What I Don’t Miss.

Screenshot_222 What I don’t miss with my hubby, 17 YR old and 15 YR old away for their 4 day adventure in Toronto over the holiday weekend is the constant put-downs and reminders of how stupid I am, always being mind-f*cked, and being compared to a derelict junkie in some sort of crack house or something just because I take several legal prescription medications,incl. medical marijuana. I need them though in order to get thru each day and to cope with my myriad medical issues  and they’re all for legitimate medical issues, such as migraines, ulcers, high BP, IBS, depression, bipolar, bad fluid retention, etc. and none of them are addictive. My mother also does as well yet for some reason they choose to only target me and to act like, treat me like, and look down on me and be condescending and insulting to me like I’m sort sort of low-life junkie skid row drug addict, and every time I say or do something they deem to be stupid( which is pretty much all the time) they’ll look at eachother with this knowing look, shake their heads, laugh and say things along the lines of, What are you on or Is today a weed day?  and Can never have an intelligent conversation…etc. It really hurts my feelings when they treat me like this and talk to me and about me this way, and I certainly don’t miss that! It’s actually quite nice having a few days without being always told what a loser I am.

Speaking of their adventure, a friend asked me why I didn’t go to the Ed Sheeran concert with the 19 YR old, 17 YR old,and 15 YR old, but is he kidding? Ed Sheeran? Really? I’d rather cut my ears off than subject myself to having to listen to that pussy crap. As an experiment I also left out food on a plate on the floor overnight to see if the “creature” would eat it and it was still there again in the morning…..so now I’m starting to wonder if it’s just been a prank all along, that my family has just been mind-f*cking me the entire time, by throwing the food out and just having me think there’s some sort of animal loose in the house but now they’re not here overnight they can’t do it anymore? Knowing them it wouldn’t surprise me, and they’re always playing on my worries, fears, insecurities, paranoia and suspicions,etc. which have gotten worse lately, but I’ve always had a suspicious nature, though, even as a kid; as far back as I can remember, likely due to my life and the traumas I’ve endured it’s “conditioned” me to be that way, along with my Asperger’s and Bipolar. It’s also made me emotionally distant, hard to trust people and “warm” to people, highly anxious, and struggling thru life thru a dark cloud always hanging over me.

My BFF(since we were 12) also surprised me by calling me last night as I haven’t heard from her in ages. I have her on Facebook but she’s really busy running her restaurant all on her own, but yesterday she had a slow time, a break in-between customers so she called me up,and it makes me wonder as well if maybe I really am dying soon too and she had a “feeling” and wanted to talk to me one last time before I die( and she did ask how I was doing health-wise) as our bond and connection is so strong. I’ve always loved her, ever since we were 12. I love her like a sister. In any case, it was nice to hear from her again and it was a nice surprise. I’ve always admired her sunny, upbeat, positive outlook on life,too; nothing ever gets her down or worried and she’s always the one trying to reassure me, Don’t worry; things will be all right!

My hallucinations are also fairly new: just this summer, in fact, over the past couple of months I’ve started having them and it’s even on days I don’t use weed(which I’ve been using for 3 years) so it’s not that and I’m left wondering what’s causing it(is it the same unknown factor that’s also causing my seizures,too, I wonder?) could it be due to the head injury I had last fall when I fainted and hit the back of my head hard on the kitchen floor when I fell backwards? Is it due to my White Matter Disease and brain decline, or my Bipolar, or have I, perhaps, maybe even newly developed Schizophrenia or something now,  even though that typically appears in the late teens or early 20’s, and could it maybe also even be related to menopause and the hormonal changes; I wonder as It’s been 3 months now since I last had Aunt Flow, and perhaps it’s “triggered” something in my brain, as it was when I first started puberty at 13 is when my depression and  migraines first started, again likely due to hormones, and a friend of mine also said when she hit menopause her migraines went away…. it just makes me wonder…

It’s really hard as well living with bipolar, Asperger’s, depression, social phobia, etc. and  I guess the best way to describe the feeling is that it feels like something’s driving me, perhaps my traumas, or my mental illness, or something, and I’ve always felt like I’m on a “mission” of some sort, “called” in some way, set apart from others, perhaps as a way as trying to find some sort of purpose and meaning in all my suffering or is it just “standard” of being crazy or just from being different and being rejected and bullied for it? It’s really difficult though when reality and imagination gets blurred and you can’t separate the two and can’t tell what’s real anymore or what’s a hallucination. Did that really just happen or did I just imagine it? Did I really see( or hear) what I think I did? My most recent ones incl. thinking I heard thunder when I really didn’t, and thinking I heard some sort of animal scratching and moaning under my bed(and I know it wasn’t Buddy as he was curled up beside me in bed asleep). That one was scary. It’s really scary when your own mind plays tricks on you.


April Wine Concert.

AprilWineLast night I went to an April Wine concert! It was really good but it went until 11 pm(I’m normally in bed at 9 pm) and we had to drive back so I got home late and I’m really tired! My hubby only recognized 5 of the songs( he listens to redneck country music and not good music) and our oldest( turning 24 this YR) has never even heard of them(gasp!) which makes me feel old,but even our 9 YR has; she’s heard them on the radio. They are my 2 nd fave . Canadian band; Rush is my fave. but my hubby has never even heard of them if you can believe it; how embarrassing! Being there and hearing them play their old classics brought me back to the 70’s and 80’s and made me feel like a kid and a teen again and most of the audience(and the concert was sold out) were old farts like us although there were a few teens and young guys in their 20’s (April Wine the Next Generation, ha,ha) and someone even had “feathered” hair,too! Someone beside me also reeked of marijuana(afterall, it wouldn’t be a rock concert without it, right?),and being trapped by Asperger’s and it’s limits and living a life without joy music is the only thing that makes me feel alive and a concert is the only place where I can rock, sway,and bob my head too and no one thinks I’m weird! They also  played their cowbell song( anyone who knows anything about April Wine will know exactly what I mean)for their very last song and the crowd went wild!

Before the show we wanted to go eat at Montanas(I was looking forward to their jalapeno and cheese antojitos!) but there was a line-up 20 people long to get in and we wouldn’t have had time so we left, defeated(it figures, doesn’t it?) so my hubby suggested we try the nearby Texas Lone Star Grill (the small city the concert was in luckily has several restaurants all in the same area and all close by the concert as well) but when we walked up to the door I could hear redneck country music blaring so I just turned around right away and left, disgusted; nothing will kill my appetite more than having to subject myself to the torture of having to listen to loser country music(I’d rather cut my ears off!)! So we ended up going to the Chinese buffet but there wasn’t much I could eat(being vegetarian) as most things were meat and they only had one noodle dish; I just ate that and a some mushrooms, an eggroll, and a springroll. Seeing the Chinese servers made me wish I was Chinese,too(like most of my friends growing up were) as always wanting to be someone else.

For once I had a nice time and believe me, I really needed it! It’s been a long time since I had any fun.