Don’t Know.

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I don’t know what to post about today so I decided to just write about how I’m feeling, what’s happening and how things are going. My weed came just a day after I ordered it, the quickest yet( usually it takes about 3 days) but this time I used a courier instead of the shitty mail and they delivered it right to the door and I had to sign for it like I’m supposed to, so from now on I’ll always use the courier, and it comes from just outside Toronto which is just 2 HRS away so it really shouldn’t take too long to arrive! Regular shipping was 10$ and the courier was only  14 $ so it’s well worth the extra 4$ more to actually get good service!

As well, I still keep hearing Stairway To Heaven every day since my prayer, now it’s been 9 or 10 days in a row and yesterday I even heard it twice, in the morning on my iPod playing randomly and at night on my radio, so it would seem to be an ongoing yes as an answer to my prayer, as a sign I am going to die soon, and my hubby and the 15 YR old are near Toronto this weekend for her cheerleading  competition and they’re staying at the second-oldest’s place, who lives in Toronto so they get to visit her,too.

Before they left I also sent my hubby to the store to get more soy milk for the 13 YR old ( she has a milk allergy like all the girls and myself do) as with her eating disorder she needs it  for calcium and protein to replace milk and I told him specifically  to get soy milk….and the dumb-ass comes back with almond milk, which has no soy in it and even says right on the front of the container not a source of protein and that the nutritionist specifically told us not to get almond milk because it’s basically useless and of no nutritional value! For someone supposedly so smart he can just be so incredibly stupid! To say that I was mad would be an understatement! He’s such a tool!

My mother also had the nerve to say that I don’t do anything when I was the one who raised all the kids, nursed them as babies, did all the housework and cooking and homeschooling all on my own all day  while both her and my hubby were at work, even while pregnant, even with morning sickness, even with newborns, even nursing…..and I homeschooled all the kids for 25 years,too (which is an entire career) but I’ve basically “retired” now as I only teach up to Jr. High and then they’re more independent and my hubby has to do the math because I can’t do math,and my health has been worsening since the summer but how dare she say I do nothing! Unlike her, I’ve always been home with my kids and I raised them myself and didn’t farm them off to strangers to raise like she did with me( ever since I was 6 weeks old!!) and it was hard and challenging work and I dedicated my life to my family! So having 11 kids, raising kids and homeschooling them and running a house is nothing? Well, f*ck you, bitch! Just for that I should rub her toothbrush in my butt-crack!….sweet revenge.  😀