Oh, My GOD!!!

Screen Shot 05-01-17 at 09.12 AM 001

A glorious sight to behold! The most beautiful thing I have ever seen! A masterpiece! The biggest Cadbury chocolate bar ever! I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven! 850 g of pure JOY! The 13 YR old goes, It’s just chocolate!!…… just chocolate? Are you kidding? Now, the 17 YR old understands…I think I just left my body…..this is simply amazing……I could eat the whole thing!

So Hot!!

Screen Shot 07-22-16 at 03.41 PM Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa. What a hunk! He’s even hotter than the hot summer weather we’ve been having! Lisa Bonet is a VERY lucky woman! Can you imagine coming home to THIS every night? That face, that body……good LORD….

Whadda Hunk!

Screen Shot 06-15-16 at 08.06 AM Is he hot, or what? This is Muhammad Ali’s grandson, a model. OMG! Sort of reminds me a bit of a young Marlon Brando! Oh, of all of the naughty things I can imagine doing to this guy, starting with whipped cream….sexy…I’d like to ride him like a cowboy rides his horse!

So HOT!!

HrithnikRoshan My GOD! Just LOOK at this guy, will you? Is he HOT, or what? This is Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood star.

Words can’t even begin to describe his hotness. I think my keyboard is melting just typing this. Oh, the naughty things I can only imagine doing to him!