I have never been pretty.

I will never be pretty.

I have never experienced romantic love.

I have never come First, been the best, been anyone’s first choice,favourite, or

ever been chosen above others.

I have never been good enough, felt good enough, met expectations, been worthy, or gotten it right.

I have never known a normal, stable, happy family life, either as a child or as an adult.

I have never had a single day without struggling with either some anxiety, stress,fear, or worry eating away at my brain.

I have never been to a prom.

I have never truly experienced real independence and freedom.

I have never found True Love.

I have never felt self-acceptance or self-love.

I have never been popular.

I have never had a happy adult life.

I have never been whistled at or cat-called.

I have never looked in the mirror and liked what I see.

I have never been “hit” on.

I will never find peace within myself.

I will never be happy again.

I will never be able to soar.

I will never be free.

How Being Ugly Affects My Life.

UglyMonster The following is a posting I did on a support group site for ugly people:

Being ugly not only affects how I feel about myself but it also affects how other people see me and treat me. For instance I was bullied in school due to my looks and when I couldn’t take it anymore I went to the principal and told her to try to get it to stop she even blamed ME and said it was MY fault and that I “deserved it for being ugly!” and said that it (the bullying) would only get worse because I was a “snitch!”which it did.
My mother also told me that she “thought more of me when I was thin than when I was fat” and my father left when I was 2 YRS old and I never saw him but we re-connected over the Internet a few YRS ago(just before he died) and I warned him before I sent him a photo that I was ugly and when he saw it he agreed I “Wasn’t anything to write home about” which was really hurtful.
I was also always the girl that was over looked. I was the one that never got asked out by boys on dates. Never asked to dance. Never sent cards or roses on Valentine’s Day. Never got asked to Prom. I liked guys but they never liked me back; not like that, just like a friend, because boys don’t like ugly girls like me.Even construction workers don’t whistle or cat-call at me when I walk by!
I was always being told by guys I liked that I was “chunky” or that I “could be more feminine” or that I “should ‘fix’ myself up.” etc. Comments like that are just so hurtful.As if I had a choice, like I choose to be ugly.Like I want to look like this. I even married the first(and only) guy that liked me because I wanted a family and it was that or nothing.Guys don’t exactly line up for ugly girls like me and it’s not like I have much choice. Life is very limited for, and very cruel to, the ugly.I was held back and  missed out on so much in life and on so many opportunities and choices due to my looks.