The Coat.

Screen Shot 10-13-17 at 04.33 PM Check this out! The 16 YR old  designed the pattern , the style, created, sewed, and made this coat entirely on her own! It took her 2 days. Isn’t it just amazing? It looks so nice and snug and warm,too! The 14 YR old(who also sews and has been sewing for years, even before the 16 YR old started) likes it so much that she’s also going to “twerk” it a bit and redesign it a bit and make a similar one for herself in another colour. I’d heard it was going to be red but then it would look like Santa Claus’ outfit so perhaps another colour might be a better choice… and yes, she plans on studying fashion design when she graduates highschool,and she’s currently in grade 11. She has designed and created several clothing items and fashion and also has a blog on beauty and fashion, and who knows, maybe one day in the future she’ll have her own little boutique downtown in a city somewhere with her own creations?

I also had this weird headache that felt like a sharp stabbing pain in the back of my head on the left side, much like the one I had behind my right eye awhile ago I’m sure must have something to do with when I fainted and fell and hit my head hard on the floor 2 weeks ago and haven’t been “right” since ( not that I was before, only now I notice even more so) and my forgetfulness and memory is much worse now as well and all I want to do is sleep. So I took weed to get rid of the headache( which works when nothing else does) which it did but then half of my mind floated away with it,too, but at least I didn’t have the headache anymore! 🙂

I was watching the nightly news as well and had the sports muted like I always do because it’s redneck and I hate it and it annoys me and my hubby knows this so he turns it back on just to annoy me so I muted it again and we kept going back and forth in a remote control war of muting and un-muting, back and forth,and  I told him he can listen to it all he wants on his radio or news, I don’t care, when I’m not there, but not on mine; don’t want to hear it and this is my turn and to stop ruining my show for me,and then he groused in an attempt to threaten me, I’m not doing anything for you! which made me laugh actually because he hardly does anything for me now anyway other than drive me to church which he rarely even does anymore now anyway,and it’s been weeks too since I’d asked him to pick me up coconut oil the next time he was in the area(which he has been, a few times) but he could never be bothered because it’s just something for me, not a priority, not important, and doesn’t matter, and I think as well he’s probably waiting to hear back about my biopsy hoping I do have cancer afterall and not too long to live and then he won’t have to buy it at all….

F*ck him.

My hubby also programmed his Google something-or-other ( I forget what’s what it’s called; it’s this little inter-active electronic Smart device that works with your TV, phone, voice command, etc, and plays music, the radio, gives you info, writes you a list, etc..) so that it won’t turn off on my command, if it hears my voice; normally you say, Ok, Google, stop and it stops, only it doesn’t for me, no matter how many times I say it or how loud I say it. Once I yelled in exasperation, SHUT THE F*CK UP!!  and it did but only for awhile and then came back on,(it’s just like the kids; they don’t shut up when you tell them to,either!!)and then he uses it to torture me too by having it play redneck country music (that he knows I hate!!) when I’m in the room just to piss me off and then I can’t even turn it off so I just either end up unplugging it or turning off the power bar to get it to stop. See the kind of thing I always have to put up with from him? He’s what my mother refers to as a shit-disturber(and unfortunately the boys are all like that,too, learning from his bad example), always purposely doing or saying things that he knows will provoke, goad, annoy, bug, upset, or trigger me; he’s just an asshole and he’s always doing things like this just to piss me off, and then he wonders why I hate him and just try to avoid him?

F*ck him.

Back From California.

Screen Shot 07-07-17 at 02.01 PM The 22 YR old (seen here with his GF, and this photo was taken by her mother) is now back home after 2 months in California. He had a nice time and he stayed with his GF and her family. He said they had something planned and went somewhere and did something every day and went out to eat every day for lunch or dinner, and at nice classy places,too, but despite that his fave. restaurant was In ‘n Out. He didn’t get that from me!  I like the fancy stuff! They also helped her grandparents move, and went to different cities, to a Korn concert, to watch TV shows taped live, went to the beach, camping ,etc. He had a really good time but now he’s sad and misses his GF. He’ll see her again soon though as she’s coming here for school in September.

He also said he spend so much time in the sun( he’s not used to; he never goes out in the sun, not even in the summer, he can’t stand it when it gets too hot, unlike me, who’s always outside) one time he even spent 7 HRS at the beach and he got really sick, he got sun poisoning, which is an extreme sunstroke; he was vomiting, had a fever, headache, was disoriented, dehydrated, and so sunburned that his skin was bubbling, blistering, and peeling, and when water was poured on him steam came off, and he was in so much pain that he couldn’t sleep for 2 days!Ouch!

