Life With Kids And A Dog.


Don’t lick that!

Don’t touch that!

How many times have  I told  you “no?”

Don’t you hit him!

You know you’re supposed to do that on the grass; not here! I don’t want it smelling like piss up here!

Are you finished your schoolwork yet?

Why don’t you share it?

Turn it down! It’s too loud!

Who keeps leaving the lights on?

That belongs in the garbage, not on the floor.

Leave the poor chipmunks alone!!

If you break it you have to buy a new one.

Don’t you dare throw that!

Eat it or starve; it’s not a restaurant.

Who left this all over the floor?

It’s not my mess; I’m not cleaning it.

You know who you are!

Hurry up; you’ll be late for church!

How would I know where your shoes are?

Did you look in the dryer?

Leave her stuff alone!

Stop rubbing your ass on the carpet!

Watch your mouth!

That doesn’t belong there.

Who the f*ck took my……..?

Don’t eat crap off of the carpet!

It’s up to you to remember, not me.

You really should take better care of your things.

Just ignore him.

Who left this here?

Whose……. is this?

Not until your schoolwork is finished…

Too bad; you’re going to church whether you like it or not!

Get out of the garbage!

So then, just hit her back!

Don’t touch other people’s things.

Leave it alone.

Don’t listen to her when she does that.

What was that you said?….I didn’t think so….

He called you what?

Where are you going?

You’re not going out dressed like that!

You’re not crank-calling anyone.

Stop humping my leg!

Where did all the forks go?

Hurry up! Haul ass!

Why do you always dawdle and wait until the last minute all the time?

Don’t eat that!

They did what?

Stay away from that!

Be careful!

and now it’s your turn.

That’s all we can afford.

It’s that or nothing.

If you want it, save up your $$$$.

It’s not my job to clean up after you; clean up your own mess.

One of you cuts it and the other one gets first choice.

Take turns.

Leave the mice alone!

Not as long as you’re living here you don’t!

Which one of you is lying?

Don’t eat the ants!

So, can you guess which ones are for the kids and which ones are for the dog? 😀