The Flag.

NewfieFlag One of the neighbours has this flag flying on their front porch and I’d wondered what it was as I didn’t recognize the country and normally I’m really good with geography and know countries’ flags but this one had me stumped…..until I just happened to see it on the news the other day… turned out it’s the provincial flag of Newfoundland(so I guess they must be Newfies!) boy, am I dumb! I have to admit I don’t really know most of the provincial flags that well, other than Ontario, Quebec,and Nova Scotia. My hubby didn’t know what it was either,though(so I’m not the *only* dummy!) and if I was to fly a flag I’d probably fly the Jamaican flag for Bob Marley. (YRS ago I used to have the old Soviet flag in my bedroom back in the 80’s) They’re also considering changing part of the national anthem to accommodate Political Correctness changing “sons” to “us” to incl. women even though it’s understood to mean everyone, like how “mankind” means “humankind”. Political Correctness is just sooooo stupid it’s ridiculous,and,in fact, when I’d first heard about it I actually thought it was a joke!

As well, when my mother went out the front door she found a raccoon rifling thru the recycling box which surprised her as they normally don’t come out until it’s dark at night(maybe it slept in?) and the furnace guy came and took a photo of our A/C to be able to order the new part but my mother said if it’s too old(we had it put in 13 YRS ago when we bought the house) and they can’t FIND the part and we have to get a whole new unit that she won’t as we just don’t have the $$$$$ as it costs at least 5000$ so we’ll just be sweltering to death and die of heatstroke this summer…..and it’s supposed to be a *REALLY* hot one,too, 10 degrees hotter than normal! It figures! Just OUR “luck!”

I was also woken up at 5 am with a splitting headache unlike any I’ve had before; it was hard to define and I wondered if I was going to have an aneurysm or something(and maybe that’s how I’d even die?) and the 13 YR old was cleaning and found 50$, and one of my make up brushes mysteriously showed up back in the bathroom after it had disappeared,too, and one of the 20 YR old’s childhood friends is getting married on the weekend as well and I can still remember when she was just a little kid and now she’s all grown up and getting married so that really makes me feel old! It’s funny too the difference just a YR can make in someone’s life as well as last YR at this time she had her highschool prom and graduated highschool….and this YR at the same time now she’s finished her first YR of university and now she’s getting married! They’ve only been dating since December,too!


Fired The 18 YR old got fired( after only a month on his first job) as did ALL of them that took job action in protest  supportive of those that were denied their commission, even though  when he went to work they offered him a raise of an extra 5$ an HR saying he’s their best seller and they can’t afford to lose him(after most of them had called in “sick” that day and didn’t show up) that they wouldn’t meet their sales quotas and would have to shut down and everyone would be out of a job…but then later on called him at home and told him to bring his head set in; he was fired. I guess you can’t stand up to them, fight the system or demand workers rights, and in the meantime he’d uncovered even more corruption and illegal activity, incl. denying workers’ bathroom breaks, “fudging” the books,and claiming false calls to increase their quotas,and our oldest said alot of these call centres are scams; that they’re “shady” and just “fronts” for money laundering for drug running. I’m heavy-hearted that he got fired though, and imagine how he feels; losing a job that he loved, that he was good at, and finally found something that he liked, enjoyed, was interested in and that gave him confidence,and it looked like he had tears in his eyes when he was telling me,too, but he also said many of the best people had already quit on ethical grounds when they’d discovered what was going on, and the rumor was that it was going under anyway and would be shut down in 1-2 months anyway; unable to meet their quotas and were unable to afford to pay their top sellers(he’s their # 1 top seller) their commissions and that’s another reason they fired them all. If they’re like that they deserve to be shut down though.

I’m proud of him though for standing up for what’s right, and at least he can live with himself and go to bed at night with a clean conscience and he said it bothers him LESS to lose his job knowing what he knows now about them( about the corruption) but it’s too bad it’s just his first job and he already had to learn that the world’s so dishonest. Our oldest said that’s always how employers treat minimum-wage employees and perhaps he’ll reconsider going back to school and “upgrading.” For now at least he says he’ll look into getting a job at a restaurant(as that’s all there is here) and he’s learned that you always have to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Even at a personal cost to yourself.Even if you’re the only one doing it. Even if everyone hates you. Even if you lose friends. Even if you get fired.

As well, after being between 18 C and 20 C all week(cooler) it’s going to to 30 C and feeling like in the 40’s(and we closed the pool,too!) and our oldest at work was trading currencies ( Sterling, Euro,and Hong Kong) which sounds interesting and fun, I’m pissed off I missed my nightly news on TV because of redneck football(why do what the rednecks want always trump the REST of us,anyway?), the kids started going to the library once a week(and they do projects) with the homeschooling group, I MIGHT have food poisoning from the turkey bacon( it DID feel slimy yet didn’t smell bad so I cooked it, and we don’t waste food, and eat anything; if food is old, stale, expired, fell on the floor, whatever; we can’t afford NOT to) and now my stomach’s starting to feel a bit queasy! I also heard on the news the average “going rate” for the “Tooth Fairy” here is 3.75$ per tooth and in some cases 5$ but we only give our kids a dollar a tooth(we’re poor) and I only ever got a quarter when I was a kid, and I had a weird dream I had a job similar to the US Secretary Of State and only my personal aides and assistants ever saw a personal and intimate side of me; wearing my pajamas, and driving by a big hill I got out and rolled down it like I used to when I was a kid; a side of me that no one else sees.