Screen Shot 07-07-17 at 08.05 AMThe 16 YR old also made this dress entirely herself, right from scratch. She hopes to be a fashion designer and has already made several other dresses, PJ’s, shirts, skirts, shorts,etc. She made her own pattern ,designed it herself and sewed it, all within a few HRS. The 14 YR old also enjoyed her first week of performing arts camp and this is the 18 YR old’s last summer at camp teaching as well as the last summer her and her friends will have together at camp before everyone goes off in all different directions and to different cities for university, starting a new stage in their lives.



Guest Post.

Today is a guest post from the 16 YR old’s blog, High HeelsN HighFashion which you can find here:

At The Fair With A Fashion Flair!

Hello Lovelies!

Last weekend I went to a fair and obviously I couldn’t go in a basic t-shirt and jeans that’s so not me! I had to go all out as always and be the most fashionable person there! So I went through my closet and put together this cute outfit, it’s fun and fashionable, also very simple so it’s great for going on those rides and not messing up my outfit.



Here’s your first look at my outfit. It was pretty chilly out and I knew I’d be out until about 10PM so I had to dress according to the weather. I decided a cute flowy Peasant blouse and jeans would be a good fit. And for the sake of the blog post I had a hat on because It just made the look but I never wore it to the fair since I’d blow away. I found this hat at Roots in the Fall and it’s just so cute! I made a blog post about awhile back if you wanna see that look.




The only jewelry I wore with my outfit was this gold necklace that has a little red ruby kind of gem in it. I didn’t wear any other jewelry because A. I’m going to a fair and don’t wait it to get stuck or tangled or anything. And B. The shirt is very detailed and I don’t want the jewelry messing that up also the sleeves are super long so you wouldn’t really see any bracelets or anything like that.




My purse here I found at a sidewalk sale last summer or the summer before that. So I have no clue where it really is from or the brand unfortunately. But It is a very cute bag and perfect for going to the fair because it’s small and cross body so I can carry it easily and it’s not big and heavy so it can only carry the essentials.



Lastly I have my wedge heels. These are Juliet + James or was it Juliet + Justine. Honestly I forget and the bottoms are pretty worn out so I can’t make out the name fully on the inside of the shoe. But they’re Juliet + J-something rather.. Either way they’re super cute shoes and everyone needs a nice pair of wedge heels for the summer.



That’s it for my post! I hope you enjoyed. Below I listed where I bought everything so be sure to check it out and maybe look around for similar things and get inspired! Make sure you follow my blog to see more outfits and other fabulous posts! I really want to try and post weekly on Fridays but we’ll see how it goes. And if you want to see even more fashion and beauty related posts by me subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow my other social media, and I’ll see you next time.

Where To Get:

Top + Jeans : Garage

Hat: Roots

Necklace: Aliexspress

Heels: Juliet + Justine or was it Juliet + James???


xoxo Kaitlyn



screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-24-pm I wore my new dress to church,and I got it from this new cool place I discovered that sells funky clothes in the style I love. It’s called Buykud and they’re in Singapore. The clothes are made from cotton linen and are very comfortable and are in the loose, baggy style that I like. They are also perfect for fat hippos such as myself as it hides all the lumps and bumps.I prefer clothing in cotton, gauze, linen, and long and flowing, loose, baggy, harem pants, long skirts, dresses, etc.

screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-26-pm My mother always makes fun of my clothes though, such as the baggy ones, the shirts hanging out, or the ripped jeans, saying “they look like rags” and I “look like I’m poor” and I “spend alot of $$$ on clothes that look so cheap”. Anyway, I am poor now. I also like it with my nails done too as it gives the illusion of my fingers looking longer and thinner and now they don’t look as short and stubby and not as much like fat swollen sausages anymore.

screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-22-pm I really love this skirt! If only I had the $$$$ I’d buy so many clothes off this site! This isn’t a sponsored post, BTW, I just like it so much and it has my style of clothes. I also found these false eyelashes in my old make up yesterday so I put them on for church but they looked ridiculous ,and whenever I even try to make an attempt to be glamourous I just end up looking stupid, so I just took them off…..and proceeded to tear off all my eyelashes on one eyelid as I peeled them off as they were stuck on the glue. Just great.Just my luck. I had short barely-there eyelashes before to begin with… I don’t have any on my left eye.


screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-24-pm-001screen-shot-03-01-17-at-12-29-pm Here are more styles I like, and when I was 17 I had overalls similar to the ones seen here when I was in L.A. only it also had a bunch of pockets and zippers on the legs,too. I really loved those overalls. I think I might still have them,too, but of course I’ll never fit into them ever again.


screen-shot-03-05-17-at-09-34-am-001I also took this adorable photo of Buddy as he was burrowed under his blankets all snuggled warm with just his cute little face poking out from underneath, and I saw my fave. priest yesterday and told him about the 13 YR old’s eating disorder and confided in him, asked him to pray for her and for us( it’s a crisis for the entire family) and I’m not handling it well and I’ll give all I have to help her but I’m afraid I have nothing left to give as I’ve used up all my resources and have nothing left anymore. I have to dig down deep inside myself but there’s nothing left of me anymore to give; I’m just an empty, hollow shell now of what I used to be and I’m running on empty.

