kids away from their parents, and they even force kids under school-age into daycare as well( even if they have stay-at-home mothers!) NOT allowing them to stay home, not wanting the influence of their family; wanting them to be under State control right from birth, to be indoctrinated and brainwashed right from the beginning!

Our oldest lived in Montreal for 5 YRS going to university and he said Quebec is “A great place for students” but it’s NOT so “great” for minorities, immigrants, religion, homeschoolers, families, or freedom, so I guess you just go to university and then get the hell OUT! What the federal gov’t should do is stop ALL federal funding,special rights, and programs to Quebec(and they get more than all the other provinces combined! They are the whiny spoiled brat of the country!) unless they abandon this public ban on religion. Better yet, LET them separate from the rest of the country like they want!  Good riddance! It would save the rest of us alot of trouble( AND alot of $$$$; without them bleeding us dry we might even be able to pay off the national debt,too!)Who NEEDS their bigotry and hatred anyway! While the rest of the country goes out of it’s way to not offend or discriminate against the gays Quebec is hell-bent on crushing religious rights, freedom,and expression.

Just when I think Canada couldn’t possibly suck any MORE……