The Doctor.

screen-shot-02-27-17-at-07-20-pm I saw the doctor ( not my family doc, but the internal medicine specialist, who I see twice a YR, every 6 months) and he wasn’t concerned about my blood test results  saying I had mild kidney damage, in fact, he said he doesn’t believe it, and even went as far as to say he thinks the test is wrong, and maybe it was a false result due to the medications I’m taking, but I’m not really so sure as kidney trouble would also explain my bad fluid retention ( which he gave me a new prescription for a diuretic again) and the frequent dull, dragging, nagging pain on my right side in my lower back area as well as my constant lethargy…..oh,well….I suppose if it is though, or whatever it is, it will declare itself eventually….and so I wait….

We also are having a thunderstorm but then it’s dropping down to -11 with a wind-chill of – 20 C so I guess winter isn’t done yet,and today is Ash Wednesday and the start to Lent,too, as well as a day of fasting and no meat or treats and we have Mass, and my dress came as well and the 15 YR old says it’s “ugly” and “looks like the curtains” and “old lady style” and she calls me a “fashion reject” (she thinks she’s the Queen of fashion and the Fashion Police) but I don’t follow fashion trends, I make my own unique fashion and style and I always have. I’ve never been one to go along with the crowd or be a follower,and why are they always so mean to my clothes, anyway? In any case, it’s my dress and I like it( and I didn’t buy it for them) and that’s all that matters.


This is also a cool photo that the 17 YR old took of Niagara Falls, it even has a rainbow! I think she should enter it in a photo contest! I sometimes wonder as well if I have to “turn” gay or something in order to eventually find love because I’m too ugly no guys are ever attracted to me or want me maybe I’d have better luck with girls, although I’m probably too ugly even for the lesbians,too! I’m already partly there since I already look like a dyke with my masculine features, but the idea of eating pussy does not appeal to me in the least,and, in fact, grosses me out and I gag just thinking about it, and besides, I really like the hot guys(and I like dick), so I guess that’s not such a good idea,afterall…..if only there was some way for me to become better-looking and for guys to be interested in me…..ugly girls need love,too.

The Church ‘Disses Spider-Man.

screen-shot-02-19-17-at-01-05-pm-001 I think I might have the answer as to why my hubby doesn’t care about religion, always mocks the church, couldn’t care less about God and always has side remarks about my faith: the Church ‘dissed Spider-Man! To completely understand this in the full and proper conxext you must first understand my hubby’s obsession with Spider-Man. I mean he loves him, probably even more than he loves the kids,and he collects everything Spider-Man related, such as comics, memorabilia, mugs, shirts. hats, jackets, stuffies, pens,etc, you name it, he’s got it. He loves Spider-Man like I love hippos.

My hubby informed me a couple of days ago that awhile ago our least fave. priest( the one we refer to as the Grumpy Old Fart) was condemning the sin of idol worship even going as far as saying admiring rock stars and superheroes, such as wearing their images on your shirts, posters on your walls, wanting their autographs, etc. is a form of idol worship and a sin, that you should only worship God. I agree you only worship God but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still admire and respect other people and their skills and talents, and superheroes show you a good example  to aspire to, that fight for truth, justice, and fight evil. So, in his eyes, he ‘dissed Spider-Man, and in one fell swoop crushed his Hero, so, that, in a nutshell, I think is the reason he’s now hostile to the church and to religion in general, because the priest doesn’t respect Spider-Man. Uh, ok….(I can just imagine God Almighty Himself looking down from Heaven, at my hubby, face-palming, shaking His Head…..)

As well, I got yelled at by both my mother and hubby yesterday: by him for needing him to drive me to the lab for my appointment to have my blood work done and he was busy with work and didn’t want to have to be bothered(well..excuuuuuse me!), and her all because I asked her if she had a safety pin and she just goes all ape-shit on me, swearing at me, and screamed, “Go smoke your weed and drift off!” I also wonder if that time last month I thought the electric blanket shocked me if maybe it may have been a mild heart attack, esp. since I did feel my heart quivering, beating slower and slower and I kept feeling weaker and weaker, like I was fading away, the life-force just draining from me, unless it was just another seizure I was partly-conscious for, but it does make me wonder….

I think the 9 YR old’s autistic as well, as he hits himself in the face and head when angry or frustrated just like I used to do to myself before I got on my mood-stabilizing meds, and the second-floor now smells like fresh paint and I just love the smell of paint , probably as it reminds me of my friend T( from grade 5) and how she had her house painted just before they sold it and she moved away,and I was over at her house just before she moved and remember the smell and I was really sad when she moved away but then the family that bought the empty house right next door their daughter N ended up becoming my new BF!

My mother also commented critically about how I’m still the same now, at age 50, as I’ve always been ( other than the smoking pot part) that my styles and tastes haven’t changed(I don’t dress like a spinster); for instance, I still wear,and love, my Chuck Taylor high-top Converse sneakers in various colours, my fave. weed shirt, Van’s checkered shoes, band shirts,and still love and wear ” Bo-Ho”, hippie-style clothes, tie-dye, ripped jeans, etc.. I liked them before when I was younger, and I still like them. I like what I like. My tastes haven’t changed. I didn’t just wake up one morning and suddenly decide, “I’m old and  I don’t think I like peasant blouses anymore!” I’m still me. Why should age define us? Look at fashion designer Betsey Johnson; she’s really old yet still maintains her quirky eclectic style, and look at Steven Tyler; he must be close to 70 and he still wears ripped jeans and funky clothes. Who says that you have to start wearing polyester, cardigans, muu-muus,or elastic-waisted pants and orthopedic ugly-ass shoes once you reach a certain age? I will never shop at Sears. I will never wear old lady clothes. I am still me and have the same interests, likes, tastes, and styles like I always have. They’ll probably bury me in my Converse.

Save The Hippos!

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-08-39-am I found what I wanted from my hubby for my Christmas gift (he never knows what to get me so we have this system where I pick out my own gift and he pays for it): something I’ve been looking for the past 3 YRS at least and isn’t easy to find: a hippo calendar! I actually found one for 2017 from the Turgwe Hippo Trust! It’s 35 $ USD which ends up being 47 $ in our $$$ but my hubby and mother paid 50$ for their calendar from the Cancer Society( as a charitable donation; the average price for a calendar here is around 20$) and this way it also goes to help the hippos as it’s a conservation hippo reserve  in Zimbabwe that’s been around for over 20 YRS and shelters, cares for,breeds, and protects hippos from poachers, and keeps the species alive and flourishing, so when you buy a calendar you’re sending a donation to the charity that helps hippos, so it’s a bonus, and at it’s a gift that lasts all YR,and when the YR is done, I’ll also have 12 pictures of hippos at the end of it all,too!(This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love hippos, am passionate about them,and am really happy I finally found the calendar!)

Here is their site if you are interested in ordering a calendar, sending a donation, or just want information on the organization:

My hubby ordered it but scoffs what if I really do die before I turn 50 in early January and then he’s gone and wasted his $$$ on a calendar for me for next YR, except it’s still not as even if I’m not here to enjoy the calendar the donation has still gone to help hippos, so it’s not a waste either way! I keep having this recurring dream as well I move back to my old house in Toronto (I wonder now is maybe “symbolic” of dying and going to Heaven and going “Home?”)and I’m waiting for someone to bring Buddy to our new house except other people want him,too, incl. Patti,and her son, and I wail, “But he’s mine!” and he has to choose which of us he wants to stay with…..and he comes running over to me and he even talks to me and says, “You’ve always had dreams you move back here and now you have, so now the dream has come true, what now?” and I reply, “Now we get to live the dream every day!”

screen-shot-10-20-16-at-06-57-pm I also just love this gown; Michelle Obama in Versace. She wore it to some official State dinner and it’s stunning. It looks like liquid pink gold, but it costs a whopping 11 000$, which for us would pay for 2 trips! It’s on my Wish List even though I’ll never have the $$$$ and nowhere to ever actually wear it.

I was also sitting at the table eating my lunch when my mother orders me (not asking nicely) to get her TV show  set up for her to watch so I told her to wait until after  I was done eating and she flips out, swearing at me, and I told her, “I am allowed to eat!” and she sniffs, “and I’m allowed to watch TV!” so I told her if she can’t wait then to get the 9 YR old to help her,and if she was going to be bitchy to me about it that I wasn’t even going to help her at all, and then I heard the 17 and 15 YR olds talking “smack” about me,with the 17 YR old mumbling under her breath, sarcastically, “That’s how you treat your mother?”……even though that’s how she  treats her daughter(and she started it) but no one cares about that; she’s allowed to treat me however she wants but whenever I say anything back or defend myself and stand up to her they always turn it around onto me and make me the “Bad Guy!” Now to mock me the 15 YR old also goes around cackling, I’m eating!” and laughs too. They’re  all a bunch of assholes and they deserve eachother.

I wish I could trade my family.

One of the reasons that I wanted to have kids was I thought that way at least someone would love me for sure.So much for that idea. HAH!

That’s why I got a dog now instead.